Pistorius Family Distances Itself from Henke Pistorius’ Comments in UK Newspaper

Pistorius Family Distances Itself from Henke Pistorius’ Comments in UK Newspaper


South Africa, Pretoria, March 4 2013

 Oscar Pistorius’s family is deeply concerned about the comments made by Oscar’s father, Henke Pistorius, to UK newspaper the Telegraph about the family using its weapons to defend themselves against crime in South Africa, and especially about his comments that the ANC government is not willing to protect white South Africans.

“The Pistorius family own weapons purely for sport and hunting purposes,” said Arnold Pistorius, family spokesperson.

Oscar and the rest of the Pistorius family distances itself from the comments. “Henke’s interview with the newspaper was unapproved by our media liaison team” Pistorius  said.  “The comments doesn’t represent the views of Oscar or the rest of the Pistorius family.”

“We are acutely aware of the fact that we are only at the beginning of a long road to prove that what happened to Reeva Steenkamp was a terrible accident and that Oscar  never intended to harm her, let alone cause her death.

“As a family, and Oscar in particular, we will never be the same after the tragic events on 14 February this year. We are still in deep mourning, trying to come to terms with what happened. For this reason and out of respect for the Steenkamp family, the Pistorius family will not grant any media interviews at this time” Arnold Pistorius said.


  1. barbara
    barbaraMar 05, 2013

    this is pathetic – the media is trying everything in there power to make the WHOLE Pistorius family look like a bunch of murderes!!! I wish people would start focusing on more important things than digging up dirt on other people!!!

  2. Amanda Langton
    Amanda LangtonMar 05, 2013

    This is totally understandable and have the up most respect for your decision. First and foremost it is about supporting Oscar through this tragic event and as a family is clear you are giving him the support he needs. The press will get bored soon, leaving the path clear for you to come to terms with your loss and find peace with Reeva’s family. I would just like you as a family to know, we are concerned about Oscar and yourselfs and want to show support in what ever way we can.

    • SJ
      SJMar 05, 2013

      I am in complete agreement. This is and will always be a very sad an tragic event, in which, Oscar, and his family and Reeva’s family will never forget. Respect and support should be shown. I would like to continue to let Oscar know that he has my concern and support throughout.

      With much love and support,

  3. Rene
    ReneMar 05, 2013

    I have the utmost respect for Mr Arnold Pistorius and Oscar’s Family. They are handling every situation professionally and respectfully.
    Distancing themselves from Mr Henke’s statement shows that they do have respect for the law and goverment.
    I also think not giving interviews to the media out of respect for Reeva’s family is absolutely perfect.
    It is about 2 families tragedy and not about the media.
    My thoughts are with the Steenkamp and Pistorius’s Families.

  4. Michelle
    MichelleMar 05, 2013

    I pray for your family every day. I can’t imagine going through such a terrible time with the addition of such pressure from the media. May God be with you all.

  5. Kevin Clancy
    Kevin ClancyMar 05, 2013

    This is just the kind of publicity you don’t need in light of the upcoming trial. Every newspaper/media outlet at the moment is out to get ANYTHING they can to ‘taint’ Oscar’s reputation more than what it already has been – and these are the same ones that would be clambering over themselves to get interview with Oscar when he is a free man. None of them have stood by him during this time and if Oscar is clever enough then he would grant none of them any of his time in future. I only wish Oscar’s father would have put something ‘positive’ out there by letting Oscar’s many fans know simply that he’s doing ok/as well as can be expected.

  6. Marie, Scotland
    Marie, ScotlandMar 05, 2013

    I can’t express my concern and support enough for Oscar. The press are a disgrace at the moment, they make up what they don’t know, seek interviews / comments from every source and they will twist comments for their own gain. I would like to think that Oscar’s dad did not mean to cause further distress or paint a negative picture of the Pistorius family. I read the interview and my views of Oscar have not changed. Regardless of how many guns you own, it doesn’t mean what happened to Reeva was anything other than a terrible accident. I respect your decison not to give any media interviews. You could have been front page news every day giving interviews, adding to the media circus but you have chosen to remain quiet and out of the public eye. In my opinion, you are dealing with this tragic situation in a very respectful way. Stay positive Oscar x

    • doris
      dorisMar 07, 2013

      Je suis complètement d accord avec toi, les médias sont ce qu elles sont. Elles vont monter les gens aux nues avec passion et les descendre de la même façon. Ce qui compte c est de vendre du sensationnel. Je pense que la famille d Oscar a choisi la bonne solution, de rester discret par respect de la famille de Reeva. Pour autant je reste fidèle à mes convictions et mes pensées vont vers Oscar. Courageux et humble, ne change pas ceux qui t ont piétinés à terre seront les mêmes qui viendront ramper a tes pieds pour un interview.
      Tu es dans toutes mes pensées
      Doris France

    • Maureen
      MaureenMar 07, 2013

      I absolutely agree with Marie in everything she has said. There is so much hate speech,so much misinterpreted.

      Oscar you are loved by so many people here in South Africa and world wide. What happened was a tragic accident and Reeva being the beautiful person she was would have wanted you to fight your way to the top and to continue living a life of humility and love for all and walking with the Lord whom she so loved. And remember that one day when your time is up on this earth you WILL be with her for eternity.
      My heart goes out to you and your family and to Reeva’s family. You have all handled everything in such a dignified manner……….We are still praying for you and will continue to do so and for your brother,your family and of cause Reeva’s family. Hugs and love X X X

  7. Beni
    BeniMar 05, 2013

    Still praying for you and your family. Do not lose faith!

  8. Hope
    HopeMar 05, 2013

    Keep going alles van die beste xxx

  9. Heather Malcherczyk
    Heather MalcherczykMar 05, 2013

    Dear Oscar

    Take counsel from your uncle Arnold. He seems to be a very wise, sensitive and caring man. Giving unchecked statements will only fuel the morbid interest of the media who are always seeking material to create sensationalist stories. Let them speculate, you know the truth.

    I am tempted to ask after your welfare but rather afraid of the answer. It is so soon after a deeply traumatic experience and you still have a such long and frightening process ahead of you. So take this time to mourn, rest and draw strength from those who love you and support you, not just your family and friends but those unknown to you but who care deeply as though you were their own son, brother, nephew or friend. You remain constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

    With sincere love,

    Heather (UK)

    • Laura Lambden
      Laura LambdenMar 05, 2013

      Beautifully put, Heather, your words echo my feelings.

      Candles lit here every night for you, Oscar, your family and the Steenkamp family.

      Laura (UK)

    • Evelyn
      EvelynMar 06, 2013

      Agree, beautiful message Heather. It is exactly how I feel too for Oscar, and both families.

      With love, thought and prayers ….
      Evelyn (The Netherlands)

    • Balinda
      BalindaMar 07, 2013

      So beautifully put and a good representation of what many people feel.

  10. sharon
    sharonMar 05, 2013

    Oscar, we are still thinking of you & praying for you x take care x Sharon xx (Scotland)

  11. Ben Wiggs
    Ben WiggsMar 05, 2013

    Never say never, and never give up.

    Oscar, be assured through all this there are so many of us fully supporting you. Your family and friends need to stay like a protective screen around you thus allowing you to mourn your loss.

    You are strong. As much as it probably feels unlikely at present, it will get easier as you come to terms with what has happened. Your life has taken on a new direction. Hold your head high, Oscar. Take care.

  12. Cindy
    CindyMar 05, 2013

    Oscar and family, I believe God has put it on many many hearts to lift you up in prayer. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. With time comes healing and people will see just what a tragic accident this was . May god bless you and Reeves family . You are loved

  13. Petra Menzel
    Petra MenzelMar 05, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    you are beloved by God, you are beloved by your wonderful brother and sister and your family.Also you are beloved by your fans. The media will never have the power to break this love! Every thinking human being knows, that your father´s comment has nothing to do with you and that the media only want to make stories for sale.
    We all support you and wish, that at the end of this year joy will take away your and the Steenkamps family tears. An I hope so much, to see Oscar Pistorius being the best runner at the Olympic Games 2016. I trust in it. The love of God will make it possible! Oscar, have confidence in the love of God and also to your own strength!!!

  14. Jordan
    JordanMar 05, 2013

    I live in the United States and it is sick how the media hounds people going through tragic events. The last thing Oscar, his family, and Reeva’s family needs is this media attention. They should be aloud to mourn her passing in privacy. Oscar you have been an inspiration to me and you continue to be. Keep your head high, the truth will prevail. But most importantly keep you heart with God, he is with you and will protect you during this trying time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Reeva’s family. God bless.

    Jordan Armour
    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

    • Sue Morrris
      Sue MorrrisMar 06, 2013

      Jordan, you are completely correct. The media hounds people and hunts victims down just to sensationalize and get a story, true or not.

      Oscar: you, your family and the Steenkamp family are in my prayers and thoughts. The truth will come out. Let’s see if the media will be as hungry to get the truth.

      Sue Morris
      Bristol, WI USA

      • Susan Dougherty-Guild
        Susan Dougherty-GuildMar 07, 2013

        I agree with Jordan & Sue above. Unfortunately the world-wide media has covered this story like the tabloids. Very few facts presented, every piece of information distorted, skewed toward the negative or a flat out lie. Anyone who has tried to support Oscar has not been interviewed since early days of this tragedy. All of his great accomplishments & work to help others, totally forgotten. Unfortunately, many people believe this crap & judge without the facts. I am horrified at the scapegoating.
        I can’t imagine what these two families are going through. I am praying daily for Oscar to draw strength from his family, true friends and the Lord. I am praying for Reeva and both families in this terrible time of grief.
        Susan Dougherty-Guild, Seattle, WA USA

  15. love
    loveMar 06, 2013

    Im sure this has been a tough time for both families. That was an ignorant statement daddy Pistorius made today. I forgive him and wish many blessing for your family and Reevas family.

  16. VickyB UK
    VickyB UKMar 06, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    Thinking of you everyday and hoping you’re holding on in there. Reeva must be allowed to rest in peace and both the Steenkamp and Pistorius families need total privacy to grieve . However we are all aware that the media play dirty and are more concerned with negative stories and editing interviews to suite their agenda. Your uncle is a wise man to stay clear of the media. If you give them an inch they will take a mile. Remember to stay able by your abilities – stay true to yourself. You have had and will continue to have my unwavering support throughout this year.

  17. yanga zembe
    yanga zembeMar 06, 2013

    Well done for distancing Oscar and the rest of the family from this most unfortunate comment by Oscar’s father. My family and I continue to pray for you Oscar, that God would grant you mercy, grace, fortitude and daily strength to deal with what has happened. We prayed the entire week of your bail hearing, on the final day we were sick in our tummies with worry, as though you were our mother’s son. Mercy will show up again, daily as it did that week. Stay strong. Much love, prayers and blessings. Yanga & Wanga Zembe

  18. Katie
    KatieMar 06, 2013

    I find it very comforting to come here and read all the supportive messages to Oscar. Helps to remind me that there is so much support in the face of such disgusting media distorting minds.
    I wasn’t one of those people that supported Oscar because he was the bigshot who would win all the medals, I supported him and still support him because he is a good man worthy of support.
    Strength and love in these painful days.

    • Amanda Langton
      Amanda LangtonMar 06, 2013

      I echo your sentiments Katie, this is the only place I like to visit, for the very same reason’s. all the messages are supportive and respectful.

      • Heather Malcherczyk
        Heather MalcherczykMar 07, 2013

        I wholeheartedly agree, Katie. I am grateful for this medium with which to be able to offer positive messages of support and I am comforted to know that others share my depth of feeling for Oscar and his family. It makes me feel that we can help to share their burden in some small way.


        • Barbara Spence
          Barbara SpenceMar 07, 2013

          My sentiments exactly! I too take comfort in visiting Oscar’s site and seeing words of truth, comfort and love as we all grieve with the Pistorius family. I feel closest to them here and expressing my feelings is like hugging them all. Love and support you Oscar, always!
          From a South African Australian

  19. Di Gibson
    Di GibsonMar 07, 2013

    Hi Oscar, there are only three who know the truth about what happened that fatal day, you, Reeva and God. I pray only that when you speak, you speak the truth for as we know, the truth will set you free! I am not prepared to prejudge a man based on media reports. As far as I am concerned, a man is innocent until proven guilty. For now you need to draw strength from your friends, family and God. You too need time to grieve… take as long as is needed. I echo the sentiments of one of the comments above – take counsel from your Uncle Arnold – he seems to know what he is doing. Am glad that the family distanced itself from the comments of your father – I too live in SA and my family don’t own a gun…. proving that not all South Africans agree with your fathers sentiments. My thoughts and prayers remain with you, your family and the family of Reeva Steenkamp – may God enfold you all in His loving arms.

  20. Belinda
    BelindaMar 07, 2013

    Dear Oscar and family,
    we believe if you feel okay without media team, you are okay, but keep the good relationships – the hungry media jump to any Pistorius story, because it do sell newspapers.
    Oscar although we do no see or hear from you, we still believe you are okay and will be okay. My athletes thinking of you a lot and pray for you.
    They will run tomorrow& Saturday at the Coca Cola Private Schools in Windhoek. We devote all the good 400’s to you and believe they will do your name proud!!!! There will be some good 100 & 200’s as well!!!!!!
    Relax and get up boy!
    Lots of hugs

  21. Michèle Larkin
    Michèle LarkinMar 07, 2013

    The media are true to themselves and as usual exploit the baser voyeuristic instincts present in too many minds.
    I know Oscar is innocent: if I had not been fully mobile and had wanted to protect my loved one(s) from imminent rape and torture by a potentially murderous burglar, I would have done the same. And if I would not have been able to take aim properly because he was hiding behind a door with no choice of escape route, I would not have shot to kill maybe unless I really panicked, but I would not have wanted to take any chances. I would have tried to render him harmless and would not have thought that one shot only would achieve this. That is if had been able to think logically in such a situation. I know very well Oscar only wanted to protect Reeva. It is not his fault at all and nothing but a dreadful accident and I fervently hope that the judge will come to the same conclusion.

    God bless Oscar and prevent him from having to suffer more than he already does.


  22. Belinda
    BelindaMar 08, 2013

    Dear all, I need to share the following news, not to cause another media disaster, but just to show why people are affraid in their safe homes and I do understand Oscar’s dad’s comments.
    A friend of mine Blacky Swart(Cape Town) send us a message that a good friend Waldemar Strauss was murdered in Eco Estate Moquini by 4 guys ( a security compleks) on 6 March 2013. The late Waldemar had no chance!
    Dear Oscar all the best for today, still thinking of you!
    Hold your thumbs, the 400’s in Windhoek will take place from 14h00, but they ready to do it for you. The youngster Lee-Anzo Losper orphan child ask me to send the message and say, don’t worry I will give it my best for you. He will compete in 200 & 100 heats later tonight. (100 & 200 athlete, but for points ……. & Oscar he do the 400).
    I will send all info during the weekend!
    Keep it up boy!

    • Kevin Clancy
      Kevin ClancyMar 08, 2013

      Belinda I love your comments – wish your ‘runners’ the best in their races and I’m sure Oscar will be very happy with their results whatever they are :)

  23. Belinda
    BelindaMar 10, 2013

    Thanks Kevin, I believe that as well, the results will be posted soon, I just wait for official results.
    The athletes did extremely well!
    I did get the times, but was busy between races and cannot remember all(this is an official page and I cannot afford a small mistake), I can just promise Oscar there was age winners, trophy winners, best track & most points as well as first and very good place specially ran for you!!!!!
    The group will celebrate and think of you tomorrow at training!!!!!
    Results will be posted soon!!
    All the best for the week!

  24. adri
    adriMar 11, 2013

    to oscar and loved ones,

    Stay focussed, the race is not finished yet. You can win this and fight to the end. May god use this tragedy to show the world that forgiveness can heal the world.

  25. Helen
    HelenApr 07, 2013

    We believe in our heart of hearts that this was just a terrible accident. My brother in law is from SA (Joburg and Cape Town) and he too, says that it is ridden with crime. That’s why people have huge walls up around their homes. He also says how corrupt the government and police are. We all watched the documentary that was on a few weeks ago…we are all praying for you and your family as well as the Steemkamp family. May God’s love and peace be with both of your families.

    • Heather
      HeatherApr 07, 2013

      Hi Helen

      Lovely message. There are a number of us regularly communicating under the last media statement (March 12th), you might like to see how many people share your feelings.

      Love Heather

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