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Oscar Pistorius and the Granting of Bail

By Pierre de Vos – Claude Leon Foundation Chair in Constitutional Governance at the University of Cape Town The circumstances under which a court may grant bail to an accused person charged with a heinous crime are widely misunderstood in South Africa. Although the rules around the granting of bail are relative strict if compared to many other constitutional democracies, a …

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What My Son Taught Me about Oscar Pistorius

By Cynthia Falardeau – Executive Director of The Education Foundation   The first time I saw Oscar Pistorius run, I was captivated. Witnessing him caused me to jump up and down. My 10-year-old son, an amputee since the first week of his life, calmly commented, “Mom, he’s just a man!” I suppose that should have curbed my enthusiasm. But to see …

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The hermeneutics of scapegoating: Oscar Pistorius amidst the wolves

By Duncan Reyburn – – @duncanreyburn It’s quite strange to be so close to the centre of the media storm that surrounds Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial. What is stranger still is the sense of proximity that I feel to the man accused. I’ve known of Oscar for years — he went to the same school that I went to, and …

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No time for cod explanations

Have you noticed the quantity of cod psychology that has been unleashed since the arrest of Oscar Pistorius? How the South African’s dangerously fast driving takes on a “darker hue” in the light of the alleged murder. Or could his pain at his mother’s death hint at something “troubled” in his psyche? We saw the same with Jimmy Savile (“he …

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Following Oscar’s post Olympic and Paralympic visit to the United States, Oscar’s appearance with world-renowned journalist and television personality Piers Morgan has aired on the ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ show across CNN.

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Oscar Pistorius Appears On ‘Tonight With Jay Leno’

Following a summer which saw him compete on the Olympic track eleven times across the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Oscar Pistorius took part in his first ever US television chat show when he was a guest on the NBC ‘Tonight With Jay Leno’ show.

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