Boys High is one of the great South African Schools, not because of its grounds or buildings, but rather because of the calibre of person it produces. Great men have walked the corridors of this School before you, among others, a Nobel Prize winner, Dr Max Theiler, who produced a vaccine against yellow fever. Eighteen Rhodes Scholars, two university principals, at least eight supreme court judges, an archbishop, a bishop, thirty-two high-school headmasters, five Springbok cricketers, two Springbok rugby players and many other great men have attended this School.

The mission of the School is to pursue and attain excellence in all spheres of school life – academic, athletic and cultural – within the changing South African community. It is ultimately our aim to produce gentlemen who are independent thinkers with physical and moral courage who are articulate, well-mannered, tolerant, educated in the widest sense of the word, sensitive to the needs of others and dedicated to the service of their fellow man and the community as a whole.

These aims are based on the following philosophy:

We believe in the worth, dignity and unique character of the individual. Our school should provide quality structured, disciplined, intellectual education and training and encourage creativity limited only by the ability of the student. We must create an environment of tolerance and understanding so that all feel accepted and happy.

We believe that to achieve our aims, the staff of this School should be experts in the teaching of their subjects, dedicated to the physical and spiritual welfare of the boys as well as being committed and loyal to the profession. This should be sustained through the recruitment, motivation and retention of qualified staff.

We believe, furthermore, that successful education is a partnership between the home and the School. Therefore an atmosphere of openness, mutual trust and respect must exist amongst the partners, i.e. parents, staff and boys.


The School strongly encourages involvement in a wide variety of sporting activities with an emphasis on team sport and, thus through each boy’s participation, fosters commitment to a team. This instills qualities of loyalty, sportsmanship and fair play that will prepare them for rewarding, healthy, active and successful lives. The School offers excellent facilities which include six rugby fields, six hockey fields, seven cricket fields, eight tennis courts, four squash courts, an athletics track, a swimming pool, a weights gym, a circuit gym, a shooting range, two basketball courts and extensive grounds that allow all our cross-country races to take place on the 85 acre property.

The following sports are offered:

Cricket Rugby, Swimming, Hockey, Water Polo, Athletics, Tennis, Squash, Weights Training, Shooting, Cross-country, Fencing, Golf, Climbing and Basketball