Oscar gives new impetus to “Definitely Abled” message

Oscar gives new impetus to “Definitely Abled” message

We all know Oscar Pistorius as the first double amputee to run at the Olympics, but there is more to his message than simply getting on a track and running.

Currently at the GOALS Forum (Gathering All Leaders in Sport) in Doha, Qatar; Oscar has used the opportunity to spread the message of hope for the “Definitely-Abled”.

The significance of this concept is highlighted in a letter addressed to Oscar from Carol Payne of Dartford, Kent; who writes as follows:


“One of the most pleasing sights I saw was after the Games, whilst in my local shopping centre. I noticed my friend’s husband sporting a pair of shorts. Nothing unusual about that, you might think.

But here was a man who, having lost both legs in a motorbike accident some twenty-five years previously, was for the very first time, wearing shorts and displaying his prosthetics and being proud of them.

Its thing like that that should make your realise what an inspiration you have become to people and the dignity you have given them.”


It is the countless stories such as this that make Oscar so much more than your run-of-the-mill athlete. He would far better be described as an icon of our time.