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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are completely overwhelmed with the extent of the support for Oscar.

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Your heartfelt thoughts and prayers are appreciated at this difficult time

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A message of support, all the way from St Petersburg, Russia

A message of support, all the way from St Petersburg, Russia



I wish God grace can be with both families. People of SA you must learn to let the law take its course. Oscar you made us proud in the world by your courage please keep strong


I feel so sorry for Oscar. He really doesn´t deserve to spend the rest of his life in jail. He´s a great guy and I think no one really can imagine how it feels to loose a partner in such a tragedy. I hope he stays strong. He´s such a smart guy – and the world needs him. I hope they will realize that this was an awful tragedy, but I´m sure he never wanted to shoot his girlfriend. Oscar, stay strong. I pray for you and I hope you´ll be a free person soon.

Kevin L

Just wanted to offer some words of support to Oscar! Hang in there & ignore the media who seem interested only in drumming up sensationalism. At the end of the day no-one else was there at the time this tragedy took place. Be strong!

Sao Paulo – Brasil

I believe Pistorius

He is a winner, a hero, a source of inspiration for many people and overcoming. I am absolutely sure that this is not a terrible mistake.

Strength, faith and serenity. God will not abandon him.

I just want to say that my heart is broken for Oscar. I wish him the best of luck and pray for him and the all families involved. I can’t imagine being in his situation. He must let God handle it and trust the right verdict will be pronounced in a court of law. best wishes and God bless Oscar. He is such an inspiration to so many people.
New Jersey, USA

Dear Oscar,
You, your family as well as the Steenkamp family are in my thoughts and prayers during this extremely difficult time. This was nothing more than a tragic accident.

It’s a shame we have to live in a world where we must always be on guard for fear of intruders. If we didn’t live in fear we would not need weapons to protect ourselves and risk possible accidents such as this. Unfortunately, this is the kind of world we live in and that is truly sad.

May the loving support of your family, friends and fans help keep you strong for the days and months ahead.
Cumbria, UK

Dear Oscar Pistorius

I imagine that even your own family and friends are unable to console you, so it is unlikely that a message from a stranger in the UK will help. However I am compelled to try because there is no more I can do to help you. I have been moved to tears by the tragedy. I completely believe it was an accident, and I hope you are soon released and somehow find respite from your torment.

I first saw you last year at the 2 Olympics – only on the Tv as I am a full-time carer. I was awed by your personality more than your running, though I have never before been so thrilled by watching sport and I found myself watching your races over and over. As I heard more about your life you have become my inspiration – and I have never known someone to affect me in this way. It seems you have this effect on people worldwide. Such people as yourself are rare Oscar, and I expect it isn’t easy to find yourself on this pedestal.

You are a godsend to people both able and disabled. I personally know of children terribly injured in accidents who have regained direction and self-worth from your example. You have given so very much to the world and will have the support of millions. Unfortunately the press makes its money from sensation and is always quick to destroy people. Also there are people who like to be rude and cruel whilst hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. But you will always have the gratitude and admiration of those millions you have inspired.

It is sadly true however that grief is not lessened by sharing it, but living through grief requires much support and I am hoping that these letters of support will at least prevent you thinking that your story is not believed.
I read the long, excellent letter sent to you by Andrea of Stockholm and she has put my thoughts into words, as did Lynne of South Africa.
I am so very sad that you have had to suffer the loss of both your inspirational mother and now Reeva too.

I do hope you can find a future for yourself. Clearly you have family and friends who hold you in the highest regard, who love you deeply, who want you to survive this. There are so many kids too that need you in their lives, which perhaps may give you another reason to persevere through this horrendous nightmare.

Much love to you Oscar and sincere sympathy to Reeva’s family and friends, to you and to your family.


Wayde Swanepoel 

Bromley, Kent, UK

Dear Oscar

You are my hero,my Idol, my NO 1 fan.I may only be 12 years old but I look up to you with pride and Joy. I also have a disability but mine is a little bit different to yours as mine has got to do with my learning ability, you see I have Autism,Adhd, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.I have been bullied quite alot at school and called names but I always remember what you say that having a disability means nothing at all. You have raised awareness with people with disabilities and that makes me so proud of you and admire you even more and you showed me that “Nothing is impossible” and “Yes I can” gives me hope everyday. You have given so much to others.

You are a legend in my eyes because you have shown that through your achievement that “Anything is possible”.You have made a difference to so many children and given them hope and dreams to follow and fulfilI have been praying so hard for you and am so glad that God answered my prayers.I am thrilled that you are at home with your family………The world supports you, I support you.My heart is so sad for you.It was just a tragic accident and I believe you.I am also sad for Reeva`s family.But I will never abandon you.You have given so much to others and now its our turn to show you some grattitude, you need to be cherished.

I want to walk beside you and let you know that everything is going to be alright,God walks besides you and talks to you and you can talk to him because he will listen to all your troubles and pain.Do not give up,hold on tight,be strong,keep your chin up and I will hold uGod will repair your broken heart…

I have a picture of you above my bed that when things get tough I look up to you, see your smile and you motivate me to be strong and to keep going.Every morning and every night when I go to bed I pray for you and I look up at you above my bed,tears roll because I feel your pain.

Watching you race at the olympics brought tears to my eyes.You are my hero in green and gold and because I am South African it makes me even more proud
(even though I live near London)Unfortunately we tried to get tickets to watch you at the olympics but could not get any but my lounge exploded when we watched you and we shouted your name all the way to the finish line and the greatest was when you received your medals….What a wonderful Olympic games you had and am so proud of you…You have broken so many records.. My mom inspires me but between you and me you inspire me just as much.

My mom thinks you are pretty awesome and I agree with her.Oscar you rock,my gentle giant in green and gold,my mega star,my idol…..My Mom has brought me up from a early age in knowing about the legacy of Oscar.
You are my inspiration,the greatest paralympian of all time. I love you Oscar….

Hopefully one day I will be able to meet you,my champion,my idol…I think that will be the best present of all to see you in person.Just maybe one day my dream can come true but if not I will keep you in my heart.I hope one day you can write to me and make my day.But for now can you ask your family to give you a huge hug from me.

I hope you get to read my letter so that this gives you hope to not give up and to remember I am behind you and so many millions as well…..

Rowena Swanepoel

Bromley, Kent, UK

Dear Oscar

Despite what is happening, I believe in you and you are a inspiration to millions around the globe.My deepest sympathy goes out to the famiy of Reeva.

You will always be my mega star.One wrong cannot change a lifetime of wrong doing.I pray for you and your family.Never lose hope because nobody is perfect.After hearing the fantastic news on friday i cried non-stop because I know you are innocent and i trust and believe in you.It was just a tragic accident.My prayers were answered.I have not stopped praying day and night to God to answer my prayers and I was so happy he did.I was so relieved on Friday on hearing the news..

You have the most amazing and supportive family.They behaved with dignity and pride.You have a excellent defence team.At the end of the day we are all human,we all make mistakes,we all face challenges sometime in our lives and sometimes it catches us out of the blue when we least expect it to..You have had so many challenges which you have overcome them all.You have achieved so much in your life.

No matter what happens nothing and no-one can take away your dignity, nothing can ever cancel the amazing and outstanding things you have achieved in such a short period of time which makes you a legend on blades.Our blade-runner..You are a amazing athlete and person and the greatest Olympian of all time.You are a living miracle which has ideally be seen by many millions around the globe and you have demonstrated achievement because “Anything is possible”.You are my hero on blades.Be strong,stay calm.God will protect you and he will walk beside you as you go along this difficult journey.So many emotions which is so difficult grief,sorrow,pain,fear.

Nothing will destroy you,your fans will carry you.I wish I could hold you tight and tell you everything is going to be alright.In time you will heal with God`s help and guidance,your family,your friends,your defence team,your trainer,your agents,management team and your fans and we are all eager to help you.I cannot imagine what you must be going through right now.The turmoil.The heartache.So much must be going through your mind at this difficult time.God will mend your shattered and broken heart.This obstacle must not bring you down.I am wishing you,your family,Reeva`s family the strength to pick up the pieces and repair your broken hearts and cope with all your emotions and pray for your strength in the coming months God will give you peace,,,Time will heal your heart and your wounds.

Never give up hope because the road you are travelling seems all uphill,turn around and look how far you have come.Somedays there are no words,only shoulders to lean on,to hold, and hugs to comfort.Just remember you are not alone,we stand beside you supporting you every step of the way.You have given so much to others and you deserve to be cherished and always remember you as the greatest paralympian of all time.I admire you.I am grieving with you.I believe in you,I pray for you.I want to be beside you wiping your tears away.

My son has a disability so u have inspired him to “Never give up”, and have a disability makes no difference at all.He has a picture of you above his bed and when things get tough he looks up at u and you inspire him and he says “If Oscar can,I can do it”.You have made a difference to my son`s life and for that I thank you.He looks up to you with pride,and you are a hero to him…He calls you superhuman like “Superman”..You have helped so many young people with disabilities to give them hope.You are my son`s role model.My son was born special,my pride and joy..

I want to see you back on the athletics track,racing down the track,doing what you do best,racing cheetah`s,challenging yourself around the track.You inspire all of us to try our very best and strive for perfection.Watching you run gives me goosebumps because your running is the most amazing thing to watch.The power,the strength on those bladesYou take my breath away when you run.It seems only yesterday we were cheering you on at the Olympics.

Watching you in London was amazing and brought tears to my eyes and you gllide down that track with such speed.So much pressure,so much talent.You inspire so many people so now its time we inspire you,so you can get through this tragedy..I was not able to obtain tickets to watch you in the olympic stadium,but I was cheering u on from my lounge and i could feel the rooftop almost exploding with the sound of your name as we cheered you on.God gave you special legs and you have used your talent to the best of your ability.

Being a South African makes me even more proud to watch you running,racing in green and gold.My household idolises you.I am a proud South African even though I live near London.I wish i could give you a huge hug right now and tell you everything is going to be alright.You mean the world to your fans.You are a inspiration.I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to meet you and give you a real big hug but for the moment I will keep you in my heart.I hope this letter inspires you to never give up and gives you hope.I am sure you have received mountains of mail , fans supporting you and I am sure mine will be added to the pile which have been sent from around the globe. Love you Oscar and take care of yourself……My son has also written to you and hope you get to read his letter as well…

Here is a poem i want to share with you…

When things go wrong and you are blue
When there`s nothing that you want to do
When you feel that you can`t make a start
Don`t lose courage,Don`t lose hope
Put on a smile and restart
For life is precious and shouldn`t be thrown away
and after every dark night there`s a bright day

When the road ahead seems all uphill
and your chances of happiness range from zero to nil
When life is hard and spirits are low
When there`s nowhere for you to go
Don`t lose courage,Don`t lose strength
Get on your feet and start again
For though today is sad,tomorrow will give
A brand new reason for you to live…

All the best and take care…

Bianca Terblanche

I have spent a few days contemplating sending this message, not wanting to offend you.

I however want to extend my heartfelt empathy to you in this difficult time.

Not a day passes without my heart breaking thinking of what u must be going through…. I pray each day asking The Lord to give you strength, courage and comfort. There is no bad that comes from our God, be assured that this is something that comes from the devil himself. Just know that God will take this and use it for good. It is always hard to see the good in times like these but have faith and trust in Him.

I cannot even start to imagine what you must be going through…. But with your family by your side I wish for you to hold on and continue fighting. You have been an inspiration, overcoming adversity and showing the world that nothing is impossible. I know u will continue being just that…an inspiration.

You continue being in my prayers and in my thoughts your loss greatly haunts me. The world’s reaction troubles me.

With all my heart I know that this u will overcome, and so will all that are affected by this terrible tragedy. With love, understanding and empathy I wish you comfort above all else.

Kim Craig

Dear Mr Pistorius,

I am writing to you to this evening as I would like to send my deepest condolences to you and your family during this tragic time, I continue to send my blessings.

My heart really goes out to you as through all your triumphs and great achievements, I feel very sad that something like this had to happen to such a great hero such as yourself.

From all the articles that I have read as well as documentaries of you that I have seen throughout this period I have the deepest sympathy for you, after watching the documentary 3rd Degree on Etv last night I have come to understand and relate to the feelings and pain you might have felt in your life & I feel sad although I have never met you I really wish I could offer you more support during this time of hardship.

Although, I as well as a lot of other people in the world will never know how it feels not to have legs & to have lost your mother at such a very young age, it must have been hard & you did not feel that you had anyone to turn to and ask for advice during your times of pain & suffering. I was born a premature baby with Club Feet and whilst I was in hospital my Vocal Cords were damaged by all the oxygen or food pipes down my throat, I was continuously teased at school for being short & having a squeaky voice it was never pleasant & in this way I can kind of can relate to your pain even though yours is on a much more stronger scale than mine.

I am sending you continued Blessings & Wishing you all the best for the future & may the truth be revealed and set you free.

Geraldine Brown

Essex, England

Oscar, please do not give up, fight for your rights! I have admired you and feel I know you as I am born deaf and have to overcome the hearing difficulties.

I pray for you and I know it was a tragic mistake on your part.  You cannot turn back the clock now and it is too late, what is done and done.  Please stay strong.  Look after your health and your sanity.  God Bless you.

Jo-Anne Rathbone

I must say feeling quite shy writing this email as I am more of a behind the scenes kind of person. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls and have a Master’s degree in clinical therapy. What i am trying to say is if you need help with anything, even the mundane task i want to help.

This stage i am offering Oscar and the family my prayers which are always more help than human but even if you need a person to make the tea or assist with research or to just keep praying I am here. ( i know sounds hysterically weird but i just want Oscar to feel our love and that he is not alone)

I am aware of the confidential nature of his defence and also know that the media hype is creating many obstacles so actually not sure what if any role we normal people can play but if needed we are here to assist.

I think there are many of us out there that just feel compelled to help. Having two daughters violence against women is exceptionally integral to my view on life and i know that this tragedy is not one of those moments. And so I want to commit to assist getting him back on track and dealing with this tragedy for his whole family.

Remind Oscar that he is not alone.

Bianca Spong

Oscar – You are Gods Child

The Father says today that I am your way of escape. I am that provision and I am that open door you are in need of. Make your exit THROUGH ME and TO ME in every temptation and every assault of the enemy. Escape to Me says the Father for I am your exit strategy. Wrath, anger and toil will no longer have their hold on you. The flesh and the natural man is a cruel task master that will exact the very last measure of energy and strength that you have. Know that I am your deliverance and your safe harbor.

The dreams you have and hopes yet to be fulfilled find their safe keeping in Me. Place yourself and your dreams in My care for I am caring for you. I have catalogued every cry of your heart and inventoried every answer you require of Me. In My arms it is safe to trust and safe to know that the outcome is assured and the longing of your heart is secure.

So go ahead says the Father. Go ahead and dream a bigger dream. I dare you to OUT-DREAM the dream that I have already dreamed concerning you. Don’t sell Me short or dream a small Lilliputian dream for I am not a God of small deliverances. I am the God of greatness and I will do great things in you and great things through you. This is your time says the Father. Your salvation is not for another day. Today is the day and I am moving this day to manifest My hand and demonstrate My heart in every area of your life.

Denise and Grant


Dear Oscar and family,

My husband and I felt compelled to pray for you today. We are praying for you to have bail. We really feel God is with you and loves you so much. We are not sport people and don’t therefore follow sport but as we heard the sad news reports as Christians we believe the Lord wanted us to pray and release his angels to help fight for you.

God bless

Janete Santos

Dear Oscar,

So when things look darkest, don’t look down, look up!

Be not fearful, but believing. Keep believing and obeying no matter what happens. Don’t get down in the mouth, but praise God and thank Him for the glorious victories of the future, even if you can’t see them now and have to take them by faith. You’ll be glad you trusted Him tomorrow!

Praying for you


Pretoria, South Africa

Dear Oscar,

You said in an article that the award you are most proud of is that you are one of “Times 100 most influential people”, and so you should be. You have been such an inspiration and influence to the whole world, to people who know you personally and to those of us  who don’t. You will be an inspiration forever.

It’s unimaginable what you must be going through. I don’t even know you personally and my heart has been incredibly heavy ever since this happened. We are all sad with you and pray for you. Especially this week in the bail hearings. We truly believe in your innocence and that this has been a terrible accident.

Please know that you are not alone. It might feel like everyone is against you at the moment, but there are soooo many people that support you. That want to see you get back up and live life to the fullest again. Don’t let this get you down.

We pray for you every day, and will continue praying. Even after your court case. Please know you will never be alone in your battles. No matter what the outcome of the court case. You have even more support now than before and you will be a stronger person after this

Always hold onto God, give all your burdens to Him. And I truly hope you will allow Him to make you whole again. After all He only wants your heart, and He is all that matters. He is the reason we are on this earth, and I believe He has placed you here to inspire others to follow Him.

Hold on, so many of us believe you have been telling and the truth and it shall set you free!

Karla Menjivar

I believe in Innocent till proven guilty. And hope that you are found innocent. You are in the minds of many. Many believe in you and in your character. Peace to both family’s during this tragic time. I have followed you since the Olympics and find this all so hard to believe. May you find peace somehow in this time of great tragedy.

Kelly-Ann Rodel


So I had no idea how to start this letter, nor how to say what I am about to say:)..So please bear with me and know that I have good intentions.

Firstly, I want to thank you for all you have done for our country. You have given us all so much hope and have been such an example to us all(worldwide)…You continue to be such an example and South Africa is blessed to have someone like you who has proven that ANYTHING is possible and never to give up..

I want you to know that you are really something special…I realize this may sound lame…But strangely I feel God wants me to tell you this all so sorry if I sound random..,. I want to say how sorry I am to hear all you are going through along with the Steenkamp family…Sending condolences, hugs and may God surround both families in this time.

Oscar I want you to know that God loves you…and that He will never leave you…Even in your times of trouble and hurt.. He is with you…Psalm 50:15, Habakkuk 3:19 , Joshua 1:9…And I know things are extremely difficult and we will never understand what you are going through…But know that our hearts ache for you as you sit in that cell and that we are praying for you

Wait on God to do His work in His perfect time and way,the answer may seem slow ust now, but He will not delay. One day you will see the wisdom that led you from the start,

was given by your Fatyher’s love to draw you to His heart. Psalm 27:14

I pray for peace for you in this situation, that you see veryone makes mistakes and know that no one has the right to judge as all sin is the same…sin is sin and the only sin which is worse than all t others from what I understand is one which you have not committed (Denouncing Jesus)…People mess up, I know I do but we are human and God still loves us..

I believe He will continue to guide you and still has amazing plans for you even though you have been thrown this speedbump which is not how you pictured it would go…But He will carry you through it k..Don’t give up like you taught us and I know in time He will give you peace to smile again without feeling guilty or sad,…


I leave you with the lyrics Of a Hillsong song called “Mighty to save”

Everyone needs compassion
A love that’s never failing
Let mercy fall on me

Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a Savior
The hope of nations

He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose & conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

So take me as You find me
All my fears & failures
Fill my life again

I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender (I surrender)

(Chorus:) (2x)
He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose & conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

(Bridge:) (2x)
Shine Your light &
Let the whole world see
We’re singing
For the glory
Of the risen King

You’re the Savior
You can move the mountains
Lord You are mighty to save
You are mighty to save
Author of Salvation
You rose & conquered the grave
Yes You conquered the grave

Hugs …


Oscar was kind enough to write me a letter of encouragement and support when my baby boy was diagnosed with fibular hemimelia (the same condition that Oscar was born with). His words and actions over the past five years have been a source of great comfort and inspiration to our family. My little boy was thrilled to be able to watch Oscar win Gold in the 400m final in London last year. Our thoughts and prayers are with him during this terrible time.

Jordan Young
Maidstone, England

Hi Oscar,

I would just like to say that despite all that is happening, I still believe in you and think that you are an inspiration to so many millions of people around the world. Keep the faith, I shall be doing exactly the same! I have complete faith in you and will be praying that you are found innocent. Remember that so many millions of people around the world, like myself, love you and will always be on your side.

Have faith,


Dear Oscar

All of our lives have changed exactly a week ago to this day! – forever! Yours especially and my heart goes out to you! Oscar- I resigned from teaching at the end of 2012. I taught in a local high school for many years and there were days when I struggled to get through the day because of the extreme demands and stress associated with teaching in a high school but I persevered and believe I touched many of the pupils’ lives with pics and stories of you, which not only motivated them, but myself as well. I have a photograph of you on my cellphone and would often refer to it. Just this small gesture gave me the strength to go on. Thank you!!!

I don’t care what you may or may not have done, but I feel so much sympathy for you and your family as well as Reeva’s! I believe that this tragedy can be turned around and be seen from a different angle. Allow God to use you now to touch and motivate even more people for His purpose. The moment we make a difference to somebody’s life, we have a responsibility towards them. So my son, you now have an even bigger responsibility.

Continue to pray, stay close to the Lord, seek His purpose for your life and try do the right thing always. As a family, we think of you when we wake in the morning, I follow the news all day long and you are the last person on our minds and in MY prayers before i go to sleep at night. You see, I am also a mother of three children and have an amazing son almost your age. He’s also a sportsman and full of energy and the joys of life. I sometimes wish I could put my arms around you, and tell you things will work out, like I often do to my own kids.

Oscar, I sincerely hope you are able to read this email soon and feel inspired to be the person God intends for you to be! I truly wish I could meet you in person and tell you all the things that my heart is full of, because you have touched and changed my life and i have personally seen what you’ve done for others.

Yes, all the amazing things you have done for many people and the world has seen them and spoken of them, but when one witnesses and experiences close up the positive impact and influence your life and story has made to myself and some of my pupils at school, we are blessed and enriched! No money in the world can buy that! How can one ever thank you?? That’s what heroes are made of and you still are one of them!

Stand strong and stay calm. God be with you my boy until we meet one day! Hopefully!


I cannot imagine what Oscar is going through right now, so many emotions: pain, grief, sorrow and fear. I wanted to let him know that I believe in him. I am closely following the news and it is so sad to see that people can give up on a person so fast! So many twisted views, sensationalism – not facts, just for a story! Let him know that there are many people in this world who will always offer their support to him. He is, and will always be, an inspiration

In my thoughts and prayers

Milan, Italy

Dear Oscar,

I just want to let you know that I’m 100% with you these days of deep sufference. I can barely imagine how bad you feel, but remember that you are not alone. I believe in you and in what you say, I believe you’re innocent. Every day, many times a day, I look for news about you on the Net, because I’m really concerned with what’s happening to you. I’m Catholic and you can’t imagine how much I’ve been praying for you since I first heard the sad news on telly. I pray the Lord for you every single day, you can be sure He’s right beside you to help you through this hard time.

You’ve been my inspiration in many occasions I wanted to give up and you make me want to do my best to reach my goals. You’re a living miracle, through your achievements you’ve demonstrated that everything’s possible. Don’t give up, Oscar, whatever happens to you, nothing will take away your dignity of human being, nothing will cancel the wonderful things you’ve done or blur the amazing man you are.

I want to see you back running on your Cheetahs, challenging yourself and all of the others again! Seeing you running is the most beautiful thing in the world, because that’s when you show your great power and strength. You’re stronger than they are Oscar, I know you’ll get through all of this, they won’t destroy you! I trust you and I just wish I could be there with you and hold you tight.

I’m sure Reeva herself is watching you and guarding you from above with much love, like an angel.

No matter what the world can say, you are and will always be my champion and my hero!

With all my affection, love and support,


C’est vraiment dommage ce qui vient de se produire. Je suis de tout coeur avec toi Oscar. Le stress et le fait d’avoir un handicap peuvent conduire à faire des choses qu’on regrette plus tard et sur lesquelles il nous est impossible de revenir.

Miemie Homes

A message for Oscar, What has happened has been tragic and heart breaking, but you remain an inspiration to millions across the world and as dark as life seems to you right now, as if it will never be the same again, God does have a plan with your life and He will not forsake you. You are a good hearted, genuine and kind person. Do not loose faith.

In time you will be forgiven by all those who matter. And in time your soul will heal. We will think of you every step of the way and wish you well on this long and difficult road ahead. You will get to the other side and the sun will shine for you again. Let those who are without sin point the finger at you.

Forgive those who has shit for brains and speak publically without thinking and say hateful things to and about you, they don’t get it yet! No one in this world is without fault and I’m sure neiher are you, but we believe that you did not intend to hurt Reeva and as much as we empathise with her loved ones, we will continue to support you as we have done until now, no matter what happens or is said.

We love you Oz, from South Africa and London, we will be there for you.

Raúl Velásquez

Please tell Oscar that I am praying for him. I know this is a difficult situation. Hopefully he will remain in prayer also. Many blessings to all during this difficult time. Thanks so much!

Heather Mills

Just want Oscar to know that he is in my thoughts and in my prayers.

Manuel Aux

You are still my inspiration and i believe in you innocence

Amelie Green

Just to let you know that I pray for Oscar and his whole family to stand by him. Even if you don’t believe it now there will be better times coming.
God bless you.

Holly Hopkins

Hi Oscar,

I know times are difficult now, but please stay strong, and remember you will always be my hero and inspiration,

lots of love and a big hug,

Lee Carey

I’m sure you are inundated but I wanted to add my voice of support for Oscar and I do not know where else to place it. Trial by the media and the public in this situation has been grossly unjust and it seems that “Innocent until Proven Guilty” has disappeared altogether.

Oscar and his family are in my thoughts as I pray for a swift end to the terrible mental anguish this must be causing to all of them, but to Oscar in particular. Please remind him often that there are people out here that are behind him, hoping he gets a fair trial and that people will forgive him for this terrible, unplanned tragedy.

Chris Chesterman

My name is Chris Chesterman and I met Oscar during the London Paralympics.
I am a sports massage practitioner and worked at the Olympic Stadium warm up track where I got to know Oscar’s Coach and Doctor.

They both invited me into the SA tent as their guest to officially meet Oscar on the Saturday a few hours before he won his gold medal where I had my photo taken with him and found him to be extremely humble, warm and friendly. The photo taken of me with Oscar has since taken pride of place on my website where it will stay as a show of my support for Oscar during this tragic chapter of his life.

I just wanted to write to provide my support alongside many thousands of others.

Bronwyn Rachman

I know you probably have dozens of emails coming through to you with regards to the Oscar story but I merely only want to offer my word of support to Oscar.
I believe that people make mistakes yet we so harshly judged and though I don’t condone what happened I just feel that he to needs some type of comfort at such a hard time. I can’t begin to imagine what’s going through his mind and how much he must be hurting.

Though its too early to judge and say these things regardless of the situation I feel that unless we ourselves were personally there when these events unfolded we will never truly know exactly what took place and how they took place.

I know I am far from high profile but please let him know that regardless of how he is being judged and criticized that the only truth that counts is what he holds in his heart

Thank you

Jack Woods
Christchurch, New Zealand

My name is Jack Woods. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and had the pleasure of meeting Oscar when he was here for 2011 IPC Athletics World Champs.

Like many I was absolutely devestated to learn of the tragic events that occured on February 14 and the information coming out is obviously hard to understand.

I spent a decent amount of time with Oscar when he was here and I was wondering if it possible for you to pass the message below to him? I sincerely apologize for any difficulty I may have caused.

Oscar and I


Catherine Migliano

From here in the United States, I send my best wishes and offer my support to Oscar. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff who then worked for the Defence. I believe I have a good “gut” for these things. I hope the prosecution’s case is discredited. If this were in the United States, it would be the one thing to bring me out of retirement as forensics was my specialty.

I see on the news how people are protesting against Oscar, but not everyone has jumped to conclusions and not everyone is against him. Police have an expression here in the USA, “you may get off, but it’s tough to endure the ride”. A burden shared, is a burden lessened. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Sending good thoughts and positive energy his way. I hope he can stay strong.

Ben Wigglesworth

At London 2012 I cried for Oscar, now I cry with him.

Please tell him that many of us are willing him on. We are there for him at this hour of his greatest need.

I am a couple of years older than Oscar’s dad. It’s like watching my own son being torn apart after he has made a mistake.

Best wishes,

Lezanne Hopkins

Verskoon asb. as hierdie boodskap ongevraagd is, maar as ‘n reuse Oscar Pistorius “fan” wil ek graag my beste wense oordra en alle voorspoed toewens aan Oscar en sy familie in hierdie verskriklike tyd.

Oscar is die mees positiewe, opregte en net plein ordentlike sport ster wie dit vir my so maklik maak om proudly South African te wees, selfs na 10 jaar in Engeland! Ek vind dit baie hartseer om al die negatiewe kommentaar op verskeie nuus websites / forums te lees en kan nie verstaan hoe almal wie so trots was op al Oscar se prestasies was hom sommer so kan verdoem nie.

Ek sal jou nie langer ophou in wat ek glo ‘n chaotiese tyd is nie. Indien dit enigsins moontlik is, kan jy asb. net vir Oscar en sy familie laat weet dat daar wel nog mense is wie in hom glo – selfs hier aan die anderkant van die wereld! Ek bid en vertrou dat die feite en bewyse sal uitkom om te wys hy is wie en wat ons weet hy is – ‘n fantastiese rolmodel, “go-getter” en “good guy” wie ongelukkig ‘n indirekte slagoffer van misdaad en geweld in Suid-Afrika geword het. Moord is moord, maar ‘n ongeluk bly ‘n ongeluk en geen koelbloedige moordenaar toon soveel opregte berou soos wat ek die afgelope paar dae gesien het nie.

Voorspoed en sterkte

Kim McManus
Eugene, OR USA

I have spoken to Oscar on several occasions when he been in the US- primarily at Hayward Field, the home of the great Prefontaine. My conversations have always left me in awe of his character, strength (phsyically/mentally) and couragious soul. I may have even spoken to you about bringing Oscar in to speak to youth as part of the Olympic Trials.

My heart aches for him right now and for both families impacted by this awful tragedy.

I wish I could tell him that while it feels the world is against him, there are so many that aren’t swayed by the media speculation. I have said to so many people – “I have met this man and he couldn’t have done this like the reports are saying.” I wish I could stand in front of him and say – hang on – the truth will come out.”

I am not sure why I write you exactly, but simply to hope that you are able to share with him that even in this dark, dark hour, he should hang on.

My prayers are with all involved.

Angee Whitling

I am sure you are inundated with messages.

Oscar must know that he is supported and loved and I pray that Justice will prevail and he will be released and be able to grieve and look towards the future.
He has always been so strong in the face of adversity.

Sending love and positive thoughts to him

Angelika Renz

Dear Oscar Pistorius,

there is absolutely no doubt for me that you are telling the truth.

I know about deep and longtime existing Angst. How Angst can be nourished by a more than average vulnerability and sensitivity, by events you really got hurt, by fears from living in an environment that is in general more and more seriously dangerous, by becoming hate mails, by being exausted from fighting against the Angst, by have to be strong while living in Angst.

Living with Angst is living with chronic vigilanz. A little trigger and there you go.
Your subconcsience will always react quicker than your brain. And since you are an athlete you will fight, instinctively. You have to be a trained policeman to mostly be able to overrule your instincts.

I hope the judge will learn to understand.

I am sorry beyond words for you and Reeva and your and her family.

With all my heart

Celia Owen

Oscar, my prayers (genuine prayers) are for you and your family daily, especially your Father as a parent I can understand what he is going through. May the Holy Spirit comfort you all. I absolutely believe your version it is more than credible and there but for the grace of God go I. I am disgusted by the media and public in SA and the hypocrisy.

There is no integrity, no loyalty. I have longed to return home for years but I will never set foot on the soil there again. The country has become barbaric and uncivilised, corrupt to the core. A bail hearing has become a trial…it’s appalling. The society superficial with everyone looking for their little bit of ‘fame’ shame on them, whatever happened to innocent until proving guilty?

shame on SA – there are so many people in the UK who are horrified at the release of what is perceived as false information in the media, the speed at which people make judgment, lack of toxicology and forensics.. the speed that the body was released… it smacks of unfairness to satisfy the ‘flavour of the month’ violence against women.

if there is anything I can do?

Mathapelo Smous

I know and understand what you are going through. I remember 9 years ago when my brother was facing a culpable homicide charge, the only son amongst 3 daughters.

It was the most difficult time we had to go through as a family, we had to be strong for him and our ailing father. What kept us together was prayer.

It gave us strength when people were deserting, blaming and prosecuting us, forgetting that there is only one judge and that is God. Even though my brother’s case is over, the pain in him is still there. Oscar and the Pistorius family, it is not going to end when he wins the case, there will always be that thing that the woman he loved died in his arms.

Another family lost a child because of him. It is a hard and long process, Oscar you will need to forgive yourself and trust God. He is the only one who won’t leave or judge you unfairly. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I pray God gives you peace that passes all understanding. Be strong for God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers. Soldier on!!

Martin Lane
Martin Lane Entertainment

As concerto pianist, believe it or not, I am Oscar’s biggest musical fan, we make magic happen on the ivories and Oscar is Oscar, gr8 super guy and sportsman.

I can speak for many of my musician friends and we are right behind him and do not allow the media frenzy and/or weirdos to intervene.

If and when you get a chance to speak to him., kindly convey my best wishes and in a musical tone “There’s no Oscar like our Oscar!”

Would gladly like to perform at his wedding one day as organist/pianist [for free].

Wishing you all the best during this tiring and challenging time. I have been involved in a few court cases, won them all and can speak from a position of authority.

Oscar, we love you!

Cathy van Niekerk

Joint Managing Director

In-Site Athlete Management (Pty) Ltd

I have worked closely with Oscar for the past six years and have always found him to be a man of integrity, absolute professionalism and deep compassion for others. During the time our company has handled many of his business matters and some personal, I have come to know him not only as a wonderful client, but as a loyal friend.

He has always treated me and our staff with the utmost respect. It is therefore with a deep sense of sadness and regret that we find ourselves in this tragic situation where two young peoples’ lives have been changed forever.

To Oscar:  Oz, I have received countless messages of support for you from all over the world and I join them in standing with you and your family. Stray strong,  I feel confident that truth and justice will be served in due course and extend my deepest sympathy to the Steenkamp family.

Chantel Muller

I am sure you are being overwhelmed by emails from fans. Just a quick one to say that I truly believe in his innocence! My heart goes out to him and his family. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him to keep his composure after everything he has been through….

Whatever happened there that day, is for none of us to judge. I sincerely hope that this ordeal will pass as painlessly and quickly as possible so that Oscar can pick up the pieces and continue to build his future – and when looking back one day, knowing that it was yet another obstacle that couldn’t put him down!

Oscar, stay strong, keep your head up and focus on what matters…. “Die hoogste bome kry die meeste wind”….

You have lots of people around the world that support you!

Eben van Renen

Baie dankie vir die Oscar Pistorius plakkaat

We were waiting for our janitor to construct a frame for it, so I could hang it up next to the gym. This is a poor school and funds do not permit us buying a frame. I wanted to reply with a photo of the whole school surrounding the poster.


Now Oscar’s traumatic events are unfolding as I sit and write here.

Here is what I posted on my facebook profile:

Courts: Innocent until proven guilty.
Media: Guilty until proven innocent.
Public: Plain bloodthirsty. We revel in the blood of the ‘fallen’.
I will wait until the courts decide about Oscar.

Ek hoop van harte dat alles ten goede sal uitwerk vir julle. Ek hou duim vas en moedig ander mense aan om koelkop te bly.

Erika Pretorius


May God give you…

For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trail.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song
And an answer for each prayer.

Remember that God is with you
and your family.

Riette du Preez

This past week has been such an eye-opener to me and it is with much sadness and disgust that I have lost respect in the human race who seems to be quick to make judgments and to wish hurt on someone who seems to have been severely traumatized and hurt himself. My prayers go out to both the Pistorius and Steenkamp families. May you find peace and grace in our God the great comforter! Remember that He will be the ultimate judge!

Chaneane Lottering

It is in times like this that I am ashamed to say, I am a South African (or must I rather say Afrikaans sprekenede)….. We are so quick to judge other people; the saying innocent until proven guilty is not in our vocabulary!

Unfortunately this bad tragedy happened and although (at this moment) it feels like you are not going to make it, YOU WILL and you will be a stronger person at the end! I know, I have been there…….

Good luck to you and your family, you are in our prayers!

Carmel Lowry

Dear Oscar,

I have never written to anybody that is well known before, so I feel a bit awkward about it. But I really feel I need to support you.

I feel so strongly about praying for you. I believe the Lord has put it in my heart to pray for you night and day. My heart is heavy for you.

My prayers are also with Reeva’s family. May she rest in peace. I know it is heartbreaking for them and for you too.

I believe it was a tragic accident. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for you at this time. I pray, I pray, I pray, that the Lord will work in your favour and your case will be judged fairly. I am going to continue to pray for you that the Lord will uphold you with his mighty strong arm.

I pray also for your family and that you will be at home with them tonight.

God bless you.

Amanda Musch
Cologne, Germany

Please tell Oscar that all my thoughts are with him (and all involved). I am closely following the news at the moment and I can only imagine what you all are going through and even though I do not go to church I keep praying for you. It is very sad to read all the negativ stuff in the papers and to see that people give up on somebody so fast.

I would be really greatful if you could please pass my support for him. I really wished I could give him a good hug at the moment! Hang in there and be strong, Oscar.
Please know that there are still people out there who believe in you and your innocence. xx

Justine de Vos
Christchurch, New Zealand

Dear Oscar, praying for you always. We are so deeply shocked and know that this has all been but a tragic mistake. Thinking of you always.

Charl Nel
Cape Town, South Africa

A message, from another Oscar: “Every saint has a past & every sinner has a future (Oscar Wilde).

Laat ons vanaand almal Oscar toevou met liefde.

Suzaan Groenewald

Goeie dag Oscar en Pistorius familie!!!

Graag wil ek aan jou en jou familie alle sterkte en voorspoed toewens vir
die pad wat voorle. Ons vertrou dat vandag (dag3) se hofverrigtinge so sal
verloop dat jy kan op borg gaan. Weet asb dat daar wel mense is wat glo dat
dit ‘n frats ongeluk was en geensins doelbewustelik gedoen het nie.

Ons bid elke dag verskeie kere op ‘n dag vir jou en jou familie. Ons dink
aan julle in hierdie tyd.

Graag wil ek aan jou hierdie ou ou gediggie gee, ons almal ken dit en het
dit al oor en oor gelees, maar dit is in moeilike tye wat ons, ons weer
daaraan moet herrinner

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed
footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints. Other times there were one set
of footprints.
This bothered me because I noticed that during the LOW periods of my life
when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one
set of footprints.
So I said to the Lord, “You promised me, Lord that if I followed You, You
would walk with me always.
But I noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only
been one set of prints in the sand.
Why, when I have needed you most, You have not been there for me?”
The Lord replied, “the times when you have seen only one set of footprints
is when I carried you”

Baie sterkte ons dink aan jou en jou familie!!!!

Michael Palmer

Oscar, remember this every morning you wake up and every night that you go to sleep – ‘If God is for you, who can be against you’ – You have been and are a Conqueror through Christ who strengthens you! Remember that The Lords Love is Unfailing, that His Grace will be sufficient for you!

There is more people Praying for & supporting you since last week’s tragic unimaginable episode, people you know and people like me that you don’t know yet, I would like to meet you some time, regardless of the outcome here, you are an awesome person, always remember that bud!! Be strong! God Loves you!

Sarina Janse van Rensburg

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I AM YOUR GOD. I will strengthen you and help you, I will hold you up with my victorious right hand….ISAIAH 41:10

Praying for you Oscar!!!

Kevin Clancy
Glasgow, Scotland

I would just like to say something to Oscar.

The events of last week have shocked a lot of people around the world. First of all let me say, I am not a big sports fan whatsoever – never have played any and have never even as much as ‘kept fit’ for that matter! I was first aware of you back in August last year at the London Olympics where you were competing and have to admit I never really saw the races you took part in. It is only due to the unfortunate events of the last week that I have gotten to know more about you – I searched through youtube and found various video clips of races you were in and also other interviews you gave etc in order to know a bit more about you and gain some insight into the man himself.

I look at all that footage on the internet and see just what you have achieved in the last 10years or so on a professional level. What an inspiration!….and not only to people with disabilities but to everyone everywhere! I have over the years promised myself I would ‘get fit’ (not that I’m unfit!) but never seem to do so. Having watched your videos it has made me more than ever to make serious attempt at changing that now.

I just wanted to write this letter of support and thanks to your family I am now able to do so through your website. Oscar, regardless of the tragic events of last week – you have to know that you have many many fans who believe in you and are praying for these dark days to be over soon. My belief is that if ANY of us were placed in a similar situation – would we have reacted differently?…..possibly not.

I believe we all – as human beings – are capable of making mistakes in the heat of a moment that could cause terrible heartache – it’s just that some of us are lucky enough to go through life never to come across that moment – and some of us aren’t so lucky.

We only have to see the TV footage of you or newspaper pictures to see the pain you are going through and we can’t begin to imagine what that feels like.

Please stay strong and ALWAYS remember that no matter what – your fans are all thinking of you and your family at this time and also of Reeva and her family.
I just felt I had to do something to show my support to you.

God bless

Alwina Rossouw

Dear Oscar

Please know that you, your family and Reeva’s family are in my thoughts and prayers. I just KNOW that you are innocent, and that it was all a tragic accident! Remember Psalm 23 – The Lord is my Shepherd. I am positive and know that your bail application later today will be granted, and you will be home with your famly this weekend – stay positive and strong, and know that there are thousands of people all over the world who believe in your innocence and who stand firmly behind you! xoxox

Elizma van Der Walt
Centurion, South Africa

Oscar, my dogtertjie is nou amper 3jaar oud dis haar boodskap aan jou.”Oom (Oscar) love you lots like jelly tots! Liewe Jesus is by jou en Hy gaan die seer beter maak”

Nuki Williams

I saw Oscar one saturday morning this January at our Gym in Hazeldean. I was getting some Kauai smoothies when I saw a smiling man chatting to a friend. At first I didn’t recognise him, I just thought this guy has the happiest eyes. His smile seemed to radiate through his eyes. Only after I left the gym did I realise who he was. Now I see the pictures in the newspaper, the same eyes filled with so much pain and sadness. Oscar, there are so many people praying for you and Reeva’s family. Just know that. My prayer is that one day you will be able to smile again like you did that day in the gym, and that this whole tragedy will make not only you but all of us better people to walk this earth. Strength and love!

Dianne Jason

Dear Oscar,

You have been a hero to the world. No matter what the outcome of this case, you are and always will be SOUTH AFRICAN’s number ONE. One wrong doing cannot change a lifetime of right doings. We all love you and pray for you and your family during this difficult time.
Do not loose hope and remember that nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and it can only be fixed through prayer and love.

Ashika Pillay

Dear Oscar
I am praying for you that the Lord who knows all things will keep you from trouble.
Please read Psalm 91. Sorry for all you are going through. May the Lord be your strength, your shelter, your hope, your fortress and your shield.

Jane Dorey
Gaborone, Botswana

Stay strong, Oscar. We beleive in you, you will always be our hero.

Ruth Koomson
Accra, Ghana

I am an addict of the Crime and Investigation channel on DSTV, i must confess never before have i felt someone’s innocence like am doing currently about Oscar.

Its rather sad what Oscar its going through now, the same people who once hailed him, some have turned against him before he’s even declared guilty, even if that was the case?

Wow!!!! We all realise the harsh humilation the Saviour went through to death. My heart really goes out for the family of Reeva, but i will continually say a prayer for Oscar until his full innocence is brought to bare without the slightest doubt.

I pray when this happens, he will come to the full saving knowledge of Christ. We love you Oscar and feel your pain and grieve.

Lynne Bepat

Johannesburg, South Africa

Oscar forced the world to look at the power of the human spirit. He has forced us to look at how we disable ourselves and that the only real disability in life is your attitude!

This court trial, albeit that he lost the love of his life, once again forces us to reassess the notion of innocent until proven guilty.

Oscar has always been an inspirational character and I thank God for creating a formidable man like him. Wish the sponsors would not have been so fast to judge.

Maybe we should boycott those brands!

Andrea Persson

Stockholm, Sweden

A message of sympathy and support for Oscar Pistorius

As so many other people, our family woke up last Thursday morning to the dreadful news of what had happened during the previous night in Oscar Pistorius’ home. And as so many others we would like to express our sympathy with and our support for Oscar Pistorius whatever happened these crucial moments and whatever the outcome of the legal process will be, either he is found guilty, is in fact guilty or not.

It is not yet half a year since our family were in London for the Paralympics and had the privilege to experience the magic of those summer nights with the great performances and achievements of the athletes. We were in the crowd of 80 000 who cheered, and we did so mostly for Oscar. In fact it was he and his story, his achievements and his message that caught our interest for the Paralympics. When I first became aware of the “Blade Runner” some time ago and wanted to find out more about him, I was impressed by what I learnt.

I read his charming biography, which especially in its first part reminded me of the best of children’s books describing the adventures of a young boy in today’s South Africa.

What impressed me and kept me interested, was that Oscar not only is an outstanding athlete –there are many others – but a person, young as he is, who tries to convey a message and make a positive impact on other people’s lives. There is more to him than the average sport star; he does not appear to be one of those training maniacs who only think of optimising their performance and with very little interest in anything else.

All this and his outstanding performance at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu prompted us to apply for tickets for the London Paralympics. Our perception of disability and especially disability sports had been changed by his example, now we wanted to experience this ourselves. If it had not been for Oscar, we would never had considered travelling to London to see the competitions. And it turned out to be one of the most exciting and satisfying experiences we have ever had. I believe that we share this experience with thousands and thousands of other people around the world. Oscar’s achievements and his life story, his relentless efforts to change the world’s perception of disability and his willingness to give part of himself for his cause, really make a difference, even on a global scale.

Whatever really happened last Thursday in the early morning hours could never take away any of Oscar’s merits before that day, and I think the world owes him for that, gratitude, sympathy and support. One moment of ill judgement, madness or whatever it was cannot undo a lifetime’s achievement in our eyes. Sadly enough we had to witness how fast a person’s reputation crumbles, one day a nation’s and the whole world’s golden boy, the next
subject for gossip, gleeful defamation and hate by far too many.

Those who delight in this tear apart the picture of an idol without flaws, which had been conjured by them. Apparently these people never realised that a person like Oscar, whom they had idolised, in fact is a human being like everybody else with flaws and the right to fail without being demonised for that. Nobody needs to be perfect to earn the respect of others. These people had fooled themselves, and now that they realise their mistake, they turn their anger and embarrassment at Oscar instead of being ashamed of themselves.

This is probably the most saddening aspect apart from the personal tragedy for Oscar, his family, and of course his dead friend and her family.

Having two sons, boys only a few years younger than Oscar, we can imagine what his family is going through. This is the nightmare of every parent and family to have to witness how a beloved child has to suffer such pain and disgrace without being able to take it away.

One can hardly imagine what Oscar is going through. A life turned upside down, nothing will ever be the same again irrespective of the outcome of the legal procedures. To lose this life and the person whom he planned to spent a life together with, would be excruciating for anybody, so much more when it is one’s own doing: a moment of ill judgement, a life changed forever. The pain of guilt and bereavement he must feel, one can hardly imagine.

I feel the deepest sympathy for Oscar and his family in this sad time and I wished that there was anything at all for me to help, but of course there is not for somebody unknown to them and so far away. The only thing I could think of was to write this message of sympathy and support, and add it to the many others, which have been sent by people from around the world. Oscar and his family are in my thoughts and in my prayers and I hope that they will have the strength to get through this time, and eventually to rebuild
their lives.

As I said, however much I would like to help,  there does not seem to be anything apart from writing a supportive message. But, please, whenever in the future there is anything an ordinary person like me can do to help, let the public know. I am sure there are many, many among us who would like to help. Oscar shall never be forgotten and feel abandoned by the world that only yesterday cheered upon him. He has given so much joy to so many, he deserves to be cherished and remembered for all the good and admirable he has done.

I very strongly feel that he is one of the people who made the earth a little better place to live in.

In this sad hour I remain with my deepest respect for Oscar and I hope and
pray for the best for him.

April Holmes

Please tell Oscar that I am praying for him. I know this is a difficult situation. Hopefully he will remain in prayer also. Many blessings to all during this difficult time. Thanks so much!

Christine Wolf
Cairns, Australia 

I’ve been competing at the Beijing Paralympics as an above knee amputee sprinter. Oscar and myself were good mates at the time, talking about family and relationships. I am closely following the news at the moment, being very concerned for him and I feel terrible about what he has to go through.

I am just wondering if its possible to let him know, that I’m thinking of him and I really wished I could give him a good hug at the moment!

Tanya van Blerk

Having had the privilege of meeting Oscar two years ago, he was a gentle, kind and humble person.

It is now during his time of need that he needs the support and strength of his family, friends and fans. Despite the circumstances surrounding this tragedy, I will continue to offer all my support and send him all the strength I have to get through this and I hope that all LOYAL fans do the same.

God speed Oscar.

Karin Long

Thank you so much for Oscar’s book for Nathan Rimpf, the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Hospital and for my copy. They arrived this past Saturday. I really appreciate Oscar for doing this.

Oscar has been an inspiration to so many people around the world. Now it is time of others to support and inspire him during this trying time. More people support him than he knows.

I know this is a difficult time for all of you and I wanted to let you know that we are thinking of Oscar and his family and all that they are going through. Please let Oscar know that our thoughts and prayers are with him (and all of you)….and that we appreciate what he has done for Nathan and so many others dealing with disabilities.

Anne Tabbner
Whitchurch Hill, UK

Oscar, you are in our thoughts at this very tragic and difficult time. Your innocence will be declared and whatever the outcome, you are in our hearts. We love you as a South African, as an athlete, as an ambassador of charities and for life’s vulnerable population. The world needs your inspiration. Keep strong.

Lizelle Grobbelaar
Kloof, South Africa

I would just like to send my support and thoughts to Oscar. I’m keeping him in my prayers.
Can’t imagine the pain he must be going through and all the negativity from the public.
Please know that there are still people out there that believe in you and your innocence.
My sincerest condolences to you as you also lost someone close to you that you loved.
Hang in there, you’re in our prayers.

Pretoria, South Africa

Oscar, I don’t know you but I feel driven to tell you that I support you all the way, and I believe you are innocent of all these vicious accusations people had made against you. You may have made a mistake, but that does not mean that you deserve to suffer like this. We all make mistakes in life, some big and some small, you need to put it in God’s hands and he will sort it for you. You have my support through all of this!!

Wish I could just give you a hug and tell you it will be alright. Stay strong and keep looking up!!! Know that you have people who are true to you and support you through the good times as well as the bad!!

Julia & Chloe Neill
Bedfordshire, England

Would it be ok to please pass on a message of support from my daughter and I in England?
We are of course deeply saddened by the news but in no way do we believe this to be a deliberate act and wish to pass on our heartfelt support to Oscar. He must feel everyone’s against him but please let him know that there are loads of people here in the UK that are supporting him.

We would be so grateful if you could please pass on our love and support to him.

Graeme Thompson
United Kingdom

I would just like offer support to Oscar at this horrible juncture in his life. I only met him twice on the golf courses in Scotland and he is an absolute gentleman. I feel deeply sorry for the awful tragedy that has happened and my heart goes out to all involved.

Chad Richter
Miami Beach, USA

Although my words can do little to help Oscar at this time, I hope the support felt from around the world will provide some level of comfort in the days and months ahead. His fans are with him and hopeful for his release.
We all wish there was more we could do for Oscar to help him through this difficult time.
Much love Oscar. Stay strong!

Marketa Capkova
Prague, Czech Republic

Hello, Oscar has my support forever. He is my biggest motivation. He showed me that everything is possible if you want. He is my big shining star. I wish him good luck in rest of his life and he must be strong and never give up.
Respect Oscar, God bless you in this darkness days

Forever like you

Philip de Jager
Louis Trichardt, South Africa

Ek bid gedurig vir jou! HOU MOED!

Yolande Naude
Somerset West, South Africa

Dear Oscar

I just want to say that I think of you and your family every single day. What ever happened, I am praying for you and your family and I just hope that someday you will get through this. I cannot even imagine what you must be feeling, hold on Oscar!

To Oscar’s Family

I am thinking of you every day and praying for you. I cannot begin to understand what you must feel. I can just hope and pray that somehow you will one day get through this. Try not to read what some of those rude people out there is saying and writing and making jokes about.


Oscar was a great inspiration all around the world. I just deeply hope that the murder allegations are not true and he can prove himself innocent. I intend this message for Aimee, his sister:

While all the attention is on Oscar and Reeva, I know all this can be so so sad and tragic for a sister. My heart deeply goes to you and I hope you can be strong and cope with this terrible tragedy. I can’t stop thinking about it and how it affects you and your family. I am so so sorry.

Paarl, South Africa

I wish to convey my support to Oscar. Tomorrow must be his worst feared day.

Guilty or not – he has taken a life regardless of the circumstances. I am a fan and will keep supporting him regardless of tomorrow’s outcome. Life happens and anyone can make a wrong decision in a split second. I am sorry that this has happened to Oscar. I have prayed for him, for tomorrow especially and hope we will see a miracle. He needs to know God will decide which burden he must bear and wish with my heart I could do something to assist him, to help him, even take whatever sentence he might get in his place.

Please assure him that not all his fans have deserted him and we will follow him every step of the way.

From hero to zero – no – Oscar is human with a sin nature – like me, like you. May he find GRACE, MERCY to lighten his burden, accompany him on his life journey.

All my support, blessings


Hang in there. Whatever happened at your residence… I’m sure there’s an explanation.
Look forward to seeing you on the track soon!!!!!! 🙂

Charlie Cole
Scunthorpe, England

I am very upset for Oscar and wanted to take time to write and say how terrible I feel for him. I am distraught and feel so much for his loss and current tribulations. Thinking of you

Sue Bennet
Liverpool, England

I am not going to judge or pass comment or try and guess what Oscar and those connected must be going through, thoughts, good wishes and prayers with all of you.

My husband HATES sport of any kind, but you had him glued to the TV last year, in 27 years I have never known that! You and those who are gifted like you are an inspiration to many.

Be true.

Chantal Seguin
Paris, France

This is a message for Oscar Pistorius, I am a South African living in France and this has affected me deeply.

I just want to say that I put myself in his position and I feel how much pain he must be going through.
I just wanted to say that no matter what happened, my thoughts are with him and I support him.
My father was also amputated of both his legs and this has given me a lot of insight as to Oscar’s daily ups and downs, and also deep personal challenges.

I cry with him and I wish him to be surrounded by as many loving people as possible to help him through this difficult time. I also hope that his career will continue to take its course and that the people he works with can continue to respect him as before.

Mostly I offer my deep felt condolences for his loss.

Don’t give up Oscar; this is the point at which in you need to hold on tight till the end of the trial. It must be hard to be strong right now, but keep your chin up knowing you are still the man of incredible substance you have been before. We, your supporters, are all with you in spirit.

Dianne Coyle
Wigan, England

My thoughts and prayers are with Oscar; I believe this was a tragic accident. Oscar is such an inspiration to everyone that knows of him. He is a true hero. I wish him all the luck in the world although if the justice system works he will not need any luck as he is innocent. I will be thinking of him tomorrow. Believe in yourself Oscar as I believe in you.

Sarah Thomas

Just wanted to say we have been deeply saddened by the events of the past few days & by the way Oscar has been portrayed by the press. May the truth be told & may Oscar find peace & support through this very traumatic time. Our thoughts are with him & both families involved.

Georgia Steiman
Indiana, USA


My thoughts and prayers are with you. This is a tough time that I hope you get through on the other side with peace. You deserve love and kindness. No one knows the truth but you.
I hope for peace for you and your family.

Anne-Julie B
London, England

To you Oscar, your family and friends.

I saw you flying on the track, competing with the sun,
You were the Olympic gems, the public mesmerized
You saw possibilities when others saw obstacles
You inspired others to dream more

No matter what led to this tragedy, Nobody can take that away from you, from me.

Please promise yourself to live in faith that many people are on your side so long as you are true to the best that is in you.


All my support to Pistorius, I´ve been always a big fan, reading so many commentaries, make me feel sad.
This whole situation is so tragic, One young life taken and another destroyed… Let the truth

Jayne Sloan

For Oscar Pretorius….. Have faith!
“If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth, only soft soap  and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.” – C.S. Lewis

Taylor Moore

I was so saddened to hear of the tragedy surrounding Oscar Pistorius. He became my 9 year old son’s idol at the London games. We were in the stands for all of his Olympic races,  and my son was his loudest supporter.
He said Oscar’s life is just like the saying, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”. My son is grieving with Oscar now. Please tell him to keep his chin up. He has gone through such a horrific ordeal and there are more tough times ahead. He needs to cling to his greatest memories to get him through his darkest hours.
Please let him know that he is still a hero to my son and many others. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Geraldine Meyer
Cape Town, South Africa

We are standing behind you. Be strong and believe. We as people are not to judge another.
Whatever the truth it could have been anyone. We do not know you personally but still we want to cry and shout our loud …you are only human and a very good one. We pray for you, your family and for Reeva’s family. What a tragic event for all. Gods arms are holding you close…He knows you and whatever happens God will never leave you. We pray for the truth and we all keep you in our hearts. No one will know what it feels like to be in your shoes but we all want to let you know that you are not alone, not a murderer, you are still our Hero! xxx everybody that we know feel the same way. We are fighting for you!

Cape Town, South Africa

My thoughts and prayers are with you all…. Especially Oscar, please be strong and hold tight xx

Kerrin Duffy
Swansea, Wales

Be strong Oscar Pistorius at this very sad time. We are thinking of you here in South Wales, Great Britain and our Love and thoughts will stay with you, we hope that this ordeal will be over soon for you so that you can grieve in peace and hopefully find the strength to continue being the outstanding person that you have grown up to be and have worked hard to be. We are not religious but we are praying for you.

All Our Love

Bill K
United States


I just want you to know that my prayers and thoughts are with you. I can’t imagine the affect this has on you. You have been an icon of hope for so many all over the world through the gift that you have given. This gift being the fact that you didn’t let your handicap hold you back. You continued and became stronger than ever.

I admire you for that and in this time of need, please be reminded of what you have accomplished and that you have overcome a huge disability that was able to give light to those in your same condition. I think that you are an awesome person and I pray that you will get through this with the same determination.

You are an awesome athlete and please know that my prayers are with you. No matter what may come of the court proceedings and even though we have never met, please know that you will always have a friend cheering you on. Don’t give up!

Karen & Nathan Singh
Glasgow, Scotland

We would just like to pass on our deepest sympathies and condolences to Mr Pistorius and hope that he manages to keep strong through such a trying and extremely difficult situation. We only met him briefly and can tell he is a very genuine and charismatic person. The witch hunt that is occurring is shocking. Our thoughts are with everyone involved, especially Mr. Pistorius, the young girl’s family and Mr.Pistorius’ family.

Frank Derks
The Netherlands

Hi Oscar

Hope you remember me. We have met in 2010 in Castelbuono (Italy). I was there because of my job for Global Sports Communication. We have had a nice time for a couple of days. Do you remember the dinner at the castle? Unfortunately I have lost your phone number because my Blackberry had crashed.

What happened doesn’t matter for me, you have my absolute support!

Don’t give up man!!!

Gabriele Bartl
Wiesau, Germany

Hallo Oscar
Be strong!
I wish all the best for you!

Colleen Brewster
Toronto, Canada

When I watched Oscar compete in the London Olympics, I was so profoundly moved that I cried and cheered for him over everybody else at the Olympics. Every time I saw him, I smiled, he is such an inspiration. I am so sad now to hear about these horrible circumstances and even though I do not know him, please tell him that I am hoping and praying for him, just as so many, many people are. He is loved and supported.

United Kingdom

I would like to send my love to all involved in this tragic situation. Oscar, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, you are an amazing inspiration and I pray for peace for you tomorrow. Stay strong and trust God – John 16:33

Trisha & family
United Kingdom

Dear Oscar, we cannot imagine what you are going through right now, so many terrible emotions, such pain, grief and sorrow. We just want to let you know that we believe in you, we support you 100% and you are in our profoundest thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time.

Sending you strength, faith and hope across the continents.

Miami, USA

All my Support to Oscar.
He is one of my favorite athletes in this existence. As a Buddhist I will chant for him:

Claudia Sitzberger

Dear Oscar
You are the greatest person in the world. I believe in you and after the happenings of the last days I pray for you!
With best wishes!

Austin Myers
Carnoustine, Scotland

I was fortunate enough to meet Oscar at the Dunhill Golf Tournament in 2012 in Carnoustie following the London Olympics, which I also attended with my son. I was thrilled to meet such a wonderful role model for ‘getting up and getting on’. I pray he has the protection of The Lord and remains strong. Please pass on my thoughts and best wishes to Oscar.

Julian Nortje
Witbank, South Africa

Dear Oscar

Today you’ll be in my thoughts. I pray that God will hold you in his arms today, that he will guide you and give you strength. Have faith and know that you’ve STILL got supporters.

Good luck
A huge fan

Susanne Sydow

Dear Oscar

NEVER GIVE UP … was your inspiration in your whole life!
So, please, don’t give up in your darkest time of your life!
We are with you!!!!

Sometimes thinks happen, we can’t later understand why we did this but there is no chance to turn back the time. God is with you! We fly high and forget our God, maybe God has other plans with you. In the darkest time of our life, he is still with us. He is holding your hand! Whatever you have done, he forgave you already!!!

I would love to stay with you and tell you this and dry your tears, your family and your true friends will do so instead. I can’t understand why nobody from your family or friends saw the loneliness and fears from you. You told reporter you couldn’t sleep in the night… this was all signs, how much pressure you did on yourself.

Pressure in everything – private and sports- higher, better, richer, more adventure, more beautiful …
Life goes on, today you are in the top news, tomorrow something else will happen, things change so quick in this fast running world. You are in my prayers and I think every single minute about you. We are with you!

Things going on, maybe in a different way as you thought, but it doesn’t mean it must be a bad way! You still can be an inspiration for all these people which live right now in the darkness. NEVER GIVE UP!
You are so young, You have many years in front of you. You have so much talent in different ways. Be strong!
We all will pray for you.
I have a good feeling, that everything will be good and better for you in the future.
Big hug!


Brenda Bleiker
Johannesburg, South Africa

You will always be a hero to me and an inspiration. You have been in my thoughts ever since the tragic 14th – and in my prayers. I know, in the deepest of my heart and soul, that you never meant Reeva any harm. Whatever the circumstances, and whatever triggered the “trigger” – I am in no place to judge you… nor is anyone else for that matter. Only you will know what happened. Please be strong – for yourself, your family, your friends and your loyal supporters. You are forever in my prayers

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

How can I send my regards to the Pistorius family? Just to say I am praying for them through this difficult time as well as reeva’s family.

Ben Wiggs
Helston, England

I feel so helpless when I see pictures of Oscar in court. The press are having a field day at Oscar’s expense.

As a sixty year old father of three grown children, it feels like watching one of my own in trouble. I cannot imagine the emotions Oscar is going through at present. Hopefully he will be helped by the knowledge that many people all over the world are thinking of him in his
hour of need.

Oscar, you have inspired millions all over the globe now we are here to inspire you to get through this terrible time.

Rosalina, Italy

I am deeply saddened to hear the tragic event which has happened with Oscar.

Oscar and his family whatever the circumstances of this, he will always have my complete support.

If there is anything, anything at all that I can do to help with his state of mind to get him through this awful time, then please just contact me.

You don’t desert someone when they need you the most

Sono profondamente addolorato per quanto successo ad Oscar.
Qualunque siano le circostanze in cui è successo desider essere vicino ad Oscar e alla famiglia e dare loro il mio completo appoggio.

Se c’è qualsiasi cosa che posso fare per aiutarlo o per aiutarlo a rimanere forte in questo momento vi prego di conttarmi.

Non credo sia giusto abbandonare qualcuno nel momento del bisogno.

Un fan di Oscar

Lucie Eschenlohr

As an African born child: I Just want to show my support: I feel as though my heart has been wrenched out of my chest as I sense the pain, anguish and despair that Oscar is going through. No matter what anyone says, NOBODY can take away everything this wonderful
person has achieved: as an athlete, as a man, as a human. What is done cannot be undone but the essence of your person will remain intact and you have given so many people ALL OVER THE WORLD inspiration and hope and that will remain forever. We all love you and are thinking of you here in Spain. Be strong and if you can’t find strength in yourself, lean over to God as he will always be there for YOU.

George Jennings
Lincoln, England

Hi Oscar, just to let you know that you have a massive support from the UK, keep strong and you will come through this tragic time, the courts will realize it was a terrible accident.

Alberton, Johannesburg

I am writing this letter because I have been extremely sad since 07:30 on the 14 February when I first heard the shocking news on the radio. I don’t know why I am so sad. Because I don’t know either of the parties involved personally. The passing of Reeva Steenkamp is a tragedy, but people die every day. So why does this death upset me so much.

It is because a hero of the nation has shot and killed the woman he loved.
The same nation that loved him is now throwing stones, digging in his past to see what skeletons they can get.

I am sad because not only does Oscar have to deal with the death of his beloved but he is the cause of her death. My heart bleeds for him. I cry at nights because I cannot imagine what he must feel.

I don’t know what happened; only Oscar (and God) knows. I don’t believe that Oscar is a murderer. I believe what happened was an accident. I hope I am right.

Oscar I pray for you and your family. I pray for Reeva’s family.

Your life will never be the same again but you have a great support system.
Go on your knees, pray to God to carry you through this time. He will.


I was really saddened to hear about this tragic accident especially at the prime of Oscar’s life. I lived in South Africa a couple of years ago and understand the constant fear you have to live with due to the high crime rate. Therefore I have no doubt that it was an accident, regardless of how the media sometimes try and portray people just to sell a story without knowing the truth. Oscar is a true example of how to get through adversity. He is in our thoughts and prayers to get through this difficult time.


Let God be the judge and let justice take place. Only Oscar knows the truth.

United Kingdom

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love Mel

Heinrich Grimsehl

Weet nie of jy kan onthou dat Oscar by die Rehabilitasie hospitaal was n paar jaar terug. Ons het daai dag n baie goeie video clip gevat op die trap waar hy praat oor dissability en hoe om dit te oorkom. Dis n baie nice clip – baie sincere en nog nooit gesien nie. So as julle
dit wil he om te gebruik vir enige iets laat my weet ek sal dit met graagte vir julle gee.

Sterkte met als!

Benjamin Wigglesworth
Helston, England

Oscar must be devastated. This is tragic beyond belief. I believe his story and I am so sorry for all concerned.


Nelspruit, South Africa

Dra asb ons familie se liefde en ondersteuning aan Oscar en sy familie oor in hierdie turbulente tyd. God laat niks op die aarde gebeur sonder ‘n rede nie – daar sal wel berusting kom op ‘n tyd soos bepaal deur God. Ons gesin sal Oscar en sy familie deurentyd in ons
gebede hou. Oscar moet sy kop hoog hou; die wereld in die oe kyk en dit wat oor sy pad kom hanteer – dit gaan nou oor HOE hy die deel van die wedloop gaan hanteer – daar is steeds miljoene mense wat na hom opkyk en wat sy optrede juis nou gaan dophou.

Herinner Oscar aan die gedeelte in die Bybel waar Koning Josafat moes oorlog toe gaan (I Konings Hoofstuk 22 vers 15 – 16) – God het bloot verwag dat hy moet opdaag – God het die oorlog namens hom en sy volk gewen. Dieselfde God is steeds elke dag by ons en Hy wil
elkeen van ons koester en vashou – ongeag die omstandighede.

Alle sterkte in die groot wedloop wat voorle.

Centurion, South Africa

My hart bloei vir jou! Jy is die hele tyd in my gebede en gedagtes – ek bid dat God vir jou vrede en genade sal gee. Onthou net dat God se wil jou nooit sal lei na waar Sy genade nie groot genoeg is om jou te beskerm nie.

As ma van twee seuns weet ek dat dit met enige iemand kan gebeur – ons is almal menslik.
Ek wens ek kon jou vashou en belowe dat alles “OK” sal wees. Ons dink en bid vir jou familie, asook Reeva se familie. Jy bly ongelooflik vir dit wat jy bereik het in jou lewe.

Susan Leese
Doha, Qatar

I don’t know if this mail will get through to Oscar, but I met him when he visited my school in Doha during his recent visit. He was absolutely brilliant with the kids and couldn’t have made more of an impact on myself, my staff and the Kindergarten children.

My heart, prayers and thoughts go out to you Oscar. God Bless

Merrin Buchan
Christchurch, New Zealand

I would like to say that I feel such sadness for Oscar at this time. An inconceivable tragedy.
I have no doubt that he did not intend to kill someone he had such strong feelings for.

Let him know that there are so many in the world who offer their support. He is, and will ever be, an inspiration to all for what he has achieved in his life through courage, ability and persistence.

I hope those close to him can guide him through this terrible time.

Kia kaha, Oscar

John Haas

I have been an ardent fan of your remarkable rise in the sports world. Although I have no idea what has happened in the past few days, I am still an ardent supporter.
Your accomplishments are beyond imaginable. They are inspiring. I hope you can relate to your fan’s concern regarding the troubles you are now experiencing. I hope that all will work out and you will survive these times.
My best to you and your family.

Andrea Krug

Dear Oscar

I do not know what happened and I am not the judge.
We do not know each other in person, but have I always admired your personality.
So I would like to hug you and give you some of my strength and comfort now.
Good friends are supposed to be there for you in bad times, too.

Even though I am far away – please regard me as one of them.

Connie Mandrozos
Connecticut, USA

I would like to send my support and well wishes to Oscar during this difficult time.
I am 100% behind him and hope that he knows this. I would also like to send my condolences to his girlfriend’s family. May they all heal and find comfort in her love.

In my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time

Alfie Talks

Oscar, I doubt you’ll get this. But you are still my hero. You are one of the world’s bravest men. Standing up for things you believed. Well I believe in you, you can survive this. You owe this to many people worldwide, all those handicapped people who you told to believe in themselves but most importantly you owe it to yourself.

You are still a saint in my eyes. Forget all those people who have insulted you. You are a living legend the most famous of all Paralympians, and the heart of all those people worldwide. Not to mention the heart of many women.

True you’ve made mistakes, but everyone does at some point, that’s what makes us mortal.
You will always be a role model to me and, as I’m in my GCSE year I get motivation from you to not give up, and so use that yourself. Don’t give up yet, for you are a hero, a real life super hero.

Michael Brooks

Dear Oscar, I have written to you in the past and have admired you and love you as a fan can with many prayers that you will always be blessed, healthy, and safe. I so hurt for you and both families. I cannot get you off my mind.
I have prayed for you and interceded for you so many times these past few days.

I don’t pretend to know how you are feeling. I just know how hurt feels, and it doesn’t feel good at all. I do know The Lord Jesus Christ loves you, your family and friends love you, and I love you.

I am asking the Holy Spirit to comfort you. I so hope your people let you read this.
If you don’t think you can call out to The Lord, call out the name of Jesus.
God Bless You,
Love you buddy

South Africa

Your God has allowed for you to be tested. You are facing the hardest test and it may seem that you’ll fail. People that once cheered your name and wanted to be associated with you has turned against you. Reminds me when Jesus was about to be crucified, people that were moved and saw the wonders he did, turned against Him. Someone died and will be no more and a star has fallen. I pray that God gives you strength, guides you and help you.
This is your time to call on Jesus to help you.

Andrew Batty
United Kingdom

In your time of need may God help you along. As a fellow amputee you have given me so much inspiration to get up and go out into the world regardless of my disability.

This news is so devastating to you, your family and Reeva’s family, may you have all the legal assistance that you need and if it was all a terrible accident, may the world family and God forgive you

Millicent Roux
Johannesburg, South Africa


Ek ken jou nie persoonlik nie en die boodskap mag dalk nie by jou uitkom nie.
Ek weet nie wat die waarhied is oor wat gebeur het nie. My hart gaan uit na jou en jou familie. Mag die Here jou vashou en vertroos in hierdie onmoontlike tyd.
Mag jy aan die Here vashou. Hy is grooter sels as hierdie dinge.

Jan Rasmus Voss
Berlin, Germany

I am very sorry about everything that happened. My thoughts are with Oscar, who I cannot see doing anything like that on purpose. I still think of him as the nicest person I ever photographed.
Be strong.

Karen Al Kharouf

I want to offer my sincere prays and best wishes to Oscar who has become my friend and whom I love unconditionally. Please if you can let him know I will always be here for him and am praying none stop for him. I emailed him although I know he cannot answer
now. My private talks with Oscar have allowed me to know the caring and loving man he is.
You have my love and support and God bless you.

Marie Suzzarini

My name is Marie and I’m a huge fan of Oscar. If it’s possible, could you transmit my message to Oscar and his family: “My twin and I are behind you in this awful period, we hope that everything is going to be ok for you. Keep faith, we trust you. Every day my thoughts are with you. We love you and we will always love you.

David Vance

Hi there. Would just like to say how sad the news was about Oscar.
My heart goes out to him. Cannot forget his courage in the London Olympics last year.


Julia and Chloe Neill

Bedfordshire, England, UK

Our thoughts and prayers are with our dear friend Oscar, and both families. My heart goes out for him and I wish there was something I could do. If you can think of anything we could do, please let me know.


Warm greetings, Sigga Hanna.

Our heart goes out for our dear friend Oscar. Whatever happened and how it happened was an accident.
All our friends and family and most of Icelanders if not all, stand by him. We have been writing emails and in the news, where we have said again and again that Oscar is our friend, has been wonderful role model for so many people and that he still is in spite of everything and whatever happened that will always stay with us and others.
I took this picture in Manchester in 26th of May 2009 . We also met you in this trip and earlier you had kindly put us on his agenda, God bless you for that.  We had the day with him and went to Liverpool and it was the first time Haflidi was old enough to understand that here was someone, up and about, smiling and handsome, who was like himself. This changed Haflidi for the better x tons! for ever and will never be taken from Haflidi. Our story with Oscar is not dull and started in late May 2005. At that time he was not known in Össur and we did not contact Össur to be able to find him, but I contacted Lesley sport-news reporter in UK, I do not remember her last name sadly, as we Icelanders always go by our first name, and asked Lesley if she could help me find someone who new Oscar´s email address. She got help from other reporters in Australia I think and suddenly I got an email:”Hi, I am Oscar, I have heard that you were looking for me”. And that is how our friendship began, before fame. Oscar gave us information about his doctor and we contacted him before Haflidi´s operation.  We have met Oscar almost every year since 2006 and sometimes more than once, and exchanged emails and sms, and occasionally a phone call. Ebba and family lived in South Africa for 6 months 2010/2011 when they were between houses here in Iceland.


Melissa Wiggins

I appreciate this must be an absolutely hellish time for you all. I would like to write to Mr Pistorius in due course and offer my support.. if there is an address to where I can send a letter please let me know.

In the light of this week’s sad events, I wish to extend my sympathy to all concerned and express my feelings.  I did rewrite to you after I received this reply below from you, letting you know I had put the poem online with a few others I’d written.  I would like to say that I have been appalled, although not surprised, by the way the news has been handled by both police and media and also by so many people on social networking sites who are behaving like nothing other than a lynch mob.  The idea that a man is innocent until proved guilty means nothing to them (and ‘found’ guilty isn’t the same as ‘proven’).  There is only one person who knows the truth, and in light of that, I would like to say that the poem will remain online and it will continue to do so as long as there should be a presumption of innocence.  It is a small gesture but one which I hope will give some comfort and reassurance that not everyone is judging Oscar before any facts are known, and without knowing any of the people concerned.

My best wishes to you all for a positive outcome.
Frances (aka Heloisa)

Thoughts and condolences to all concerned.

Leila Ellis

I am sure you are will be and have been absolutely inundated with emails regarding this terribly tragedy involving Oscar.

As a family we are huge supporters of Oscar and have always been in awe of the personality that he is and the genuinely truly inspiring individual he is.  Oscar is a great ambassador for not only sports but also for our country.

Obviously the details regarding this terribly tragedy are sketchy to say the least, but we know that is exactly that, a terribly tragedy.

My 9 year old son is a huge Oscar fan, and we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Oscar a few years ago and Oscar was just so utterly amazing! My son still talks about meeting his hero and has his signature framed in his room along with the photograph they had taken together.  My son was, like all of us, shocked but he said to me ‘Mommy, I know Oscar and I know that he needs our love and support because he is a good man’.  Out of the mouths of babes, as they say.

I told Milan (my son) that I would see how we could go about letting if not Oscar, but perhaps someone in his team and let them know that we are thinking of him and are supporting him in this truly difficult time.

I know there is nothing we can truly do, but offer our support, and Oscar has it wholeheartedly 100%.

With deepest heartfelt support and admiration for a true hero,

Milan & Carolyn

Hi. Just want to say good luck to Oscar. I know everything is going to be fine. Just believe in God. He will take your hand every step in this case and won’t let you down. All my regards.

i am so deeply sorry for you my prays are with you a god bless you. i say agian i an so sorry for you.

God bless and my prays are with you



Dear Oscar, Aimee and family

Although I agree with your statement that all thoughts should be with Reeva’s family I would like you to know that I am thinking of you in these days – I read the article on Oscar and Aimee in the Sarie magazine and that makes me “understand better” what an impact this tragedy must have on the Pistorius family!


May God guide you, Oscar and Aimee, and bless you and your family under the present circumstances – His grace will be sufficient to carry you through.


Kindest regards

Alban Price

Manchester, England

Please pass on my thoughts and prayers for Oscar and his family. None if is with know the truth, but from the facts I know – Oscar has been an inspiration to me and many people around the world. I wish him the strength he given to others, especially at this time.

Margi & Candice Cross

Bedfordview, South Africa

We would like, if possible, that you please forward a message to Oscar when and if you get a chance to see and speak to him. Please give him our very best wishes, our love and a big hug from us both. Needless to say we are both devastated by the news and wondering if there is anything we can do. Please just for now tell him too that we are thinking of him.
Thank You

Cynthia Goble
Philadelphia, USA

II Corinthians 4:8, 9

We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.

Stay strong Oscar — God is forgiving!

Moscow, Russia

I would like to express my deepest support to Oscar and his family!
He needs to know that a lot of people around the world empathize with him, pray for him and love him, not only as an outstanding athlete, but also as a very good man!

Each of us who empathizes Oscar in these difficult days, hope that our prayers will protect Oscar from injustice, rage, envy, and hatred, which struck him in the last days. Oscar needs to know that in the world there are people who love and support him, no matter what! And NOTHING can change this!

Vancouver, Canada

Wish you all the best oscar stay strong

Karen Pretorius
South Africa

Ek’t nog nooit so hard vir vreemdes gebid, so intens gehoop, en so volslae vergewe nie. Julle en OP is sonder ophou in my gebede. Ek wens ek kon alles laat weggaan. As ek iets kan doen vir enige iemand betrokke by hierdie saak – soos like regtig enigeiets wat somehow kan help [skoene skoonmaak, hemde stryk, diere oppas, plante natgooi whatever] laat weet my.

Sterke !!! Ek vergeet nooit van julle nie

Windhoek, Namibia

This might not reach you but I am taking a chance. Firstly, I would like to say that I am a huge fan of Oscar and that really appreciate how he is a role model to not only to the ones with disabilities but those without. Secondly, may heartfelt condolences go out to his and Reeva’s family for the tragic accident. Please let him know that he is constantly in my prayers and let him know that he is loved by his fans and most importantly GOD!!! PRAYER IS VERY IMPORTANT AND FORGIVENESS, HE SHOULD KNOW THAT GOD HAS ALREADY FORGIVEN HIM BECAUSE HE NEVER FORSAKES HIS CHILDREN. WHATEVER THE OUTCOME, GOD LOVES HIM AND HE WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN MY PRAYERS AS HE HAS ALL THESE YEARS.

Amina Mohamud Duale

Dear Oscar,

I personally dont think it was intentional, I think its a case of paranoia and mistaken identity. People dont undertstand what is it like to live in certain parts of Africa with high crime rates. I am somali and I live in Kenya where crime is extremely high. Back in somaliland, i used to sleep with my doors open and no one enters my home… but in nairobi we are the main targets and burgleries are common… My father sleeps with two guns under his bed, i sleep with knives and i a few times i have woken up to the slightest move on bathroom doors.

Who can blame you, you live in one of the most scariest towns in the world.

I am still proud of you despite this allegations going on. You have overcome so much in your life to be where you are today and that will never change in my mind


Johannesburg, South Africa

I feel that the media has done this athlete a great disservice. Not only are there a number of conflicting stories and pure speculation in journal articles but no-one is imagining the incredible tragedy that has occurred her, where no-one realises how damaging these allogations are. Oscar not only has to deal with the death of his girlfriend, and the tragic accident which lead to her death but also now the onslaught from ill-informed media.

Personally I don’t know what happened or didn’t happen. But it seems strange to me that an argument is what the state’s case has been based upon. If I have a fight with my husband this does not mean that I intend to shoot him later. This would be ridiculous.
Also, it seems that the fight ended as they returned to bed. Who on earth would return to bed if with someone who they feared?

In the crime ridden society that is South Africa, where horrific acts of torture and the like are performed every day especially violent in areas like Johannesburg and Pretoria it makes sense that he would think that it was a burgular. And yes, if a burgular suspected that you might have a gun, they may indeed hide in the bathroom. Obviously, once Oscar realised the mistake that had been made he could have broken open the door to try and save her. To add to this why would a key athlete give away his whole career and sponsorships to murder his girlfriend after they had already settled the matter and gone to bed? Why are these speculations also not been discussed in the media?

The tragedy here is that the media has already sealed this man’s fate regardless of whether he has been found guilty or not.


Hello, Oskar,

so many kilometres away from you, the happened or what about that night is reported, makes me just sadly.

I do not know what has occurred, only God, Reeva and you know this alone. The awful experiences will draw you for now and good. All the same as the judgment of the South African jury falls – you can be freely only before God. Your will something is there to reach – may strengthen to your faith helps you during these heavy hours.

God protects you.

Cape Town, South Africa

Beste Oscar,
Hou moed!
Dis juis vir sulke goed (soos wat jy gedoen het) dat Jesus Christus aarde toe gekom het. God sal jou mos vergewe, maar jy MOET dit glo. Lees maar weer die verhaal van Dawid en Batseba, en Koning Dawid was ‘n groot en belangrike koning, selfs na hierdie gebeure met Batseba. God het hom vergewe. Lees gerus Ps 51. Onthou ook maar vir Paulus wat die vervolging en teregstelling van Christene gereel het en tog ook daarna voortgegaan het om geweldige groot werk vir Jesus te doen.
Sterkte hoor, ek bid vir jou en hoop van harte dat jy borg sal kry.

Denise North
London, England

Stay strong Oscar. Your true friends and fans will stand by you and walk with you every step on the difficult journey ahead. My heart reaches out to you. Dx

The Footprints Prayer

One night I had a dream…

I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord, and
Across the sky flashed scenes from my life.
For each scene I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand;
One belonged to me, and the other to the Lord.
When the last scene of my life flashed before us,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
I noticed that many times along the path of my life,
There was only one set of footprints.

I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest
and saddest times in my life
This really bothered me, and I questioned the Lord about it.
“Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
You would walk with me all the way;
But I have noticed that during the
most troublesome times in my life,
There is only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why in times when I
needed you the most, you should leave me.

The Lord replied, “My precious, precious
child. I love you, and I would never,
never leave you during your times of
trial and suffering.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you.

Ruth Elms
United Kingdom

Have been so shocked and saddened by the recent events and have felt a burden to pray particularly for Oscar and his family as I cannot imagine the awful range of emotions they must be going through. I have been asking God to give him strength and peace in the midst of this storm. I pray that Oscar will know that God has a good plan and purpose for his life, even if different to that he was expecting to have. All things are possible for God and His love never ends and He will not let go of Oscar, see Isaiah 43:2. Please pass my thoughts to him when the time is right and appropriate. I guess one of the hardest things will be for him to forgive himself, but God has already done that and I pray he will, in time, also be able to do so.

With kind regards, prayers and Christian love

Venetia Appelbe
London, England

Dear Oscar

I feel compelled to write to you and express my sorrow and sympathy for the living nightmare you must be enduring right now, and for the loss of Reeva. I can only begin to imagine what you must be going through. I do not know you but I just want to tell you that I instinctively believe that what happened was all just a terrible, awful mistake. On top of all this you must be grieving terribly for the death of your girlfriend. I am so sorry for all that you are going through right now, and I want you to know that you have supporters all over the world who are thinking of you and praying for the best outcome for you and for your and Reeva’s families. Just know that there are people out there thinking of you with no malice and with only hope in our hearts. No-one can reverse the past but in even our darkest moments, while the sun still rises each day there is still hope. Please believe that.

Thinking of you and praying for you, with love

Durban & United Kingdom

I am a South African (living in the UK)

Just wanted to express my support during the current (and most unfortunate) time, regarding the Trial, and death of Reeva.

The sheer amount of South Africans that are being so judgemental about what has happened (even though no firm facts or evidence has been released) has made me ashamed to be associated as a South African.

As such, I offer my support to Oscar (and his family) at this very difficult time.
I hope the truth comes out, and I hope that the Legal System does not choose to ”make an example” out of you.

It’s so sad that just a few short months ago, South Africans were praising and worshipping you as our Golden Boy – and how they can turn on you (without even considering waiting for evidence to be presented)

The recently released Affidavit indicates that this entire thing was a tragic, and unfortunate accident.

Best of Luck for the upcoming few months

Rest in Peace, Reeva

India Hollingworth
Derbyshire, England

Dear Oscar

I watched you at the Paralympic world cup and the Olympics last year. I have also know about recent events. But I want to tell you that you are a big inspiration to me and that you need to stay strong through these hard times.

J Wick

My condolences and support to Mr. Pistorius

Megan Rowe
East Grinstead, England

I’ve been watching proceedings since the very sad news broke last Thursday of the tragic accident that took place and I want to send my heart-felt support to Oscar during the months ahead as the legal proceedings roll out.

After tracking the bail hearing online this morning it is my opinion that only a very cynical and hard-hearted person could not be moved by his account of what happened and fail to see that it is genuine; nor could they not be moved by the agony he must be going through personally. My heart goes out to him at this very difficult time and I send him my best wishes for fortitude and courage in the months to come.

Irena Mickova
Czech Republic

Dear Oscar,

my name is Irena and I am from Ostrava, Czech Republic. I saw you at the Golden Spike meet in my town few years ago and I’ve been your fan ever since. You’ve inspired me… not only by living fully with your handicap but mostly by being a believer in the world we live in today.

I have no idea if this email will ever reach you, but Im going to hope that it will.

I just want you to know that you’ve been constantly on my mind and in my prayers ever since the news reached my attention. I follow your court hearing online and my heart breaks every time they write about you shaking or crying. I trust your statement and believe that it was an accident. Please do not give up fighting for the truth to come out.
My uncle lived in South Africa for many years and he fell in love with your country. He only moved back home because of the high criminality rate and fear for his own life.

I cannot imagine how hard this all has to be on you, so I can only encourage you to stand still and firm in the Lord. He will deliver you from all of this mess. Know that I will keep on praying for you and trusting that the accident will be explained.

In Christ,

Trudy van Leeuwen
Voorburg, Holland

Just want to leave a message to Oscar to support him and who needs all the support and help he possibly can. I believe that this tragic was absolutely a tragic accident; Oscar is really shown his emotions for what had happened and i do feel so sorry for the situation that he is right in. I do hope he keeps strong and positive for the process and for his future.

I hope he gets this message somehow and let him know he has a lot of support for him; also for the man he is: vulnerable and emotional and full of love. Keep the faith…..
regards from The Netherlands

Michele Redfern
Belfast, Northern Ireland


please stay strong, please know that we are behind you all the way, our thoughts and prayers are with you every minute of every day you are in our thoughts, you will never know who we are for we are just the invisible ones that will always support you from afar.

Keep safe and stay strong we all still need you in our lives.

Dr Debbie Coetzee-Lachmann

Dear Mr Pistorius,

This is my second letter to you. I have never before written to a celebrity, politician or sports star, because I have never been moved so deeply by any of their stories than I have by yours.

I am not certain whether I am writing these letters for you or for myself. I sincerely hope that I am doing it for both of us.

I am no wiser as to what happened that fateful night when Ms Steenkamp died than I was when I wrote my first letter to you. I do not believe what the media is saying about the tragedy and I know that I will not believe what the court says in the end either.

In 1992, I was a victim of date rape in South Africa. Since the police thought that the evidence made for a pretty good case that could have set a precedent, I allowed myself to be persuaded to lay formal charges and let the judicial system handle the matter.

The emotional trauma caused by the coldness of these judicial processes was worse than the trauma caused by the rape. When I saw pictures of you in court on the Internet today, I was deeply touched by the distress I could see on your face. If I suffered so much humiliation and fear in a courtroom as a victim, how much more intense must your experience as an accused have been.

Mr Pistorius, I am not a particularly religious person in the traditional sense of the word.
My life in an academic environment has shaped me and caused be to develop a tendency towards the rational and the logical. Through my own traumas I was forced to find ways of dealing with some of life’s darker moments and after a lot of searching, I settled for a calm, rational, investigative approach as is practiced in Buddhism in its purest, most simple form.

I am not telling you this to convince you of the wonderful healing powers of Buddhism. Every person must choose his or her own medicine and guidance system to get him or her through life. I am telling you this, so that you understand that my view on things is shaped by a specific philosophy – one that studies the human mind in an effort to transcend the suffering it causes ourselves and others.

I can imagine that thoughts of utter loneliness and sheer desperation must sometimes by flashing through your mind like massive, blinding search lights. I can imagine that you must grieve for the loss of Ms Steenkamp and the future uncertainty of your own career. In the last couple of days I have often wondered how your beautiful, strong body that is so used to having the opportunity to being an explosion of energy can contain the dark surges of emotions that must be going through you in a confined environment.

I think about these things and I shudder in empathy.

I have never been particularly good at sports. As a matter of fact, I have always been the very nice and smart, but somewhat overweight and quite serious girl – the one who got to be class captain and head girl. And although I have always been an achiever, I have not achieved on the level you have. The only Olympics we have in the academic world is the Nobel Prize and I am surely a long way away from winning this piece of recognition for my small contribution to the world’s academic output.

Except for the fact that I also love helping people, we thus have very little in common as far as I can judge. However, we are both human and as a human who have an avid interest in the human mind and its dynamics, I offer you my heart-felt support.

Contrary to my academic approach requiring proof for the things I accept as true, I believe you. I do not know whether it is my instinct, wishful thinking or a projection of my admiration of your achievements. Whatever the case my be, until my heart tells me otherwise, I will remain to believe in your innocence in this tragedy. I hope you can and will too.

Renée du Toit
Cape Town

Liewe Oscar, my hart gaan uit na jou in hierdie verskriklike tyd. Onthou die mooi van jou en Reeva se lewe en laat dit jou versterk

Pretoria, South Africa

i would just like to say – Oscar i believe you innocent.
and what is extremely sad is that i actually read a comment on the new york times, that had stated that it is truly SA’s fault.

as our crime is so out of hand, that we are unable to relax at any given time – many people sleep with guns next to their beds at night, and thank the Lord that they didn’t need to use it during the night.

i have a fiancee, who use to be in the police force – he sleeps with his gun next to his bed every night, and many nights he will jump up and go investigate, and for the record, he never checks to see if i’m in bed before jumping out and running through the bedroom door.)

Oscar i pray that your name will be cleared, and that God will place his had over you – and help you and guide you to eventually surviving this. if i may say it like that – my heart really goes out to you, i can’t even begin to imagine how you must be feeling.

just know , that despite anything – you still have people behind you.

Judith Alexander
Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Oscar

I feel your pain and i can only imagine how your heart must be breaking. There are people that don’t believe you, but i do. You are in my prayers. Yes a life has been lost, but you will be the one that will carry this burden on your shoulders forever. Be strong and know that anything is possible with God.

Best Regards

Bunny C
Nassau, Bahamas

In life everyone has challenges, some challenges are more of a struggle then others. Then there is the big question “WHY”?, why me, why did this happen to me. A lesson is always to be learned and I know that God puts us all in situations to either open our eyes to see better. We sometimes feels it is hard to carry this burden we are face with but we must ask for Gods help. Always remember tomorrow brings another “NEW” day and as the world looks upon you Oscar, and even though I do not know you or have never met you all I can tell you is keep “PEACE” within all you do and he will see you through. I will end with my sympathy on your lost and this goes out to her grieving family as well, may she “RIP”.

Hannah Weston
United Kingdom

Message for Oscar & Family

Thought I would send you my support and love at this very sad and difficult time. I think you are an amazing person and the truth will come out the press and people are so quick to judge. I am behind you Oscar and your family 100%. It is such a tragedy for both families. I know in my heart the truth will come out remember to keep believing in yourself I know it must be so hard for you and your family keep strong.

All my love Hannah xx

United Kingdom

Hi, I never follow sport but my son thinks very highly of Oscar and was not happy when he heard this. It is very sad on both sides. Even though we do not know the full story I would like to send my support for Oscar. The press love to twist everything an people jump to conclusions. I am very anti press because of that. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt unless he says otherwise. I believe that it is highly likely to be true as almost every member of my own family who are living in SA, one of which is Kurt Darren have all be held up at gun point or robbed in their homes and although some of them were armed they were not quick enough to use their weapons in defence. I also understand having to be in a state of high alert particularly at night and the necessity to act quickly if there is an intruder as It has happened to me too. We hope that whatever the outcome it is based on the truth and not injustice. We wish him all the best and send our condolences to Reevas family.

Cape Town, South Africa

Please pass this onto the Pistorius Family:

I believe in you Oscar! I believe in your innocence of this TRAGIC event! You do have supporters out there. Not everyone thinks you are a murderer! May justice prefail!

Durban, South Africa

chin up oscar pistorius……

you have been there for south africa – its time for south africa to be behind you!!!!

hoping and praying for you in this trying and testing time xx

no one should have to go through this.
“i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” keep strong

Jurgen Fittkau
Basingstoke, England

I just felt a need to express my shock at the events that Oscar finds himself.I am a south african origionally from durban but now living in the UK.

My heart goes out to Reeva Steenkamps family.I too feel so much sadness for Oscar and his family as i cant imagine what he must be living with now!

I pray that he finds the strenghth and support that he is going to neddvevery day.

(My mind tells me that a bad thing has happened,but i still do think si much if Oscar)


Mariette Hendriks
Kaapstad, Suid-Afrika

Ek is ‘n wit Afrikaans-sprekende 54-jarige vrou. Eerstens is my hart vandag by die Steenkamp familie. Ek is egter vanaf Donderdag nie myself nie. Daar is so baie tragedies in ons land, maar Oscar s’n het my aangegryp soos min ander doen, en ek is nie juis ‘n emosionele persoon nie. Maar dit kon net sowel my seun (30 jaar) gewees het.

Vandat ek vanoggend wakker geword het en geweet het wat vandag vir hom wag, voel ek huilerig, en ek wil net skryf om hom en sy familie alles van die beste toe te wens en ek hoop hy kry borgtog. Ek bid vir hom soos ek lanklaas vir ‘n vreemdeling gebid het.

Ek kan my net voorstel hoe bang en verward hy moet wees en wat alles deur sy gedagtes moet gaan. Ek is so, so jammer vir hom en bid vir hom. Ek bid spesifiek dat die Here hom styf sal vashou, hom nie sal laat gaan nie en dat die Here nie die duiwel sal toelaat dat Oscar hoop verloor nie.

Kevin Lancaster
Makhado, South Africa

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, its called life and sometimes it suck!
Be strong you have many fans supporting you all the way

Eamonn Smith

Dearest Oscar,
I am so sorry this is happening to you. You are in my thoughts. Just be honest, be your true self, STAY STRONG. Have faith.
Take care.

Oxford, England

Please send my support to Oscar at this difficult time. X

Freya Maurice-Jones
Haywards Heath, England

Hi Amazing Oscar Pistorius,

I am Freya I watched you in the London 2012 paralympic games. You were really good. I was in the front row with a South African flag screaming at the top of my voice and very excited about seeing you run but I just missed a high five from you. You are still one of my favourite athletes because you are sooooooooooo quick and I really like your blades (they are so nice and long).

You made me want to win an olympic gold medal. I can’t win a paralympic one because I am able bodied. You still did the olympics though and I didn’t get tickets but I watched you on television and thought you were really good. I’m reading all the news about you and really, really, really want you to be able to carry on running. I will be devastated if you go to jail, it wasn’t your fault.

Lots of love

Linda Saayman
Carletonville, South Africa

Jy is nog altyd my twee seuns, Tristian en Mchael, se held en rolmodel. Van die begin af glo ons in jou onskuld en glo dat jou onskuld bewys sal word. Ons gebede is met jou in hierdie vreeslike swaar tyd waardeer jy en jou familie gaan! Sterk staan en bly net te alle tye gelowig ons Liewe Heer is met jou wat ookal mag gebeur. Geen mens kan self aantuigings maak nie want niemand was daardie ure by jul, net jy en Reeva. Dis nie mense se plek om regter te wil speel nie. Weet asseblief dat ons jou steeds sal ondersteun en steeds n held in ons huis bly! Mag ons droom eendag bewaarheid word om jou in lewende lyf te ontmoet! Ons dink aan jou in hierdie swaar tydperk en is trots op jou! Kan jou net opdra in ons gebede.

Met baie liefde
Linda,Danie,Tristian en Michael

Dawn Opie

Dear Oscar,

I am praying for you. I know you have faith in the Lord. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but know that you can turn to Christ for the help you need to see you through this huge trial.

I only ask you stand firm and tell the whole truth. By doing so, your conscience will be clear before man and God, most importantly.

As a fellow believer, “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.” Ephesians 3:16

Love in Christ,

Carolle Chapalain

I just want to show my support to Oscar Pistorius and his family.

I pray that the Lord will help you and your family get through this tragic accident. Sometimes life is unpredictable and we make mistakes that unfortunately have destructive consequences.

I pray that the truth will be revealed and that both families will find peace after this tragic event.

Living abroad, Oscar Pistorius made me proud to be South African. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

God Bless

Aaron Matthews
South Africa

*A message of encouragement*

Dear Oscar

My name is Aaron Matthews I went to Constantia Kloof with you from ’94-’99 with Mark Nicolaou, Ryan de Villiers and Megan Chevaux. My heart is broken for you by the circumstances in which you now find yourself.

I want to encourage to you to turn to the one man who will never reject you, even when the world does, our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings.

The bible says that if we confess our sins then he is good and just to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Put the world aside and look to him.

God bless you and be with you

Susan Williams
Abu Dhabi, UAE


I wish to express to Oscar my deepest sympathies for this situation that has happened to him. As a Christian I am praying for him and wish to tell him that he must not give up, on no account. I stand by him in my prayers and in my tears.. I don’t know him but that doesn’t matter. As part of the body of Christ I feel his sorrow and share his pain. This is a terrible time for him but he must know that he is loved, saved and forgiven and that that fact will never change, and he so is already blessed – but he must not forget that truth, or lose sight of that reality, no matter what. ‘Greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world.’

Mely S
Bethlehem, PA, USA

Oscar and family: You have support in the US. Prayers are with you.

Melissa Labuschagne
Pretoria, South Africa

Aan Oscar: —> Oscar, wel eerstens wil ek net vir j0u se dat ek s0 jammer is dat s0 vreeslike ding gebeur het! Daar is een ding wat ek vir j0u kan se en dit is dat ek elke aand vir j0u bid s0wel as Reeva se familie! Die Here praat duidelik met my Hy se jy m0et rustig wees en dat jy moet weet hy h0u j0u vas in hierdie situasie, maar tog altyd jy moet weet jys 0nder sy koepel hy se jy m0et bid dat die pyle wat ander mense spreek teenoor j0u en die aanval n0u dat jy teen dit bid, jy moet bid dat die engele jou van voor en agter beskerm en dat die pyle j0u ni sal 0nderkry! 0ns kan nie altyd verstaan h0ek0m hierdie gebeur nie, maar solank j weet ek s0wel as baie ander staan vas en weet dit was ‘n 0ngeluk! Die res wat anders spekuleer is 0f deurmekaar 0f hulle weet ni h0e gr00t is 0ns G0d nie! Ek is net 0m die draai van j0u en my hart is seer dat iemand alleen deur die seer en “grief” moet gaan ek h00p jy weet 0ns dink aan j0u! Oscar jy sal weer heel word jys ‘n inspirasie vir baie! Eks jammer hierdie het met j0u gebeur weet net ek bid vir j0u ek wens ek k0n die seer wegvat… Ek kan die liefde in j0u oe sien wat jy vir haar het ek kan sien hoe 0preg jy is en h0e hierdie hele ding j0u affekteer! Ek weet jy gaan 0kay wees! Ek h00p jys 0kay ek sal vanaand bid dat dit j0u laaste aand in die tronk sal wees! Baie liefde en sterkte! Melissa xxx


I just wanted to offer my support and say how sorry I am to have heard of this unfortunate accident. From the moment I heard of what happened, I immediately thought it was an accident, and never anything other than that, just a horrible and very tragic accident.

I just first heard of Oscar at the London Olympics and since then have been a huge fan and truely admire him, and I still do. There are so many people to rush to judgement and say the most horrible hurtful things, and everyone seems to have their own story of what happened, when nobody knows exactly what went on that night.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I fully support Oscar and 100% beleive him, and can see the hurt and fear in him from the pictures being posted on line. Many prayers to Oscar and to Reeva’s family and I hope that this can be resolved soon and he will be found innocent of these charges.

Baltimore, USA

You know that the Quakers feel God is inside each and everyone of us. It is like a seed and how we choose to harvest this seed is up to us. Oscar, God is inside you and has been with you for a long time. He has been holding you in the light and he will continue to hold you in the light in the coming days.

You have been an inspiration to us all.

My thoughts are with you.

Father Frank Brauer
Hunt Valley, USA

Dear Oscar,
Please know of my prayers for you during these many difficult days and the days ahead. You are in my prayers daily that the Holy Spirit may strengthen you with His grace. I have also remembered Reeva in my prayers that our good God may grant her eternal rest.
I have been a great fan of yours and you will continue to have my support no matter what.

In Christ’s Love,

Stellenbosch, South Africa


On behalf of our land South Africa, I would like to apologise for the siek jokes and the un fare comment to a very sensitive case.

I will never forget driving to work listening to KFM and hearing the braking news, I got ice cold and started to cry. From that moment it just did not make sense. I rushed to the office took out my laptop and started reeding about you, not that i did not know who you are it was just coz i could not see you as the person people made you to be.

I watched a few youtube video’s inverviews and where you met the little girl. Everything that had happend just made no sense. I started speaking to my friends at the office all of them said I have to get out of my little world they said im either totaly inlove with you or we related somehow coz they could not understand how I could be this convinced in a murder case. well to be fair, I really dont know why your story got to me this bad. I had so many questions to people assuming stuff that I think I made some of them so still that they would think about the hole story again.

Im born in September witch makes me a very fair person, I hate it when people get treated unfairly( I know this is a very hard life). The main thing stucked in my head was why if 2013 is the year you are most excited about would you shoot someone, why if you had a race in a month would you shoot someone? why if you had all the colours in the rainbow would you give it all up? just made no sense. I have been fighting with friends, netball friends roommates work friends, and its really hard due to people being so rude. I still believe that you did not do it. Most people that I spoke to said I should just give it up but still the questions I asked myself towards this case made no sense and due to that I believed that you did not do it.

I think in this passed week I can tell you on one hand how many people acctualy agreed with me on the things I said. Reading all the siek comments on the stories made my so mad.

Oscar, as a sports women (not as good as you are) I think I understood. I would really really like to appologise on behalf of south africa for this extra unnessasary pain and lack of respect.

I pray to God that he will be with you, and pray that you will make history in this world that you will turn the crime around in this county that you will be the one that God chose to work with in order to give south africa a wake up call.

My ma het van kleins af vir my gese, liska Jesus sal jou nooit in n plek sit as hy jou nie daar kort nie en hy sal jou nooit daar sit sonder rede nie.

Ek glo en vertrou dat jou lewe nou eers begin het.

Ek is soooo jammer vir jou verloor.

Jana Rosser
Deer Park, USA


I don’t know if this will get to Oscar or not, but I just wanted to voice my support for him during this very tragic and difficult time.

My heart has been breaking for him, his family, and of course the family of Reeva. From the second I heard about this on the news here in America, I knew without a doubt that he DID NOT do this and that it was either a horrible accident or some other explanation! I know in my soul this was not done on purpose or in premeditation. I believe Oscar’s explanation of what happened that night and am just so sad and heartbroken for these circumstances he finds himself in.

Sarah Sida 

Johannesburg, South Africa

To Oscar,

I wish for you inner peace at a time such as tragic as this. May your soul know and speak what is right now and always and may you discover the true unimaginable peace, light and joy of God now and in the coming times ahead.

Shirley Ann Williams
United Kingdom


I have read your Affadivit and other statements from the court today. I believe you and I do not believe you should be on trial for any murder at all. You loved Reeva and that is clear. she loved you too. It is very tragic & already you are suffering emotionally & have not been able to say goodbye to her. I know what it is to be in a relationship with someone who does not love you, who is abusive and from whom you cannot escape. I can clearly see this was absolutely NOT the case with you and Reeva. Please do not give up hope. You should not be on any murder charge at all. I pray to god that you will be cleared. Try to find out how best to cope psychologically and physically to stay safe in prison – remember to continue to train in whatever way you can. Use the time to train others too – there will be inmates who will appreciate it. Your surgeon wrote a blog saying he was concerned that you need special support – it’s not that we consider you disabled – but that it would be safer if you had fewer & some reasonably decent people around you. My grandfather was a prison officer in the highest security prison in the UK – so I am aware of some issues you might face. God Bless you Oscar. He knows the truth – I pray the justice system will also come to understand it and you will soon be free.

Best Wishes

Sarah Berg Nicolaisen
Hørsholm, Denmark

Dearest Oscar.

Im so sorry for you and your familiy. I will pray for you and hope the court will find you not guilty. Your life will never be the same, hopefully you will find the strength to get on with your life later on. You are a hero to meny people, including me. I will follow your trial and hope for the best.

Lots of love and good karma

Sjimone Hawley
Somerset West, South Africa

I would just like to give my deepest condolences to Oscar.
Reeva’s family aren’t the only ones who lost a loved one. Oscar lost his love…

You are in my prayers….
Ek bid dat die Here jou sal deurdra, en jou sal bystaan in hierdie verskriklike moeilike tyd.

As ‘n fan wil ek net vir jou sê: Jy is steeds my Hero – en die feit dat jy staan al het hierdie tragedie gebeur, het ek alle respek vir jou…

Al ken jy my nie, en al het ek nog nooit die voorreg gehad om jou te ontmoet nie, is jy in my gebede, en ek dra jou en jou familie elke dag aan die Here op.

Voorspoed, en byt vas.

Onthou net een ding, die Waarheid maak vry, en die Here ken jou hart.

Vriendelike groete

Mmathabo Shiela
South Africa

I belief that he is innocent and my guard feeling tells me that he did not intend to harm her, she was such a goddess, and she is now his angel, she will protect him wherever he is, he is not GUILTY, Let the family pray, this is the work of the devil, but he will not defeat this one, its just a story and history that the world is busy intertaining itself on, it will come to pass, and OSCAR will be a free man, let the legal proceding take place and GOD is not a full, I can asure you that right now Reeva Steenkamp, is setting next to him, tell Oscar to pray, this is only a challenge, its time he gives himself to Jesus, and all will fine, soon.

SueEllen Selby

I’m so sorry to hear that Oscar was unable to get bail today!! I’m just so heart broken about this case!! I am totally positive this was an accident!! Seeing oscar in court just breaks my heart! I just hope the court understands how this all went down and can see how innocent oscar is!! His emotional state says it all! You all will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

Mary Collishaw
Maine, USA

Just want to express my absolute belief that justice will prevail in this terribly sad story, and that Mr Pistorius will be found innocent, as he most surely is.

From a former Capetonian

Susana and Patricia Freitas
Lisbon, Portugal

Dear Sirs,

My twin sister and I apologize to be using this contact form for a personal message, but we both just wanted to say that we extend our deepest solidarity and support to Oscar Pistorius in this rather unfortunate time of his life.

We are all human beings, and we have our own flaws… He was just a victim of very sad circumstances, and we pray for things to work out for the best, and for him to find some peace too, and be cleared of this accusation.
He will be in our prayers!

A Pretorius
Pretoria, South Africa

Bid elke dag vir jou, mag God jou Krag en Sterkte gee om deur hierdie nagmerie te kom

United Kingdom

Just want to send a message of support for Oscar, I feel so much for him, his family and Reeva’s family. My heart goes out to him and just hope to God that the truth of what happened is believed by all. What he will have to live with for the rest of his life is punishment enough for this terrible accident.


United Kingdom

What a living nightmare you have found yourself in…my heart breaks for you and Reeva and all of your families and friends. Oscar,it is so hard to concieve what you must be going through, first to accidentally kill your girlfriend, but then to be accused of murder aswell.

I am sending love to you from the UK and hoping that people see the truth in this terrible tragedy. I can’t understand why they think you actually murdered her, the truth just seems as clear as day to me. Oscar, I don’t know how you will get through this nightmare, but you seem to have an amazing family so that will help you. I can’t imagine living in a country like you do where you are in fear of your life from intruders.

Do you realise that in other parts of the world, like where I live, many people do not even lock their doors…even when they are away on holiday! It may be foolish, but what a massive divide from living somewhere like you do. My heart goes out to you across the world and I hope that you are feed as soon as possible. You are still a hero Oscar and you always will be. Stay strong xxxxxxx

South Africa

Hi there,

I really hope you will be able to convey this message to Oscar:

I just want to say to Oscar after this whole accident episode on 14 February “Find yourself in God, ask God to help you through this trial” Tell the truth it will set you free. What happened to Reeva is terrible, i dont wish this upon my worst enemy…i really hope that you will be able to forgive yourself and ask God to forgive you. Time will heal. Best of luck to you Oscar. I really pray that you will not get life sentence.

The world is sad with you Oscar….

Best of luck

United Kingdom

Oh my goodness, my heart is breaking for you.

All i can say is i am holding your hand through this.

There is so much i want to say, but how, what on earth can i say to you that will make you feel better.

Just remember there is a heap of support for you and your family.

I have supported you through your epic achievements as an athlete and as a person, and I will continue to support you throughout.

With all my love

Mike Labuschagne
Johannesburg, South Africa

Truth will be spoken!!!! Our thoughts are with you Oscar – Be Brave the Lord will be with you

Carin Radojevic
Scottsburgh, South Africa

Ek bid vir jou. Hou jou oë en gedagtes op JESUS, HY het vir al jou sondes gesterf, maak nie saak wat gebeur het nie. GOD bless


I would love to hug virtually Oscar. I can only imagine how he could feel now, please Oscar try not to give up, you are not alone, we are a lot of people who love you, we are close to you and we believe in you.

As I believe in God I would like to send you this message, that God tells us through the Bible, He loves you and does not forget about you. Remember He forgave Davide and Manasse, because they had understood that they failed not against persons they had killed, but against God! and for this reason they repented deeply down they hearts, and He, who reads the hearts have forgiven them. Jesus answered in this way to Peter (Mt 18,21-22), thus Peter went to Jesus and told him: “How many times have to forgive my brother, if he errs against me? till seven times?” and Jesus answered “I won’t tell you seven times, but seventy times seven”.
If God forgives us, who are we to not forgive? If the world betrays you, if the friends betrays you, if you feel alone and not beloved, remember Oscar God will be with you, because now you need him more than before. Commit yourself to him, don’t give up.
I love you

South Africa

Die Here het my gese om vir jou te se moeni luister na die media..die duiwel se leuns het jou in n situasie gekry maar j as mens het gedoen wat biljoene mense nog nooit kon doen nie. Wat is die om jou moed te veloor as j al so baie beklei het moeni wary oor more se dag nie…Matteus 6 :30 se vir ons soek die here se koningkryk en hy sal vir jou sorg. .ons hoef oor niks t wary nie

London, England

I just wanted to say that I have always loved Oscar and that he has been a wonderful inspiration for people who have lost limbs such as my beloved Mikael who has passed away in january 2011. I am sure that this unfortunate event was a terrible accident and I want to offer him all my support at this terrible time. He is in my prayers and I will always love him whatever the outcome. Xx


Please pass on our very good wishes to Oscar at this terrible time. We are all behind him in these awful days.

Phillip Powell
Truro, United Kingdom

Hello there,
Just to pass on my best wishes for Oscar tomorrow.
I hope everything works out.
Best of luck and best wishes to Oscar


Good day, please convey my sympathy to Oscar! Tell him I believe in his innocence and that he will be in my prayers! May God protect him!