Communication protocol during this phase of the trial

Communication protocol during this phase of the trial


Communication protocol during this phase of the trial

By Anneliese Burgess
Media Manager: Pistorius Family

17 March, 2014

Two days before the commencement of the trial, the Pistorius family released a statement to the effect that they would not be engaging in public commentary during the court case.

This clearly also applied to commentary via the @OscarHardTruth Twitter account.

Some days after the establishment of the Twitter platform, the public were provided with unexpectedly broad access to the trial through a ruling that allowed the proceedings to be televised, giving the public first-hand access to every detail of the court case.

It was, and remains, the family’s view that further commentary is therefore superfluous, and that the truth must now be allowed to emerge in court.

This position particularly applies during the phase of the trial where the Prosecution leads its evidence.

Until the conclusion of the trial, the Twitter account will be used only to alert followers to statements, updates or media articles released via the website. With the exception of media queries that are dealt with directly by the Media Manager, the website remains the primary communication platform.

Once the legal process has taken its course, the @OscarHardTruth Twitter handle will be reactivated as a stand-alone communication channel.