Oscar to Return to Low-Key Track Routine

Oscar to Return to Low-Key Track Routine

Pistorius Family Statement

27 June 2013

Oscar has decided to resume a low-key track routine. Oscar is not contemplating a formal return to athletics and his training is not aimed at preparing for competition.

His focus at this time remains entirely on the court case. His family, and those close to him, have encouraged him to spend a few hours a week on the track to assist him in finding the necessary mental and emotional equilibrium to process his trauma and prepare for the trial.


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  1. Janine
    JanineJun 27, 2013

    So happy to hear this. You are doing something you love. You are always in the thoughts and prayers of so many. We support you.

  2. Julia
    JuliaJun 27, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    I am so happy to read this news. I have long thought that the track is where you, Oscar, need to be. That is your safe place, the place where your mind will clear, where you can channel your thoughts to the way your body is responding, and, just for the moment, find some freedom from the thoughts that must beset you day and night. Dearest boy, this is but one step on that long road to recovery, but with each step, some small progress is made. I pray that you will find a place of peace, of mental rest, some small piece of normality in a life that has become everything but normal.

    Pistorius family, you are so on my heart and in my prayers. I think about you daily, about what you are enduring to bring Oscar and the whole family through this appalling ordeal. Bless you for encouraging him in this way. I pray that you all, as you see Oscar taking this small tentative step, might find some encouragement. I know that The Lord holds you all close to His heart. You are so dear to Him. May He bless you all today with the calm and quiet of His peace, secure in the knowledge that, despite all appearances to the contrary, He holds you safely, and will continue to do so through the months ahead. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

    With much love and continuing support and prayers, Julia, olcpfriends, (Your Global Family)

  3. Laura L
    Laura LJun 27, 2013

    This is so lovely to hear, I can’t see how it can be anything other than a good thing, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Baby steps, sweetheart, you’ll get there <3

    Laura @olcpfriends

  4. Carly
    CarlyJun 27, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    I am so glad you have made the next step and that you have family who support you all the way. Running is your calling. Let it take you home.
    May peace be with you
    Love Carly.

  5. Lisa Kuhlmann
    Lisa KuhlmannJun 27, 2013

    It’s the best you could do I think! I wish you great strength and try to feel your body again… All the best, Lisa

  6. Mira T.
    Mira T.Jun 27, 2013

    wonderful news. I hope it helps Oscar to regain mental strength

  7. Katie
    KatieJun 27, 2013

    This is such good news! Keep getting stronger Oscar. Much Love.

  8. Barbara
    BarbaraJun 27, 2013

    Thanks to the Pistorius Family for this heartwarming news and for keeping us informed. This is a great source of comfort to us; to be kept informed of Oscar’s well being and to learn of his progress through this difficult time. Cherish each other, you are an amazing family and I salute you once again for your integrity, dignity and wisdom.

    To Oscar, being out on the track where you have had some of the best moments of your life will encourage you through the days ahead.
    Take heart from the feel of the sunshine, pushing your body and clearing your mind; and may this give you strength to believe in yourself again.
    We believe in you, always have and always will.
    You are still constantly in my thoughts and prayers, as are your amazing Family, Reeva and her Family. I pray for love, hope, kindness, peace and forgiveness for all those involved in this heartbreaking tragedy.
    Sterkte Oscar, alles sal goed gaan, glo net.
    All in good time,
    With much love from a South African Australian

  9. Michounette
    MichounetteJun 27, 2013

    Thank you so much for updating us! Oscar is my favourite person in the whole world, barring close family of course, and his welfare and recovery is extremely important to me and to many other people I know. Hopefully, training will restore a modicum of normality to his life and some benefits will soon be felt.
    With much love.

  10. Lisa-Jayne Chenery
    Lisa-Jayne CheneryJun 27, 2013

    Thats good it’ll give Oscar an outlet other than the court case to think about :-) xx

  11. Sally, Scotland
    Sally, ScotlandJun 27, 2013

    Dear Oscar, I am heartened by the news that you are to start running again. This is going to help you so much I think as exercise is so important to one’s feeling of wellbeing. I hope you stay safe and out of the public eye and are left alone to stretch your muscles once more. The release of endorphins I hope will help you feel a tiny bit happier after your months of grief. Fingers crossed that you benefit from putting on your Cheetahs and running once again. With love as always from Sally @ olcpfriends

  12. Elizabeth AZ USA
    Elizabeth AZ USAJun 28, 2013

    Thank God! This is wonderful news, and thank you Family for letting his supporters know this! You are a divine being Oscar, and a child of God NEVER gives up on life and living….no matter what awful tragedy or adversity comes their way! We at olcpfriends are not going to stop supporting you with our prayers and good wishes until you have reached a safe and peaceful place. Life is short for us all, so do not waste anymore time believing you do not deserve to have happiness or joy! We, around the world long for you to recover fully and find your purpose in life, and we so need for you to smile and laugh again….. I believe you will when the time is right! God Bless you Oscar. I am always praying for both families to recover and find peace again! Love can only be given fully when there is peace within! Love is always going out to you and yours, Elizabeth ( olcpfriends )
    Please visit the Blog supportforoscar.wordpress.com ,as there are only people with love there to support you! This support will give you strength! Hugs

  13. Sarah
    SarahJun 28, 2013

    I am so happy – this is my greatest wish for you! When Ampie said you could start training the Monday after the bail hearing I naively thought you would and have been waiting for this day ever since! It is not because I think of you as a runner but your body was a highly tuned instrument and it will have missed it! I am no expert but exercise does clear the mind and releases endorphins – and if there is something you need it is the most positivity possible. I was so happy to hear the statement by your uncle Arnold regarding the support for you from him and the wider family. It made my heart glow to know that 80 of your extended family were there in the court with you. It is just a matter of time until this is over and I have full confidence in your lawyers and your case that it will end well – just hang in there. Your uncle Arnold told us that you know God has a purpose for your life (and it may not yet have been revealed) and you are right. Keep that in your mind and remember all things good and bad come to an end. Congratulations on getting back on (the) track and keep on as you have been going! Sarah@olpcfriends

  14. Serena
    SerenaJun 28, 2013

    What a wonderful news; I hope this will help Oscar and the whole family to recover emotional strenght and to cope better with the awful ordeal they are going through at the moment. Thankyou for keeping us updated!
    Much love. Serena

  15. Carly
    CarlyJun 28, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    The following poem is inspired by a beautiful photo of you posing in a ‘face off’ with a cheetah, which I am not able to upload here. (Apologises for posting this again; I put it on the last media statement, which became obsolete a few hours after I posted it!)

    The Sprinter: Oscar/ cheetah

    Dawn breaks, bringing forth the light of all beings.
    Blinking in the first rays of the sun, crouching, bouncing
    A restless seduction,
    The sprinter’s nose traces the horizon, a primal lens
    As eternal, innate
    Permanent as the black freckles on his golden skin
    Glyphs of destiny
    Coded greatness.

    Taut with the intensity of purpose
    His stride lengthening, he runs with the freedom of immortal youth
    Purring as he inhales
    Fiery heart a clean, pure marvel,
    Gliding gracefully with the rhythm of home
    Legs shuddering against the rise and the fall,
    The earth brutal
    His delicate pads making elegance out of the violence,
    Amber eyes locked on to the eternal prize.

    Long legs fluid with the diurnal call of flight and landing
    He leans into the bend, balanced by his spirit and the call of the higher,
    Tears down the home straight
    In the slipstream of greatness,
    Alive in the motion
    Sloughing the veils of life
    This, the purpose of all existence,
    One fleeting moment of glory in the midst of living.

    In the finish, blood and perspiration,
    The stream of life through which his soul has passed.
    Dark tear-stripes sweating down his dusty face
    Legs bloodied with the scars of victory
    His reward, the honour of the fight.
    He turns tail, disappears
    A tuft of white hair, then gone to his solitary slumber,
    Retreating to his quiet place
    At peace with the law of his being
    At one with his nature and his god.

  16. Silke
    SilkeJun 28, 2013

    This is so good to hear! <3 Thank you so much for the update. Oscar, may you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself!
    Much love.
    Silke (@olcpfriends)

  17. Heather
    HeatherJun 29, 2013

    My dear Oscar

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear of your decision to return to the track. An emotional, tentative, bittersweet reunion of blades and muscle moderated with enforced idleness. The familiar thud of blades on grass, pounding heart, the wind in your face and the healthy exhaustion of an exercised body. Who could be surprised that you have missed it Oscar, or dare to deny you the right to be there; for watching you on the track, only one blinded by ignorance, could fail to see that for you, running is as necessary to life as breathing – a beautiful reminder of a God given gift to an extraordinary man.

    Dear boy, it would be naïve to underestimate the enormity of the journey still ahead of you, but I am certain that your brave decision to return to running is a truly positive step to recovery, an opportunity to reclaim normality and reconnection with your former life and to prepare your body and mind for the days ahead. Remember those words engraved upon your back Oscar, ‘I do not run aimlessly’, for indeed there is renewed purpose in every precious stride that you take. And we are proud to run with you every step of the way.

    Isaiah 40:29-31
    Our strength comes from the Lord

    He gives power to the faint,
    and to him who has no might he increases strength.
    Even youths shall faint and be weary,
    and young men shall fall exhausted;
    but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
    they shall run and not be weary;
    they shall walk and not faint.

    God bless you Oscar.

    With love

    Heather olcpfriends (your global family)

  18. Lisa Butterfield
    Lisa ButterfieldJun 29, 2013

    It was so heartwarming to see Oscar back on the track. For many people this IS Oscar. This is what he does, this is from where he inspires so many. As one who has been inspired…. I only took up running last year after my beautiful capital hosted the greatest Olympics ever (modest, us Brits!) and I was lucky enough to attend and see Oscar compete. And then I bought some trainers. Almost 10 months later I can now say that running makes you feel good. It heals the mind and strengthens body.
    Keep going Oscar. I run with you.

  19. Ann Louw
    Ann LouwJun 29, 2013

    Dear Oscar, So happy you finally made it back to do what you love most. It can only make you feel better. Thank you for sharing with us . My thoughts & prayers are always with you. Much love & Blessings, Ann (olcpfriends) .
    “Hou altyd die blink kant bo”

  20. Margot
    MargotJun 30, 2013

    Dearest Oscar.

    You have taken that one tiny but immensely important step to return to your beloved track in a superbly executed move by you, your family and PR team. I believe this may be the first step in the recovery and renewing of your soul and spirit .

    This is where you are meant to be Oscar – this is your place of gentle recovery and renewal. Familiar sounds and people, all those things that touch your senses to reconnect you to your world. That first step onto the track, filled with emotion, signals that God has led you to that familiar place, where you can regain your self esteem and sense of self worth.

    Remember dear boy that God is always near you, beside you, around you.

    He will not let you slip or fall for He has ordered your steps and has brought you to this place surrounded by those who love you, protecting you, gently encouraging you forward day by day and watching over you always.

    He has called you by name and you are His.

    Those of us who watch from afar pray that you will find the strength to return day after day to train, not with the ferocity that competitive sport demands but gently and at a pace that will encourage your heart and soul to recover from the trauma, away from public intrusion.

    I know that your days will not be easy and there will be moments of sadness intertwined with renewed hope but that sadness and fear will gradually recede as your spirit gently recovers.

    Remember dearest Oscar, God loved you as His own before that tragic day. He loves you now. He has called you by name and you are His. He is gently piecing together your broken heart and renewing your spirit in His time.

    You are changed but still remain in God’s love. He does not forsake you.

    Margot. olcpfriends.

  21. Kevin Clancy
    Kevin ClancyJun 30, 2013

    Good to see you ‘back on track’ – and back on the track!…for want of a better phrase ;)……I accessed your website today and saw that you had been out training again. I watched the clip and only have one complaint…..can you have your hair cut short again and a wee trim of facial hair as er….well…..you suit it so much better :) Seriously, it is good to see you out and about again….would be ideal if you were at Commonwealth Games in my home city of Glasgow next year but other things to focus on first. Welcome back mr!

  22. Geraldine Brown
    Geraldine BrownJul 01, 2013

    Well done Oscar! Good for you to get back onto the track despite the media scrutiny. It will help you to clear your mind and emotion while running. God bless you and your family for their wonderful support. They are amazing.

  23. Andrea
    AndreaJul 01, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    It feels good to see you back on the running track, as to feel your body means to return to life.

    “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is
    in you, whom you have received from God?” (1 Cor. 6:19)

    And think of that little silver cross pendant…it reminds you that you are blessed and loved.
    Take careful steps. I am thinking of you and I am praying for you:-)



  24. JaneyP
    JaneyPJul 01, 2013

    Dear Oscar – this is awesome news… a vital step in your recovery and for your mental preparation for the trial. This will help you to stabilise yourself mentally and emotionally in the way you know best. Good to see you looking healthy as well – and I’m so pleased you got this news out there in the way you wanted, rather than the media putting their spin on it first. Brilliant work by your family and PR team. Good for you!

    I hope we see you getting stronger as time goes on and stay strong.
    We believe in you.
    Jane x

  25. Lesley Sleath
    Lesley SleathJul 02, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    It was really heart warming to read about you being “Back on Track” Being on the track is where you belong & it is where you have had your happiest moments. I hope during this emotional time for you & your family that you will find the track a place to re- focus & that it will help to maintain a healthy body & mind. Running is “Good for the Sou” so go out there & get your spirit rising for one day it will shine once more.
    Keep Believing Oscar because we believe in you!

    Take Care
    Lesley xl

  26. Ams
    AmsJul 03, 2013

    I was so happy to hear the news that you are training again Oscar. You must have missed it and I’m sure it felt good to put your blades on again and get back on the track. I’m sure it will do you a world of good. Keep it up!
    Believing in you, always, Ams

  27. Karen Connor
    Karen ConnorJul 04, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    What good news. I am so happy that you have decided to start running again. Keeping you still in my prayers and hoping that you are staying strong. Please know that there are lots of us out here who are praying for you and we know that you are a good man. I hope that you are starting to feel your life is getting back on track; though I suppose you won’t really feel that until you know the outcome of the trial. You are an amazing person and God loves you INFINITELY.
    Take care and keep running! :-) xx

  28. Heather
    HeatherJul 06, 2013

    Dearest Oscar

    “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand, and to be understood” – Lucius Annaeus Senaca

    Day by day, we continue to hold out our hands to you, in friendship, compassion and love. But is friendship too strong a term? Is it truly possible to be a friend to someone you have never met? To find an answer, I decided to look up the definition of ‘friend’ in the Oxford English Dictionary – ‘a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection’. Now heaven forbid one should feel compelled to argue with the Oxford English Dictionary (no doubt compiled by some highly intellectual sorts) but quite frankly I was profoundly disappointed by this definition. For one, it seems an enormous understatement of friendship as I know it. And secondly, it means that according to the intellectual sorts, Oscar, we’re not friends. At least not according to the definition. So, whilst I concede it’s highly irregular to go head to head with a dictionary, I’m standing up and re-defining ‘friend’ as – ‘a person who offers another person unconditional love, loyalty, belief, support and comradeship. So, there we are Oscar, simple, now we’re your friends. And proud to be so.

    And why? Because my dear boy, we have been privileged to see beyond the surface, the persona, the image, the media portrayal and physical aesthetics. These aren’t the characteristics that define a man or that challenge the Oxford Dictionary; that make complete strangers want to re-define friendship just to have the privilege of offering their love and support. No, these don’t describe the real person, for these fool the fickle and the shallow, those that only scan the surface, who believe only what they choose to perceive. But the eyes and the heart of a friend are more astute; they look below the surface and search for those qualities that belie sincerity and depth:

    Oscar the sportsman – not the man that takes his own pleasure from crossing first over the winning line but the man that prays for another athlete and rejoices openly at his win, even at the cost of his own. The team player that experiences more joy at securing the relay win for his team mates than his solo achievements.

    Oscar the family man – who when faced with such personal fear and grief, seeks to give solace to his sweet sister in distress. The man who inspires his family to encircle him in protective love and show the world their belief and support with quiet dignity and strength.

    Oscar the humanitarian – who after four intense years of dedicated training and just weeks before the Olympics, spares precious time to visit and inspire sick youngsters. The man, who despite never asking for fame, has with enormous generosity of spirit, used his own achievements to inspire and better the lives of others living with disability.

    And, Oscar, the man of faith, constant in prayer, the man who does not seek to retain the personal glory but who offers gratitude, praise and glory to his God.

    These are just snippets, a select handful of observations that offer a glimpse of the inner spirit, the soul of the man. These are the deeds that evidence your inherent goodness and generosity of spirit. These are the actions which lead us to recognise the inner beauty which shines from within, and we feel it’s sincerity and bask in its warmth. Oscar, this is what fuels our unswerving belief and trust in you. And this is why strangers from across the globe are inspired to stand by you and offer their love, loyalty, belief, support and comradeship. We are proud to be your friends.

    “It is the soul that sees; the outward eyes
    Present the object, but the mind descries.
    We see nothing until we truly understand it.”
    -John Constable

    In friendship and love

    Heather (olcpfriends – your global family)

  29. Mira
    MiraJul 10, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    I mentioned before that you are a huge inspiration to me. That’s not lip service.

    I have been suffering from an incurable
    auto immune disease since 2006. After the diagnosis it appeared clear
    to me that my life, the way I lived it before, was now over. I was
    tired, exhausted, and felt hopeless, lost and alone all the time. I
    fell into a state of depression, gained weight and almost drowned in

    But then, prior to the Beijing
    Olympics, I heard of you and your life story . Slowly I started to
    change my perception about myself, my disease and life itself. I
    realised that I didn’t have to abandon myself to a damned illness. I
    could fight, no I MUST. It was you who changed my attitude towards a
    life with confinement. I learned a lesson from you. I mean, a man
    without legs who never complained about his disability, so why was I?

    And so I fought my way back out of this
    swamp of inactivity, self-pity and hopelessness. I changed my daily
    routine, became more active and made a lasting change to my diet. That
    meant sacrifices at times but it was all worth it. I said to myself:
    “Oscar Pistorius makes bigger sacrifices, stop complaining!”

    I wrote the words “Don’t give up” on my
    bathroom mirror as a reminder for myself to be, and to stay, strong. The
    illness is still there, okay. But today I live with my disease and not
    the disease with me. Also I’m much fitter, more agile and I have lost
    almost 30kg by now. I am ill, yes, but I don’t pay too much attention.
    There are days of frustration, of course, but in the main I’m feeling

    You Oscar made a big, if not the biggest,
    contribution to my “new” life. Thank you so much for the inspiration and
    for sharing it with the world. You are simply wonderful, a role model,
    not only for me. I’m a new person now, because you changed my perception
    towards life and I want you to know this. Thank you!

    “I’ll march this road
    I’ll climb this hill
    Upon my knees
    If I have to”

    ~ taken from the song “I still believe”, Tim Capello

    With much love and admiration,


    • Carly
      CarlyJul 10, 2013

      Mira, your courage and inspiration is positively Pistorian.

  30. Heather
    HeatherJul 10, 2013

    Dearest Oscar

    Hebrews 12:1 ‘…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith’.

    As ever, you are never far from my thoughts and you are always in my prayers. Today, I pray that you are getting a little stronger day by day, in body, mind and spirit, more able to cope with waking each morning to face the tortuous and tangled path your life has taken. I pray that you are comforted by the constants in your life Oscar, especially the love, loyalty and uncompromised trust and belief of your family, friends and supporters. I also pray that you receive comfort from your faith, for this is a powerful tool for repairing the broken spirit and for gaining healing, comfort and strength.

    Oscar, do you recall the miracle of the old woman and the cloak? She fought her way through the crowd just to be able to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. She told herself “if I only touch his cloak, I will be healed’ and Christ looked on her and told her, “Daughter be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.” (Luke 8:48). What a compelling message packed into a couple of tiny verses of scripture. And a remarkable witnessing of faith. We are told that she had been suffering from a debilitating disease for many years; apart from this we know little about her. Nothing of her story, the life she had lived, good or bad or the things she had done, right or wrong. For, we are told only what we need to know. Because thank God, His mercy isn’t conditional upon our worthiness or our ability to live a life of perfection. If it were, there would be no hope and God’s grace would be as nothing. The awesome truth is, that God’s mercy flows freely, according to His pleasure, unmerited and undeserved. For us, what is important is our faith, the recognition of our need for mercy and the extent to which we turn to God.

    There are many descriptions of God’s mercy in the scriptures – forgiving, tender, rich and compassionate. But one of my favourite quotations is from a beautiful little verse in James 2:13 which ends ‘Mercy triumphs over judgment’. Oscar, hold on to this profound truth for if mercy trumps judgment then we truly have purpose and hope in our lives, however sad and hopeless things might seem. So my dear boy, put on the blades of faith and run the race with perseverance, fight your way through the crowd and touch the hem of His garment, for by this faith, He will not judge you by your imperfections, but by your intentions, and He alone knows the true beauty of your heart. And by this faith, He will heal you, make you whole again and give you peace.

    ‘Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light’ – Helen Keller

    Sent with faith and love,

    Heather – olcpfriends (your global family)

  31. Silke
    SilkeJul 13, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    Josh 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
    Never give up on the things that make you smile. You are in my thoughts and prayers as always.

    Much love
    Silke (@olcpfriends)

  32. Laura L
    Laura LJul 15, 2013

    I don’t actually have anything to say, just wanted to let you know I’m still here and still thinking of you.

    Take care of yourself, sweetheart.

    Laura – olcpfriends (your Global family)

    • Heather
      HeatherJul 17, 2013

      That’s what I would want to say Laura – still here and still thinking of you, and praying for you, Oscar
      Love Heather – olcpfriends

  33. Heather
    HeatherJul 17, 2013

    My dear Oscar

    I find it deeply moving that so many people are offering you their support. But have you wondered why people from across the globe have been so profoundly touched by your situation? Do you consider why it is that perfect strangers have such complete and utter belief in you? And how is it that there are people you have never met that share your pain, who think of you, pray for you and who have committed to stand by you and support you for as long as it takes? As someone who fits within the categories above, I admit that this has been a revelation to me and over the last few months I have pondered often on these questions.

    Helen Keller famously said “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart’. Inspiratio…nal words that have an extraordinary resonance in the context of your tragedy, and our response to it. For you are a rare man Oscar, we do not need to be in the same room with you, to see you with our own eyes, or touch you with our own hands. For you have a beautiful soul and we do indeed feel you with our hearts.

    It is human nature to try and apply reason to such an ethereal perception and indeed there is much evidence to justify such a response. There is no doubt that you have a reputation of heroic proportions, you have rightly earned the respect of the world with your extraordinary attitude to your own disability, your dogged determination and hard earned sporting achievements – the reward of years of dedication, discipline and self-control. There is a wealth of evidence of your generosity of spirit, your humanity and integrity – your active involvement in numerous charities, uplifting accounts of your compassion for others and the selfless use of your fame and achievements to better the life of others in need. Your faith and your devotion to your family and friends is also truly heart-warming. And it would be the hardest of hearts that could not be lightened by your smile, your sunny nature and your infectious ‘joie de vivre’.

    It may be one of these elements that strikes a chord or plucks at the heartstrings, or it may be a combination of all, but whatever the reason, the truth and beauty is so tangible that like Helen Keller, who had the insight of one unable to rely on the usual senses, we are able to feel you with our hearts. So my dear boy, when you find your spirit weakening, when your soul is troubled and your sense of isolation is overwhelming, remember that you have a global family who have been privileged to feel your heart and who believe in you with all of theirs. We are certain that in time you will be vindicated and that with continued love and support your wounded heart will be restored, the solitude of your soul will be lifted and you will look again to the future with renewed purpose and vision. Until then, we stand alongside you hoping, longing and praying for that day to come soon.

    With love

    Heather – olcpfriends (your global family)

  34. Ann Louw
    Ann LouwJul 18, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    My thoughts and prayers are especially with you today as we celebrate Mandela Day.
    We will be joining hands and contributing 67 minutes of our time to a worthy cause.
    This is an idea Madiba started five years ago on his 90th Birthday representing the 67 years of his life that he spent making the world a better place.
    My dear Oscar I believe you have also made the world a better place and my prayers today are that sometime soon you will do so again.

    Much love and blessings,

  35. Janine
    JanineJul 21, 2013

    Just want to remind you, Oscar, you have many people worldwide who care about you. Many thoughts and prayers for you each day.
    Janine – Olcpfriends

  36. Heather
    HeatherJul 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar

    On the 15th February, your brother Carl tweeted the following words: ‘This tragedy has changed the landscape of our lives’. An insightful analogy, as the events of the previous day replaced all that was bright, colourful and scenic in your life with a nightmarish landscape – cold, dark and bleak. But the thing about landscapes Oscar, is that they never stand still, they are constantly evolving, they change with the seasons, sometimes dramatically, and even the bleakest landscape can hold it’s own form of beauty.

    There is a place in Scotland, called Rannoch Moor. This great moor is one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe and is a vast stretch of land composed of blanket bog, lochs, rivers and rocky outcrops. It’s a challenging environment, desolate and wild. Taking a journey across Rannoch Moor in the winter – wet, cold, bleak and shrouded in mist is an eerie, unnerving experience. But repeat the journey when the weather is clement, heather carpeting the rocks, sun glistening off the still waters of the lochs and the curlew, grouse and red deer venturing out, Rannoch Moor strikes you as a magical landscape, the most beautiful and special place in the world.

    And so it is with our own personal landscapes, not changed by seasons but by the condition of the spirit. For now, the landscape you inhabit seems cold, bleak and scary. Outside, the sun shines but inside there is an overwhelming darkness. Trauma blocks the light and threatens to overshadow the rest of your life. You feel trapped within an unfamiliar place, outside of your frame of reference. The landscape of your life has changed suddenly and dramatically and you can’t process what’s happening because it doesn’t fit with what came before or what might come next.

    But, just as the seasons move inexorably on and change our physical landscape, so the positive influences and experiences of our lives continue to colour our own personal landscapes. And whilst you might have to look hard to see them through the darkness Oscar, they are there shining through – the mercy and grace of your God, the faith and love of your family, the belief and loyalty of friends and colleagues, the friendship and support of your global family and the professionalism and skill of your legal team to name but a few. Set against the desolate landscape of tragedy and loss they appear like rays of sun breaking through the darkness, to encourage growth and to light the way for the most beautiful characteristic of all – you Oscar. For ‘the heart of a good man makes the landscape look beautiful’. And you have a good heart Oscar, it is the essence of your personal landscape, which in time will be coloured beautiful again.

    ‘The landscape of your life is your soul, your fundamental beauty and spirit. The soul may be buried deeply, but as long as our hearts beat there remains hope’. -Daniel Mackler

    With love
    Heather (olcpfriends)

  37. Carly
    CarlyJul 27, 2013

    Dear Oscar

    It is a year since the beginning of the London 2012 Games. What a spectacle they were; what delight and astonishment we gleaned from them. Sport reached its zenith during those amazing weeks in sunny England, and twelve months on, still we polish those memories proudly as though they themselves were the shiny medals. And you of course were the epicentre of both the Olympics and the Paras. Day after day, week after week, we went Pistorius Crazy; you sent us slightly mad. For what you did cannot be undone, the joy you gave us, never corked back into the bottle, and for that I would like to thank you. Because even now, knowing how events have horribly unfolded, I wouldn’t trade those days of heady, giddy Oscar-itus for anything. For those moments of treasured glory, I’ll proudly stand by you and endure the pain.
    Love Carly

  38. Sarah Peart
    Sarah PeartJul 27, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    I hope that you are gaining in strength – mentally, physically and emotionally. There are many, many people who believe in you and your story, who are irritated (and sometimes more unchristian emotions!) by articles and comments on articles that are inaccurate, inflammatory and/or meanspirited. Maybe the SupportForOscar website and the thousands of viewers and those who post can convince you!
    With all my love and support – Sarah (@olpcfriends)

  39. Ams
    AmsJul 28, 2013

    Hi Oscar

    I just want to say how much you’re missed. We wouldn’t want you to race again until you’re
    sure you’re ready and want to race, but I’d still like you to know how very
    much you are missed this season.

    I miss your little bow and thumbs up at the start of each
    race, your infectious yet humble smile, your sportsmanship and of course
    watching you run and put all that hard work into such effective practice.

    The last few days just haven’t been the same without you,
    but of course we still feel your presence in the legacy you’ve laid down so far,
    we still have our treasured memories and we look forward to seeing again before
    too long.

    At least this week I can enjoy the swimming without the same
    emotions. Yes, I will miss Phelps’
    presence, but nowhere near as much as I miss yours. No-one warms the heart and gets
    the emotions going as much as you J

    Take care of yourself,

    Supporting you, believing in you, always, Ams

  40. Heather
    HeatherJul 29, 2013

    Dearest Oscar

    As the IPC World Championships and the Anniversary Games have been taking place, you have again been in the forefront of my thoughts. And I have wondered how you have felt, having been forced by tragic personal circumstances, to assume the unfamiliar role of observer instead of prime participant. Oscar, I have no doubt that these games pale into insignificance when placed in the context of all that is going on in your life right now, but it would be only natural to feel sad at not being able to assume your rightful place at the heart of these games and at not sharing in the joy of competing with your fellow athletes. And have no doubt Oscar, that you are missed, dreadfully missed, by them and by us.

    But my dear boy, despite the sadness, I hope that you are also able to view these games with pride, enormous pride. Sir Philip Craven, President of the IPC, has been reported as saying “We are not an organisation with one name; we have so many stars”. Of course it is his duty to promote the games and the movement and it would be doing the other athletes a huge disservice if he failed to do so. However, the world knows that there will always be one name synonymous with the rise of the Paralympic movement, one name that has been the global inspiration for the many stars that have since tried to emulate the success of the brightest star of all – you Oscar. London 2012, and the world watched in awe as a man with no legs raced, on equal terms, alongside able bodied athletes – the living embodiment of his country’s motto -‘Unity in Diversity’.

    And although the Paralympics would never be the same without you, to deny other growing stars the chance to shine would not only be a disservice to them, but to you too. For your struggle to have your rights as an athlete recognised, your fight to be treated on equal terms with your able bodied counterparts and your heroic efforts to raise the profile of Paralympic sport has never been just about you. What you have done and what you have achieved has been for the benefit of all of those that have followed. Sir Philip Craven said ‘The key thing for me is that the Paralympic spirit is bright and strong’. It is tempting to ask how this could be even possible without the presence of its brightest star but anyone who knows what you stand for Oscar, anyone who understands your heart, your selflessness and your generosity of spirit will know that this is what you want too. For this is what your life has been about, not about the rise and reward of a single man but about the rights and opportunities of all those you champion and represent. For you are a trailblazer and it is your courage, your strength, your dedication and your determination that has paved the way for others to follow in your wake.

    Sir Philip said ‘There is always more work to do, it is an evolution’. Oscar, I don’t know whether you will choose to return to competitive
    athletics when you are surely vindicated but I know that it is the hope of many that you are a continuing part of the evolution of the Paralympic movement. And I am certain that despite your prowess, your fellow athletes would rather be competing beside you than after you. For whilst, thanks in no small part to you, the Paralympics now has many stars who must be allowed the opportunity to compete fairly and to shine brightly on their own merits, there will always be one star that like the sun itself will sparkle brighter than all of the others. For, whatever you choose to do next, you have blazed a stellar trail and earned a rightful place in Paralympic and Olympic history that is assured and can never, ever, be outshone. This is your legacy Oscar and one that can never be denied.

    “I have a strong sense that I have to educate people about disability” – Oscar Pistorius

    With respect and love
    Heather (olcpfriends)

  41. Sally, Scotland
    Sally, ScotlandJul 30, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    This has been a sad weekend with the World Championships in Lyon and the London Anniversary Games taking place without you. You were absolutely the leading light of the paralympic movement last year, whether you wanted to be or not, and you were truly inspiring in being able to qualify for the Olympic Games as well. Obviously you have other more important things on your mind right now, all of your supporters do too, but still we missed you. We missed your humility and generosity of spirit. I hope and pray that you will be able to run competitively again sometime soon, if that is what you choose to do. Until then, dearest boy, I wish you well and hope that you know that you have so many supporters who totally and utterly believe in you.
    Much love from
    Sally (olcpfriends)

  42. Heather
    HeatherAug 07, 2013

    “You just have to take the good stuff with a pinch of salt and not get big-headed about it and when the bad stuff happens, you just have to remember what type of person you are”.

    Your words Oscar – Manchester Stadium, 2010. Then you were referring to speculative reporting about your recent accident. Reading them back now, they appear prophetic.

    I wonder if you even recognise the man you were six long months ago, let alone in 2010. Do you look in the mirror and see a stranger reflected back, faint traces of young, carefree Oscar shrouded by a mask of tragedy veiling all that is good and distorting your perception of the man you are. If so, remember dear boy, life is forever shifting and our characters are shaped by a whole lifetime of experiences, both good and bad. And, you are yet young. In time the effects of this experience, albeit terrible, will be softened by the wealth of wonderful experiences that are yet to come. And whilst you may be struggling to make sense of who you are right now, to those who love you, you are still the same man. And those who fail to recognise you are of no consequence, for they surely never knew you.

    For now, let us remind you what type of man you are:

    You are the type of man who openly, and without shame, shows his appreciation to God for his achievements and the positive influences in his life, the type of man who instinctively turns to God and his faith in times of trouble.

    You are the type of man who evokes fierce family loyalty, so precious to his loved ones that they would envelop him in love and loyalty and do anything to protect him from the cruelties of the world and his own heartbreak.

    You are the type of man who carries within him the belief and strength of his parents. The type of man who has the reflection of his mother’s faith, determination and selfless love engraved on his skin and his father’s pride engrained within.

    You are the type of man who nurtures friendships and earns the respect of those who are in awe of his attitude to life, his humility and generosity of spirit and who know they are privileged to share his life or to benefit from his hard work and commitment.

    You are the type of man who against all odds has transformed the perception of disability into a recognition of different abilities. The type of man who defied the odds, the little boy with no legs who became a world class sprinter, Paralympian and Olympian.

    You are the type of man who is driven, by empathy and a sense of responsibility, to use his strengths and achievements for the benefit of those less able, those who need him. The type of man who’s love of his fellow man shines through in his charitable works, his time for others in need and a legacy of unique and wonderful relationships.

    You are the type of man who possesses an inherent and honourable sense of responsibility to protect those more vulnerable than himself. The type of man who, despite his own vulnerability, would draw on every ounce of courage he possesses, to protect those he loves.

    And you are the type of man who inspires the love, loyalty and commitment of strangers to support him and stand by him in his darkest hour. And who feel privileged to have the opportunity to remind him and the world of the type of man he is – a man of integrity, inspirational, honest, honourable and loved.

    Do you recognise yourself Oscar? You will. As you come through this terrible ordeal, the veil will gradually lift and clarity will be restored. There is no doubt that you will be forever touched by this experience and a portion of your heart will always bear the scars. But like the vividness of your memories, they will fade in time, and with renewed insight you will remember the type of man you are. Until then, there will be those who will never forget, who are privileged to have the opportunity to remind the world and you, that one terrible mistake does not change the inherent character of a good man. We know who you are Oscar and what type of man you are. And so, we echo your own words back to you dear boy. Take a long hard look at your reflection and “remember what type of man you are” for this is a precious and beautiful image indeed.

    With love


  43. Michounette
    MichounetteAug 10, 2013

    Dearest Oscar,

    I don’t want to bother you with a lengthy message repeating what others have expressed so eloquently and beautifully before.
    Still, I too feel compelled to contribute a few short words to remind you of why we feel so much compassion, respect, admiration and love
    for you.

    Compassion, because your poor innocent heart has been broken through the cruelty of an evil accident of fate.

    Admiration, because you are an authentic and truly inspirational real life hero.

    Respect, because you are a sincere, decent, generous, humble, kind, and sweet-natured fellow human being.

    Love, for all the reasons given above and many many more!

    Remember who you are! We will, forever! XXX MIchele @olcpfriends

  44. Carly
    CarlyAug 12, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    My thoughts are with you constantly. Another difficult week has arrived and I wonder if you will find any peace during it. The photos of you kayaking with your friends lifted my spirits, and I hope so much that you find moments of goodness in your life as it currently is. I pray for your spirit to heal, for your family to comfort you, for your buddies to bring you glimpses of your true self through their offerings of friendship and laughter. Peace be with you.
    Love Carly.

  45. Julia
    JuliaAug 12, 2013

    Dear Oscar, I don’t know how you feel about having your kayaking trip photographed and displayed in the press. Probably not too happy, I imagine. But for us, your global supporters, this has been a wonderful encouragement. To see you doing something so normal for a healthy young man, out with his friends, has given us the boost we have needed after many long weeks of wondering how you are doing. Today has given us the lift we need to continue praying for you and supporting you. It is so important that you take the time to get out and do the things that will relax your mind and body as you prepare for the difficult task ahead. So, just this once, I ask that you would forgive that intrusive photographer. He has made us very happy today!
    Much love, Julia, olcpfriends

  46. Laura L
    Laura LAug 12, 2013

    Well, sweetheart, despite the stupidity of the latest news story (not wearing your ‘trademark’ blades whilst kayaking! Because *obviously* you wear them all the time, regardless of how inconvenient they may be to whatever activity you’re doing….), I’m happy to see that you’re getting out, spending time with friends, doing things other than sitting, thinking, endlessly. That achieves nothing, merely drives you mad (take it from someone who spends a lot of time going over and over things, until I get angry with myself!).

    Ignore the foolish ‘reporters’, who appear not to have the sense they were born with; the people who leave nasty comments, because they have nothing better in their lives and need to make others as miserable as they are, and carry on doing what you’re doing – your own health and wellbeing is most important now, not what others think.

    You and yours are even more on my mind (if that’s possible) as next Monday approaches – if we, your supporters, could all be there, we would, but we’re with you in spirit at least. Continue to act as you have done, with dignity and humility.

    We believe in you.

    With much love,

    Laura (olcpfriends)

  47. Heather
    HeatherAug 12, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    I was heartened today, to read the news of your recent excursion with your friends. I am sure that through the enjoyment of physical activity and time spent with kind and loyal friends, you will have added to the reserves of strength and fortitude needed to cope with the time ahead of you. I pray for the time to come swiftly when justice is served and you are free to rebuild your young life afresh. Until then, I hope to hear of more occasions when you are able to enjoy some normal activities with those that love you.
    Love Heather (olcpfriends)

  48. Barbara Spence
    Barbara SpenceAug 13, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    It was absolutely heartwarming to see you out in the sunshine and on the water on Sunday. I am so pleased you are socialising and doing fun activities with your friends again. You have every right to live your life as you see fit and I hope it brings you joy and comfort to be out amongst like minded people. I look forward to seeing you out and about so much more in the future.
    Oscar, my thoughts and prayers are constantly with you but more especially for the 19th. Let your family and close friends guide you through the days ahead; draw strength from their belief in you and their wholehearted love they bestow on you.
    Trust your remarkable legal team explicitly as they know exactly what they are doing and will get the desired result we are all eagerly awaiting.
    You have my unconditional and unwavering support as always.
    You make me a proud South African Australian.
    Much love

  49. Sally, Scotland
    Sally, ScotlandAug 13, 2013

    Dearest Oscar, Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never harm you. I trust that you and your wonderful family will rise above the inanities that have appeared in the press regarding your recent kayaking trip. I am so glad to see you doing something healthy outdoors, no doubt in preparation for the ordeal ahead. Know that we, your olcpfriends, are supporting and praying for you even more than usual in this run-up to the 19th. Courage my dear young man, you are not alone.

  50. Janine
    JanineAug 13, 2013

    Oscar, I was happy to see you spending time with friends. Also getting outside. Kayaking is so relaxing. As always, I want to remind you that you have many supporters. I see more and more supportive comments on Twitter, the Internet, and web sites, etc. Be strong. I wish you peace and serenity.

    Janine (Olcpfriends)

  51. amanda langton
    amanda langtonAug 14, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you and how you are doing, I like many other are warmed to know that you have been getting out and about a bit. And I am pleased you were looking at Audi’s you have a very good taste in cars (my favorite is Mclaren but I dont think I will ever afford one of those).
    I wait with baitied breath for what will happen on Monday at least you will know which way things will be going and you can prepare your self accordingly, we have all become little detectives and psychologists in trying to secound guess what will happen, I guess really we wont know till Monday.

    I know you have a brilliant and supportive network behind you and the many people who can see past the media, giving their moral support. I just want you to know that I am behind you 100% and this will be seen as a tragic accident and your road to healing can truly begin.

    I will be watching and listening on Monday and will send lots of postive vibes to you, I know this is a tough challenge and the truth will out, I do believe that and no matter how much is twisted and distored by the media good always strives over bad.
    thinking of you at these hard times
    kind regards
    Amanda xxx

  52. Barbara Spence
    Barbara SpenceAug 19, 2013

    RIP Reeva Steenkamp
    On what would have been Reeva’s 30th birthday today my thoughts are with all those touched by this tragedy.
    I pray today, and constantly; for faith, love, hope, peace and forgiveness, especially forgiveness for with it comes peace.

    Oscar, my thoughts are with you and your family today as you formally receive the indictment. Stay strong, calm and believe Oscar. Take a deep breath and let go; hold onto the truth.
    There is a start and a deadline to this trial; from tomorrow you can start living your life again, secure in the knowledge that your trial will be over in 7 months and your legal team will get you the best possible outcome.
    Faith, hope and love to you all.
    Much love
    South African Australian

  53. Carly
    CarlyAug 19, 2013

    Dearest Oscar
    Nothing we have heard makes us doubt your innocence. We will stand by you always and support you forever. God bless your beautiful family. All of you were a credit to the memory of Reeva today. Your dignity and class is a wonderful thing. Be strong. Know that you are loved.
    Love Carly.

  54. Sally, Scotland
    Sally, ScotlandAug 19, 2013

    Dearest Oscar
    I thought my heart would break when I saw you, Aimee and Carl together in the court today. Please try to regain your strength for the long fight that you have ahead of you. I trust you implicitly and believe every word of your affidavit. I pray that in time the world will realise the truth of your account of what happened too. We will continue to stand by you always.
    With love,
    Sally (olcpfriends)

  55. Helen Smith
    Helen SmithAug 19, 2013

    Just wanted to say Ditto!!

    I haven’t been on this site as much recently either but that is not to say that a day passes without a thought /prayer for Oscar and his family.

    Stay strong you are not alone – you have an amazing family and your siblings have shown so much compassion,dignity and support.

    This nightmare continues for you and how awful it must all be for you all

    God bless you and your family

    With love Helen xx

  56. Heather
    HeatherAug 19, 2013

    Hi Oscar – brave and dignified today as always, it’s what we’ve come to expect of you. And whilst this must be a horrible, fearful journey for you, it will end. And as you are undoubtedly innocent of the crime with which you have now been formally charged, you will be completely vindicated, have no fear. The truth will out and the truth will set you free. My prayers are also with Reeva’s family today, as you would wish.
    God bless you sweetheart
    Heather (olcpfriends)

  57. Michounette
    MichounetteAug 20, 2013

    Dearest Oscar,

    Just to say how distressing it was yesterday to see a pure innocent soul put through the mill as you were in that court room. I was, I still am very distraught to see you in tears but heartened to by the strength of the love of the family surrounding you. As far as I am concerned you will always be a genuine hero and my inspiration. I often cry over the evil accident of fate which snatched your beloved away from you and took away your glorious smile from us and from the world. I so long for the day I can see it again and will continue to love and support you and bless you and yours and totally despise the accusations of the mean spirited, the greedy and the ignorant. Do be gentle on yourself, you are very precious!

    Much love as always XXX

    from Michele@olcpfriends

  58. Michounette
    MichounetteAug 20, 2013

    Dearest Oscar,

    Just to say how distressing it was yesterday to see a pure innocent soul put through the mill as you were in that court room. I was, I still am very distraught to see you in tears but heartened to by the strength of the love of the family surrounding you. As far as I am concerned you will always be a genuine hero and my inspiration. I often cry over the evil accident of fate which snatched your beloved away from you and took away your glorious smile from us and from the world. I so long for the day I can see it again and will continue to love and support you and call for God’s blessing on you and yours and totally despise the accusations of the mean spirited, the greedy and the ignorant. Do be gentle on yourself, you are very precious!

    Much love as always XXX

    from Michele@olcpfriends

  59. Julia
    JuliaAug 20, 2013

    Dearest Oscar,

    I found myself praying for you recently, and the words in my mind were, “dear Lord, bless his little heart”.

    Almost at once I knew that that was an incorrect prayer, for your heart, Oscar, is one of the largest I have ever heard of. Your compassion and love is evident in so many posts on this page. Your deep love for your family and close friends is evident as well, since they pack the court room to give their support whenever you are called there. I read that there were 80 family members present on one occasion.

    Dear boy, having a large heart is a wonderful thing, but in another way it is a terrible thing, for the larger the heart, the greater the pain. The Lord showed me that yours has a terrible wound, a deep wound that will take much healing. But He also showed me that He was covering it with His hand. We want you to be whole again, but He desires your healing far more than we ever can. Only trust Him, Oscar, with your life and future. Turn to Him for your healing and restoration.

    Psalm 18,25. “To the faithful you show yourself faithful”.

    Oscar, He will never forget you, nor abandon you.

    I believe you, and believe in you.

    Much love, Julia, UK,

  60. Barbara Spence
    Barbara SpenceAug 21, 2013

    Light cannot exist without darkness.
    Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.
    Light controls darkness.

    Like light controls darkness, the truth will prevail Oscar.
    Let go of the hurt, pain and sadness; hold onto the truth and remain strong in your faith.
    Meanwhile live your life as you are entitled to.

    Much love,

  61. Heather
    HeatherAug 27, 2013

    Dearest Oscar

    Over a week has passed since you were forced to appear in public, your emotions again on display to a voyeuristic world, where it seems that everyone has an opinion and feels free to interpret your every move without the benefit of knowledge or insight. I was reminded of a quotation by the great writer, Anton Chekhov – “There are a great many opinions in this world, and a good half of them are professed by people who have never been in trouble.” To me you seemed fragile and bewildered under the spotlight, until you immersed yourself in prayer and absorbed God’s strength and the fellowship and belief of your wonderful siblings. Unbelievably, some saw fit to criticise you for standing in prayer, but to them pay no heed for they clearly know neither you nor God.

    And, I was once again struck by the dignity and humility of you and your family and the cruel injustice of the scenario playing out in your world. I pray continually for God’s strength and courage to be with you and your loved ones, for God’s wisdom to be with your legal team and His justice to be with the judge who will preside over the trial. I also pray that between now and then, your sense of loss will become a little less raw and that you will grow in strength and self-belief.

    I feel certain that you will be vindicated Oscar and then you will be in a position to grieve properly, consider your future, start to rebuild your
    life and maybe even dare to dream again. For you and those who love you and believe in you, that moment cannot come soon enough. In the meantime, I do not underestimate the enormity of what lies before you, both in terms of the trial and your own personal healing, but justice is a great equaliser and time is a great healer. One day you will realise that the memories have drifted further into your past and the torrent of pain that has threatened to submerge you has subsided, you will always feel the ripples but in the end they will swell your spirit with a unique insight and empathy that few will ever know or comprehend. And God only knows what you will accomplish then. God bless you Oscar.
    With love
    Heather (olcpfriends)

  62. Laura L
    Laura LAug 29, 2013

    “Step follows step,
    Hope follows Courage,
    Set your face towards danger,
    Set your heart on victory.”
    ― Gail Carson Levine

    I found this quote when I was looking for something for the latest collage we did on the blog. It seems so very fitting.

    Hold onto your courage, darling one, turn your face towards danger by preparing for this ordeal, mentally and physically, and let us all set our hearts on victory.

    We believe in you, and we trust in Barry Roux, and when this battle is won and you have had time to grieve and heal properly, well then, we will still be here, ready to support you in whatever you decide to do next, still believing in you, and still with our hearts set on victory.

    Take care of yourself, sweetheart.

    With much love,

    Laura (olcpfriends)

  63. Julia
    JuliaAug 29, 2013

    Dear Oscar, Carl and Aimee

    Jesus said, “Everyone therefore who shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven.” Matt, 10,32.

    Bless you, dear ones, for being prepared to stand in the full glare of the media and pray. That was a precious moment for me, to see the bonds that you have with each other and God so beautifully displayed. I believe your action was greatly honouring to the Lord.

    Seeing your hands stretched across the barrier of the partition between you was symbolic to me of how the love of God transcends all barriers, those put up by men, and those by the enemy.

    I pray for you all daily, that God, through our Lord Jesus, would continue to strengthen you throughout this testing time. Rest in Him, dear ones, let Him carry your burden.

    Paul in 2 Corinthians, 12, 9
    “Each time He said, ‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.’ So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.”

    Much love to you all.

    Julia. UK

  64. Barbara Spence
    Barbara SpenceAug 30, 2013

    An affirmation for Oscar, with FaithHope&Love.

    “I am being held gently in the arms of God.
    I am allowing my angels and guides to help me move through this wave of transformation.
    I am acknowledging that brighter days are ahead and goodness and light are coming my way.
    I am activating my resiliency and moving forward with grace and ease.
    I am listening to the magic in my soul and trusting in my knowingness.
    I am grateful for the gift of my life and call forward a joy-filled life.”

    Much love and unwavering support,
    from a SouthAfricanAustralian

  65. Michounette
    MichounetteSep 06, 2013

    Dearest Oscar,

    There isn’t an hour in the day when I am not thinking about you and feeling very sad that the wonderful, caring, genuine, simple and humble person you are, who had overcome so much in the past, has been singled out for one of the worst trial of adversity anyone can be subjected to.
    You are already a hero and a role model to many people across the world . What a greater example of resilience and faith in God and humanity you will become if you can let all the love flowing to you from close family, friends and distant well- wishers to buoy you up back to life, heal the gaping wound in your heart and convince you to forgive yourself.
    Although I have never had the privilege to meet you and probably never will, your predicament affects me profoundly and there seems to be nothing on earth at the moment more important than your recovery from that cruel blow of fate.
    You must miss your beloved Reeva more than words can express and ache for suffering caused to others as well, but I pray that you grieve for her loss in a less painful way and not blame yourself for everything. Although it must be horribly difficult if not impossible for you to accept, this bears repeating because it is nothing but the truth: Dear Oscar, you are a victim far more than a culprit. If there is a culprit it is fate and fate alone!
    I am not particularly religious but I am aware that you are and with other members of your Global Family I have been praying fervently that you can start enjoying life again, because everyone who loves you needs you so much to be yourself again, an exceptional human
    being, with a huge heart and a contagious zest for life.
    In writing this message I wanted to reassert my unswerving support and to thank you with all my heart for brightening the life of so many of us and for giving us renewed confidence in life and in ourselves. Nothing can take this away from you nor from us!
    With much love as always and much hope for the future.

    Michele @olcpfriends

  66. Heather
    HeatherSep 06, 2013

    Dearest Oscar

    As a privileged visitor to the London 2012 Paralympic Games, I couldn’t help but be struck by the buzz and the unique camaraderie of spirit, which for a few glorious weeks seemed to be infused into the very fabric of our wonderful capital city. However, for me, there were two other distinct highlights. One was seeing up close the stunningly beautiful Olympic cauldron and the other was having the honour of witnessing you race and break yet another world record. These precious images are forever imprinted on my mind and for me personally, they will always be synonymous with London 2012.

    Designer, Thomas Heatherwick, said his Olympic cauldron represented the “coming together in peace” of each of the 204 competing countries. This unique and dazzling creation was made up of 204 flames in copper petal-like bowls mounted on stems which, once lit, were raised to merge into one huge flame. The artist’s vision was for “these 204 very small, humble objects to come together and rise out
    of the surface of the stadium”. When the first of 10 rings had risen into place, the last one was lifting and coming together. And when the flames came together, they merged into a single flame. At the end of the Games, the cauldron gradually ‘dismantled itself’ as each nation was given its petal to take away. Heatherwick said, “They will be these heated elements, maybe they will get buffed, but everyone will have a piece.”

    Oscar, when I think of that beautiful cauldron, I am reminded of you. Oprah Winfrey once said “You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world”. Like the first of those petals to rise, you began as one small flame, warm and humble. But athletics, character and a determination to be the best ignited a fire in you. And with every struggle, every achievement, every victory over adversity, your flame rose higher and blazed brighter, a captivating thing of beauty until in your own inimitable way you illuminated the world, a world then dark with discrimination and lack of opportunity for those deemed to be different. Like the blazing petal, unique and dazzling, you rose up from the stadium, shining out like a flaming torch to lead and guide those that aspired to follow you into an ever expanding universe of change and opportunity. And, like the cauldron, your flame burned strong, seemingly unquenchable.

    But then tragedy struck, your inner fire was cruelly quenched and the world became a dark, cold place to be. Like the copper petals of that beautiful cauldron, you too have been scorched and buffed, your reputation dismantled, and it seems that everyone wants a piece of you. But fire is a remarkably resilient thing Oscar, an extraordinary force of nature. Even when it appears that everything has been destroyed and melted away, when it seems that the fire has been extinguished and diminished to a pile of charcoal and ash, then is the time to watch out for the embers smouldering in the dust. Because, these embers contain heat and energy, which if nurtured and fuelled, can spark into life and burst into flame again.

    Oscar, you may feel as though your inner fire has been extinguished with little chance of bursting into flame again. But my dear boy, God and those who love you will not let the fire go out. They will nurture and feed the embers of self-belief smouldering in the dust and even if only the faintest wisp of smoke is visible, with the right fuel, your inner spirit though forever charred, will one day be kindled back to life again. And the fuel will be provided by those that genuinely care for you – with love, compassion, empathy, friendship and belief, providing the kindling for your soul. Believe in yourself Oscar as we believe in you, keep the embers alight and they will one day again spark the light in you and burst into flame, and the flame will once again rise up and illuminate the world.

    “Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.”
    ― Cormac McCarthy

    God bless you Oscar

    (olcpfriends) your global family – fuel for the embers

  67. Heather
    HeatherSep 14, 2013

    Forgive the cliché Oscar but it takes time to heal a broken heart.

    This may be difficult to accept in the rawness of the present but hold on to that hope and push on through the pain, one day at a time, one step at a time. Remember, God heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds.

    Accept help offered in love, wisdom and sincerity. Be gentle on your emotional self and nurture the physical. Breathe deep and rest when you are fatigued.

    Absorb the belief and love of those who support you and believe that you are worthy of their trust. Be as kind and forgiving to yourself as you would be to those you hold dear.

    Seek gentle reminders of your former connections and take reassurance from the familiar. Reinforce the bonds of friendship with those who have remained loyal to you.

    With healing comes gratitude of life, acceptance of its beauty and a thirst for new beginnings. Believe that you are deserving of happiness and fulfilment.

    Experience brings compassion for others, faith in love and hope for the future. Accept you cannot change the past but use what you have learnt to influence what may come.

    And when your scars are poignant reminders of the hurt through the healing, then take comfort from those who love you and trust that even when you feel alone, God is ever present in your life. He loves your precious heart more than you will ever know. He loves your precious heart more than you could ever know.

    Much love sweetheart

  68. Sally, Scotland
    Sally, ScotlandSep 16, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    Everything seems to have gone quiet again, which must be such a relief for you. Please know that we are still here, willing you on to regain your strength and purpose in life. Please make sure you eat healthily and I hope you have been able to return more to the track as I feel that your sense of who you are and indeed your wellbeing will be enhanced by running and exercise. Dear boy, not a day goes by when I don’t think of you and send you positive thoughts and love.
    love from Sally

  69. Laura L
    Laura LSep 22, 2013

    The Wheel of the Year turns and as we in the Northern Hemisphere approach the Autumn Equinox, so you, Oscar, in the Southern Hemisphere, approach the Spring Equinox. Called Ostara by those that follow a Pagan path, it was the time of the festivals of the Grecian Goddess, Eostre, and the Germanic Ostara, both fertility Goddesses of Dawn. (It is from these goddesses that the modern Easter holiday takes its name).

    Spring – a time for planting seeds and looking to the future, making plans for the year ahead. Your future, I suspect, reaches only as far as March – beyond that is nebulous and uncertain. Nevertheless, you have a goal, and seeds must be planted and nurtured in preparation. Practical seeds, and emotional ones. This is a time to let go of whatever may be holding you back, a time to embrace the light, as the days grow longer and light wins over darkness.

    Ostara is a time of regeneration and rebirth, a time of hope and dreams. Sow seeds, Oscar love, and allow hope back in. Let light back into your soul, and in time we will see it reflected back into the world, for your light is bright indeed!

    So plant your metaphorical crops; nurture them; get rid of that which hinders their growth, and look forward to a bountiful harvest.

    We, your supporters, will also plant our seeds, of love and belief, and try to send our harvest to you in the hope that, in some small way, we can add to your bounty.

    Light is winning now, Oscar, darkness losing the battle in the cycle of the year. Embrace it, darling one, and allow hope to win over despair.

    Ostara blessings on you, Oscar.

    With much love,

    Laura and Carly

  70. Sarah Peart
    Sarah PeartSep 23, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    I echo the sentiment expressed by others that they are happy the media coverage has calmed down. Hopefully this leaves you breathing space to come to terms with what has happened and of course the upcoming trial. In times like this there is not much to say, just that there are many people out there who are completely sure that your story is the whole truth and that this will be the conclusion of the court. It still hurts to think that you are being put through this trauma and I pray that you will bounce back afterwards. You have such depth and strength that I am sure this will be the case!
    When I think of you, I add to the image the many, many members of your family who attended court with you, I thank God that you have a supportive family at this time, Sometimes I feel they are like an iceberg – Carl, Amy and your uncle Arnold who we know by sight; with the large majority “hidden” yet present.
    Sarah (olpcfriends)

  71. Laura L
    Laura LOct 02, 2013

    “We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” ― Mother Teresa

    We at olcpfriends are only a drop in the ocean of Oscar’s life, but perhaps we would be missed if we weren’t there.

    To not be here, part of that small drop, is unthinkable to me.

    Oscar, you are lodged inside my heart – now and forever. In years to come, there will always be a small part of me wondering how you are, what you’re doing, if you’re ok. There will be days when I don’t think of you, but you’ll be there, at the back of my mind.

    I may only be a particle in that small drop in the ocean, but you will always have a place in the ocean of my heart.

  72. Heather
    HeatherOct 04, 2013

    Dearest Oscar

    May our love, given freely, soften the contours of your pain
    And the sincerity of our belief illuminate the goodness of your heart.
    Chin up sweetheart, you remain in our prayers and in our thoughts every day.
    Big hugs.
    Heather (olcpfriends)

  73. Sally, Scotland
    Sally, ScotlandOct 12, 2013

    When the world says give up, Hope whispers try it one more time

    Dear Oscar

    You have never been scared of a challenge. You learned to walk in your “different shoes” as a toddler, you took part in contact sports as a teenager and then you became an athletics star, not only within the Paralympic movement, but in 2012 as an Olympian. I imagine those achievements must seem so far away and yet, even though things must seem so bleak right now, I believe that you will choose not to give up, but to try one more time. And dear one, you will succeed, just as you have in the past. God gave you a strong pair of shoulders because of the burdens you have had to carry. You can do it!

    With love

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