Statement of Bail Granted: 22 – 02 – 2013

Statement of Bail Granted: 22 – 02 – 2013

Media Release

South Africa, Pretoria, February 22, 2013

 Arnold Pistorius, uncle of Oscar Pistorius said after the decision: “Although we are obviously relieved that Oscar has been granted bail, this is still a very sad time for the family of Reeva and for us.  We are grateful   that the Magistrate recognised the validity and strength of our application.  As the family, we are convinced that Oscar’s version of what happened on that terrible night will prove to be true. “


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  1. Jana
    JanaFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar…….I’m grateful beyond belief that you can go home tonight!!!!

    • Gurdeep
      GurdeepFeb 22, 2013

      Hi Oscar I am Happy that you have been Released and can go home but I pray for you and your Family and Reeva’s Too From you NO1 Fan

      • Sanet
        SanetFeb 23, 2013

        Oscar, ons harte is bly vir jou vrylating…sterkte!!

    • Melanie
      MelanieFeb 22, 2013

      Ons is Saam met jou verlig Oscar…hierdie tragiese voorval het my net weer bewys hoe vaalbaar ons as men’s is, maar ook dat ons so wonderlike Vader het wat ons lief het!

      Ek kyk na jou familie en kan sien hoe lief julle vir Mekaar is. Ek bid vir julle almal dat julle Sy liefde en teenwoordigheid sal ervaar, Sy vrede en vergifnis.

      Stywe drukkies…

    • Samiah Shameen
      Samiah ShameenFeb 23, 2013

      Dear Oscar,

      May you be able to heal with the support of your family and friends. May you stay strong during this difficult time. May you remember that your supporters will always be behind you no matter what the outcome. Most importantly, may you remember the positive impact that you have made on so many lives. We will always believe in you.

    • Janice Sanders---USA
      Janice Sanders---USAFeb 23, 2013

      We love you Oscar and are praying hard for you- as you must continue to do for yourself as well. We miss your words of encouragement to us so we now send them right back to you. Stay positive and upbeat and never listen to anyone say that you cannot cry. We all have in this past week, I promise you that and no man (or woman) is ever to big to cry. I personally miss you as my daily Twitter buddy, the beautiful pictures, your travels and adventures but in time you may be able to do what you enjoy doing the most–running and competing. The truth has been told and shall prevail. We are so happy you are now reunited with family and friends so use this time to pray and sort all of this out. I love Psalm 23 so you learn it and repeat it as often as you can. God answers prayers-trust and believe that.

    • reid
      reidFeb 23, 2013

      oscar you have my support on condition that u didnt kill her on purpose
      stay strong man

  2. Anna Filmalter
    Anna FilmalterFeb 22, 2013

    So bly Oscar het borg gekry want hy verdien dit. God het ons gebede verhoor. Oscar ek glo in jou onskuld en jy sal v altyd ons held bly. Hoop jy en jou familie kan rus. Wens jul alle sterkte toe en jul sal in my gebede bly.

  3. Anna Filmalter
    Anna FilmalterFeb 22, 2013

    So bly Oscar het borg gekry want hy verdien dit. God het ons gebede verhoor. Oscar ek glo in jou onskuld en jy sal altyd ons held bly. Hoop jy en jou familie kan rus. Wens jul alle sterkte toe en jul sal in my gebede bly.

  4. Louella Jackson
    Louella JacksonFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar and family,
    The minute it was announced that you have been released on bail,I posted on my face book and Black Berry Messenger.
    ‘Praise the Lord for answer to prayers. Oscar has been released on bail. Glory to God. Remember Oscar in prayer for the road ahead please’.
    I wanted you to know this that you and your family, and Reeva’s family continue to be in our prayers.
    I am keeping this brief in the hope of you receiving this message very quickly.
    My son is 28 and the minute we heard of this tragic accident we have been interceding for you in prayer.
    Stand firm in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ as your Mom taught you. Be strong in the Lord. He will never leave you nor forsake you.God bless you Oscar. We love you.
    Hi Lunice, I would appreciate it very much if you could get this message posted, as I have not been able to get my message posted. I even called Peet to his cell phone, and he said the error message popping up, could be the result of too many people accessing the site. I do appreciate your efforts Luna. Thank you

  5. Ben Wiggs
    Ben WiggsFeb 22, 2013

    Yes! Every journey begins with a single step. That step has been taken. So pleased for Oscar and his family.
    My thoughts go to Reeva’s family at this time.

    • Maxine Freegard
      Maxine FreegardFeb 22, 2013

      YES! Fantastic news under the circumstances. We all stand behind and support Oscar and his family and believe in his innocence. A dark tragedy occurred, that sadly can not be changed, however going forward people all over the world support Oscar 200%. Thoughts are also with Reeva’s family. Be strong Oscar and please don’t lose your faith in humanity. I strongly believe in you as do thousands of others.

    • susie edwards
      susie edwardsFeb 23, 2013

      Dear Oscar and Family,
      So relieved to hear you’ve been granted bail. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this hard, struggle. We believe in you. Stay strong Oscar, God be with you.

  6. Susan Dixon
    Susan DixonFeb 22, 2013

    To Oscar and family. My prayers and thoughts are with you for the very hard time that lies ahead as you prepare for the trial. I’ve been watching the bail trial moment by moment and it is so clear to see how heartbroken and sad Oscar is about the tragic and sad events. My prayers and thoughs to Reeva’s family. Be strong, in the end the truth will out for all to see. Oscar you remain my hero, always. Susan London

  7. nicole
    nicoleFeb 22, 2013

    So happy for Oscar that he’s atleast with his family now. There’s a long way to go but God will be with you every step of the way. Keep Praying. This must be such an emotional time for you all especially Oscar going through all this and at he same time dealing with the loss of Reeva. Every time they mention her name must be heartbreaking for him. Stay strong !

  8. Alice
    AliceFeb 22, 2013

    Yes!!! You deserve it. I Believe you. Go Home and feel Protected.
    Wish you the Best

  9. Irene Yus
    Irene YusFeb 22, 2013

    The best possible news in this day.
    Although the sad circumstances, there is a shine of hope.
    I trust justice will triumph.
    We send you, Oscar, all our love and support from Spain.
    Keep on being the extraordinary and inspiring person you have always been.

  10. Alice
    AliceFeb 22, 2013

    I was looking the whole day for the court decision. I´m in Frankfurt Germany and i feel deeply touched by this Tragedy. I want to show support, because i think you are innocent- and the Media can´t make a monster from such a Gentel Human Guy like you.

  11. Elmarie Muhl
    Elmarie MuhlFeb 22, 2013

    I am really very pleased and relieved that Oscar has been granted bail after the terrible tragedy last week! It has been a traumatic week – for both families! My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  12. Anneli
    AnneliFeb 22, 2013

    Relieved and happy from folks in Los Angeles that healing may begin for both families. Remembering everything that Reeva stood for and celebrating her life as well as the positive and inspirational things Oscar has done in his. Our thoughts and prayers are with your families and our faith that God will heal your wounds and continue to use your lives and intentions in a powerful way remain fast. Anneli

  13. Gordon & Jacqui
    Gordon & JacquiFeb 22, 2013

    Once again, we are sending our love and support to you, Oscar, and your Family, We believe you, with all our hearts.And as Parents, we can only imagine what your Family is going through .
    Try to be strong, we are sure thet Justice will win in the end. And try and ignore all the Negative opinions etc, your Press seem to be outragous, and very cruel to someone who has put South Africa on the World stage.
    God Bless, and we send our love to you.
    Jacqui & Gordon from the U.K

  14. Chrisna Potgieter
    Chrisna PotgieterFeb 22, 2013

    I feel so relieved for Oscar and his family. Still, very sad times for both families.

  15. Maria puy
    Maria puyFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    I’m so happy you Got the oportunity to og home.
    I believe you are inocent.
    You have a lot to give to a lot of People.
    Be strong. We wait for you.
    I’m so sorry for Reeva.


  16. Sarah
    SarahFeb 22, 2013

    This is absolutely the right decision. So many people have faith in you, you have more support from around the world than you realise.

  17. mand
    mandFeb 22, 2013

    Never expected that he would get bail. My sympathies go out Reeva’s family. Hope they do get to the truth in the end.

  18. mandi
    mandiFeb 22, 2013

    dear oscar, im so happy you can be with your family tonight, be strong, sorry about reeva, we will pray for you, (im loveing angels instead)

  19. Elizabeth
    ElizabethFeb 22, 2013

    I believe in you Oscar! Stay strong! It’s a difficult time for you, lots that you have to deal with..keep faith.. Hugs

  20. Kathy
    KathyFeb 22, 2013

    Anyone can tell just by looking at your heartbroken face, that this was a horrible accident. I’m so relieved that you will be released on bail and I hope and pray for your strength to carry you through this. My daughter and I in Canada stand behind and support you and your family and believe in your innocence.

  21. Annie
    AnnieFeb 22, 2013

    Ons volg jou loopbaan al so lank en die skok was groot maar onthou die Vader doen Niks sonder n Rede nie.

    • Lizette
      LizetteFeb 23, 2013

      Ons verstaan nie altyd Sy planne nie, maar ons weet Hy sal ons nooit verlaat nie. Wat ookal voorle, Hy sal jou krag gee en jy sal Sy naam bly groot maak in wat jy ookal doen.

  22. Jo Owen
    Jo OwenFeb 22, 2013

    The correct decision has been made today. I am so pleased that Oscar can now have the time to privately grieve and begin to come to terms with this tragic accident surrounded by the love and support of such a caring family. My thoughts are with everyone involved X

  23. Carmen
    CarmenFeb 22, 2013

    Having grown up in SA, where my dad nearly shot my brother thinking he was an burglar, I completely sympathise with your situation and believe in your innocence. May you get a little more sleep tonight, am sure your heart will forever be broken, but take comfort in the prayers we offer to yourself and Reeva and both families concerned. Keep the Lord in your heart, he has beautiful angels watching over you.
    > London

  24. Madelaine
    MadelaineFeb 22, 2013

    Ai, Oscar ek is so dankbaar dat jy vandag borg gekry het. Ek het so baie vir jou gebid. Ek wens jou alle sterkte toe vir die tyd wat voorlê. Mag die Here sy seën oor jou en jou familie plaas asook Reeva sin. My hart kry elke keer so seer as ek aan hierdie tragiese gebeure dink. Hou moed en wees sterk! Daar is soveel mense wat agter jou staan en ek is verseker een van hul.

  25. Hayley
    HayleyFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, Like many others I’ve believed you from the beginning that this was a terrible and tragic accident. We’ve all seen the pain and anguish you’ve suffered over the last few days after this terrible event and the sad loss of Reeva. This was the right decision and you can hopefully begin the healing process and find peace with the support of your family. Sincere condolences to Reeva Steenkamp’s family.
    You will always be an inspiration to millions.

  26. Mirry
    MirryFeb 22, 2013

    I know you are innocent!!!

  27. Charlene
    CharleneFeb 22, 2013

    At last you can grieve for your loss and come to terms with everything that has happened. Stay strong and believe that the truth will prevail.
    I have experienced loss after my father was shot but my pain now seems insignificant compared to what you must be going through not only dealing with grief but also the circumstances in which this tragic accident happened. Your pain and suffering for the rest of your life is enough punishment. Thinking of you and both families at this difficult time xx

  28. Kari
    KariFeb 22, 2013

    Thank you Jesus! Our God is an awesome God!!
    Be still with your family and and take the time to mourn the death of your beloved.
    Stay strong. God is in control. Know that you are never alone, for He hold you in his hands.
    I shall keep on praying for you and Reeva’s family.

  29. Ernest Mvubu
    Ernest MvubuFeb 22, 2013

    It feels pain 2 lose the one u love.But,No one is perfect in this world but everyone is unique.

    Be strong Oscar,and Reeva’s family 2

  30. Tony Gillings
    Tony GillingsFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar and family,
    So very relieved for you, at least now you can get some rest and contemplate what the future might hold. It’s a very tragic time for everybody involved, but I believe in your integrity and honesty.
    Take some time out from the media frenzy, my friend, you deserve some privacy and time with your family now.
    All the best,

  31. Jacqui
    JacquiFeb 22, 2013

    Really happy that the Magistrate was fair in granting Oscar bail, stay strong. Support you all the way. Thoughts are with you, your family and Reeva’s family through this thought time

  32. Smith Family
    Smith FamilyFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar

    You have been through a terrible ordeal but you and your family have been so dignified. It was definitely the right decision today. We are thinking of you all at this very sad time. May you know be able to grieve in private with your family. Mistakes happen we are all human – just be true to yourself and to Reeva With love xxxx

  33. Cathy
    CathyFeb 22, 2013

    I am very happy that you have been granted bail Oscar. There have been many unkind and cruel remarks, but I trust that God will be your strength and comfort during this time. May our Lord Jesus Christ’s will be done in your life and may His grace and mercy give you the courage to face whatever lies ahead. Do not be affected by those who are passing judgement right now, just know that it is by the grace of Jesus that we are saved and it is by His grace that we are transformed. My heart aches for you, your family and the family of Reeva Steenkamp.

  34. Smith Family
    Smith FamilyFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar

    You have been through a terrible ordeal but you and your family have been so dignified. It was definitely the right decision today. We are thinking of you all at this very sad time. May you now be able to grieve in private with your family. Mistakes happen we are all human – just be true to yourself and to Reeva now your guardian angel in heaven God bless With love xxxx

  35. Jennifer
    JenniferFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, to be quite honest with you, I had no idea who you were till this tragedy. Usually I would not find myself even visiting your web site…. I am saddened by the passing of your girlfriend Reeva, and I am disappointed in the media coverage of this tragedy. Everyone should be entitled to a fare trial without having to worry about law enforcement being judge mental … For what it’s worth Oscar I believe in your innocence. I have prayed for you and Reeva, and I hope your heart heals. Stay strong and reach out to The Lord… Keep your family close.

  36. Nicole Naidoo
    Nicole NaidooFeb 22, 2013

    I don’t think any of us could fathom the feeling of vulnerability Oscar felt in those dreaded moments particularily as we are able bodied and he is not.

    As any animal would react on instinct, so too is it human nature to retaliate when threatened especially if vulnerable.

    Oscar, your life’s challenges are beyond any that many of us could dare to imagine. Why you were catapulted to international stardom and then faced with this huge tragedy, only God knows. The only consolation is that you have the strength and the courage beyond us all, also. We grieve with Reeva and her family for their tragic loss, but we must acknowledge Oscar’s painful journey while the world watches and judges.

    Oscar, we believe in you, this may be your biggest challenge but you have a world of fans behind you and you will be in our thoughts and prayers very step of the way. Stay strong.

  37. Anette from Denmark
    Anette from DenmarkFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar and family
    It is obviously for anyone with psychological knowledge to see the grief in you and that you are telling the truth. It’s a very very sad situation for Reevas family and a tragic incident. But….your all over behaviour is very visible and I see a young man in grief and mourning over the loss of his beloved….my thoughts are with you, Oscar, your family, Reeva and her family….sad

  38. Sharlene Burton
    Sharlene BurtonFeb 22, 2013

    Thank the Lord for answered prayers. My son and I send our love and we will keep you and both your family and Reeva’s family in our prayers. We absolutely believe you. The prosecution, suggestion is ludicrous. You will come through this and God will be glorified by it. There is life after death and Reeva knows you didn’t want to hurt her. Your are loved and you’re an inspiration to us. We support you.

  39. Cathy
    CathyFeb 22, 2013

    Hi Oscar soooo bly jy by huis,glo dat alles sal uitwerk vir jou. Ons bid vir jou en staan by jou, ook in ons gebede is die Steenkamp familie

  40. Emma
    EmmaFeb 22, 2013

    I believe in you Oscar! So relieved bail was granted and that you can be with your family, can’t begin to imagine what you and Reeva’s family are going through, stay strong!

  41. Gloria Cooper
    Gloria CooperFeb 22, 2013

    Fantastic news! Without doubt this was a tragic, tragic accident. So, the law is here to protect us all. God-Bless and let him shelter you from the storm.

  42. Amanda Edwards
    Amanda EdwardsFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar, I believe in your innocence and and pray that love protects and heals you. May love guide you and may love carry the memory of Reeva and what you both shared to a higher place. May the gifts of this tragedy be shown to us all, in the willingness of each one of us to join together in understanding, forgiveness and love and to heal the wounds of separation that keep us apart and in fear. This case highlights what fear drives us to do. This is an opportunity to address the cause of our fears, both in my beloved South Africa and in the world. Condemnation keeps us from healing,lets stand together and in the name of Reeva and the love that Oscar had for her, let us make this world a better place.
    Oscar you have been an inspiration in all that you have achieved thus far, it doesn’t need to stop there. Stay true to the truth in you, stay true to your heart as you have always done and your work of bringing light to the world has only just begun.

  43. claudia
    claudiaFeb 22, 2013

    You have shown us so much strenght in the last few years…you have shown us that with belief and strenght we can go anywhere…and now I feel is our turn to stay strong for you and believe in you till the truth will come out. You are not alone and I am sure Reeva is guiding you from above.

  44. Whinny for me
    Whinny for meFeb 22, 2013

    “I said a prayer for you today
    I knew you wouldn’t mind
    I didn’t ask for wealth and fame
    I asked for blessings of a different kind”

  45. Belén Rodas
    Belén RodasFeb 22, 2013

    “I come to the conclusion that the accused has made a case to be released on bail” #Nair!! Praise the Lord!!! :) :) :) @OscarPistorius

  46. Parisot
    ParisotFeb 22, 2013

    Toutes mes pensees et mon affection vont vers toi . Je prie chaque jour pour que ta douleur ainsi que celle des 2 familles concernees soit apaisee par le soutien planetaire qui vous est adressé depuis ce terrible accident.
    Nous ne t’abandonnerons jamais!
    Courage Oscar!

  47. Elisa from Milan, Italy
    Elisa from Milan, ItalyFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! I bless the Lord because you are free again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I wish for you now is that you find some comfort and relief by spending time with the ones you love and getting back to your ordinary life. I am and will always be with you and I give you a big hug.


    Elisa from Milan, Italy

  48. Sending Love
    Sending LoveFeb 22, 2013

    So glad you are able to be free today. Been listening all morning and praying you would be granted bail and not have to sit in that horrid jail another second. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, I’m sorry for your loss and the huge impact this has on your life and the lives of others. You are strong and can get through this. You have so many prayers coming your way from all around the world, so many people have faith in you. Stay strong. Much much love from the United States.

  49. Ruth Elms
    Ruth ElmsFeb 22, 2013

    Continuing to pray for you, your family and Reeva’s family too. May you have time to deal with all the trauma and pain in your heart and know the peace and healing that only God can give. So glad to see many people offering their prayers for all affected and to read that you are turning to God at this time. I hope you eventually get time and feel up to reading all of these messages and Bible verses sent to you so that you can gain strength and comfort from Him who loves you beyond measure! God can bring good from this awful tragedy and He has a good purpose for your life, don’t give up on yourself!

  50. Suna Louw
    Suna LouwFeb 22, 2013

    Wonderful news! I am so relieved as I am sure millions of Oscar’s fans are. Oscar we keep praying for you and for Reeva’s family and their pain. It will take time but we trust that God will heal you after this terrible tragedy that has happened in your life. Be assured that there are millions out there that believe in you and love you for the joy that you have brought to their lives.

  51. Kevin Clancy
    Kevin ClancyFeb 22, 2013

    Hello Oscar – we all felt the tension today for those two hours of magistrates bail explanation before the actual ! Well worth the wait though for what was the right and only decision. I hope you can get back to some ‘sort’ of normality and prepare yourself for the main task of clearing your name at trial. God bless you, your family and also Reeva’s family too. Would be good to hear from you too once you’re settled – just to know you’re doing ok. Keep your strength up.


  52. Louise
    LouiseFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, dit is sekerlik jou moeilikste wedloop nog. Jy is ‘n vasbyter. My gebede is dat die waarheid sal seëvier, en dat daar uiteindelik berusting vir almal sal kom. Promise net jy sal nie opgee nie, veral nie op jouself nie. Ons is in ‘n almagtige God se Hande, en wat hier gebeur, hoe verskriklik tragies dit ookal is, is maar ‘n snippet, van die ewige “timeline”. As jy moet tronk toe gaan, then so be it, maar moenie gaan lê nie. Ek dink regtig baie aan jou in die donker tye.

  53. Michelle
    MichelleFeb 22, 2013

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We believe in you and know that your version is the truth.
    You have the love and support of so many around the world.

    Michelle in Taiwan

  54. Sylva Czech Republic
    Sylva Czech RepublicFeb 22, 2013

    Oskar, the whole week I was with you in spirit. I believe in your innocence. Much strength and support from us, people from around the world, a lot of inner strength to you, your family and the family Reeve. Sylva from the Czech Republic

  55. Manuel
    ManuelFeb 22, 2013

    I know that you think that you have nothing to live for now. And i can see that you dont care if you are free or in jail. But you must be strong and clear your name. You are still hero for millions of people around the world. You are superhuman. And we believe in you.

  56. Lorraine
    LorraineFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, I am really happy that you are in the arms of your family xXx My heart goes out to you at this time xXx Stay strong xXx My thoughts and prayers are with you xXx

    Lorraine xXx

  57. Liezl
    LiezlFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar ek glo in jou onskuld. Mag jy vrede vind.

  58. Debbie
    DebbieFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Families of Oscar & Reeva,

    May you feel the Lord’s comfort for both of your families knowing that many people around the world are praying for you. Praying that all of you can be strong and take measures toward recovery from this tragedy.

    It isn’t something you earn
    It can’t be bought in a store
    It doesn’t happen overnight
    This; you have to work for

    It may take all your courage
    It may take all your strength
    It’s a path you’ll have to forge
    If you want to live your life

    There is no medication
    There is no quick fix
    Sometimes, in order to win
    You have to put up a fight

    You have to climb the mountain
    You have to do what’s right
    You have to want it for yourself
    There’s no other way around it

    (Author Unknown)

  59. Marlise
    MarliseFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, Kan net dink hoe verlig jy en jou familie is. Daar le nog n lang pad vir jou en Reeva se familie voor. Sterkte! Mag julle baie krag van Bo kry.

  60. michelle vd walt
    michelle vd waltFeb 22, 2013

    Hi Oscar,

    I am so relieved that you were granted bail and that you can be home with your family. You and your family have been in my prayers constantly, and I believe this was the Lord’s intervention that has carried you and your family through this tragic and difficult time! It feels as if you’re a close family member and friend to me. I have been thinking about you and your family and praying that there would be a way out. Please look after yourself trust daily that the Lord is in control and no matter how difficult a road you have to travel! All things are possible through Him! Michelle.

  61. Geske Family from Illinois, usa
    Geske Family from Illinois, usaFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar, You have inspired the world and touched our hearts seeing you at the Olympics. We fell in love with you… We are still in love with you. Our hearts were so saddened when we heard the news. I being a mother wanted to cradle you in my arms as if you were my own child. I am so sorry for your loss. In the midst of such great challenge and dissappointment, we believe that God will lead you, step by step, and that what the enemy meant for harm, God will turn it for good. You are such an amazing, gifted man with such a resilient spirit. Trust in the Lord with all your heart Oscar. We are praying for you. Peace to you. Love, The Geske Family

  62. SJ
    SJFeb 22, 2013

    I wept with you in your grief in your loss, and this morning I wept with joyful tears that you will get to go home. From the beginning of hearing of this tragic situation I firmly believed in your innocence. Words fail me as to how my heart swells for you, Oscar.

    With much love, admiration and support,

  63. Michèle Larkin
    Michèle LarkinFeb 22, 2013

    I have never been one for social media and I hardly ever use my Facebook account but I hate injustice even more so when it is directed at a hero such as Oscar.
    So everyone I know is so relieved about the bail, a first step in the fight direction! The last few days have been horribly stressful. Nevertheless we still feel desperately sad for all concerned of course and especially for Oscar in spite of this reprieve. If this helps, let him remember that all the people who love and admire him share In his grief and fervently hope he will surmount it. He did nothing but what he thought best at the time.
    Thinking of you always.


  64. Elmarie
    ElmarieFeb 22, 2013

    Ongelooflik dankbaar dat jou borgaansoek geslaag het, en daarmee saam ook jou kans om saam met jou familie die groot verlies te probeer verwerk. My gebede is met jou en sterkte met jou pad vorentoe. Jy sal altyd my held bly.

  65. Elaine
    ElaineFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, I will pray for you everyday and for you legal team! Stay strong! elaine

  66. Kitty
    KittyFeb 22, 2013

    Wish you all the best!! I wish you to be strong, and don’t forget, You already had thousands of battles in your life, this will be just one of those!
    Our thoughts are with You, and your family!

  67. Clare
    ClareFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar – I am so sorry for your loss. No matter why or what happened – I send you strength, as I send strength to Miss Steenkamp’s family.

  68. denise prinsloo
    denise prinslooFeb 22, 2013

    So happy for you and your family. I cried like a baby! Now you are safe and surrounded by people who love you, take the time to get strong and morn this terrible tragedy, the loss of Reeva and the hatred of humans which you do not deserve. God be with you. You and your family are in our prayers. Do not let the public, bad news reports and terrible hatred get to you. You know who you are. Wish I could climb through this “wall” to give you a hug as your pain and tears are felt by many who believe in you. Pick youself up and hold onto Him.

  69. Saudah Karangwa
    Saudah KarangwaFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Reeva’s Family. May God guide you through this and be strong and the truth will prevail. I believe in your story and I am sure a lot of people do. I pray that you will remain strong and keep your head up. I have seen a lot of messages from your fans and I broke down in tears, with the genuinness and the fact that so many people still believe and have faith in God to be absolute. We all worship one God in different ways. May God ( Allah) answer all our prayers, give you the strength, guidance, healing and may Reeva rest in peace and be granted the highest place in paradise. May you be cleared so that you can continue your good work ot touching people’s lives.

  70. Shelly
    ShellyFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar,
    Very glad that you are free on bail today. I am sending my love and support to you and your family from USA. I am a proud South African from Jo!
    Please remember that Growth requires self-compassion, patience, and generosity. If you ignore it, it will nag you, deplete you, and bury you in stress. Play with life in responsible way dear! I give this advise to my 26 years old son. You are a fine young man and my hero! Wish you well.
    Shelly D

  71. Yesenia
    YeseniaFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    I am so GLAD you will be reunited with your family, sleep “home”, eat a hot meal and be able to shower in a clean shower/bath! I have not been able to sleep, I think and worried about what the outcome would be like. (You and I have a 8~9 hour difference). I pray that you will be proven innocent soon and be able to stay out from such horrible place. I love you with all my heart and would give anything to be by your side supporting you! Keep your head up! You can do it!

    Love you with all my heart!!!

    From Milwaukee, WI

  72. Hesma
    HesmaFeb 22, 2013

    Hi Oscar….best best news and so relieved tonight. I have been praying for you and once again I believe that our loving God has taken control of the situation. Stay in prayer and talk to GOD, He’s with you ALL the way and will sort this out for you…. TRUST HIM !! Enjoy every moment with your family….you are all in our prayers.

  73. Elmarie
    ElmarieFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar jy is in my gebede! Bid dat jy elke dag sal vashou aan God se liefde en jou hoop altyd op Hom sal vestig. Vanaand gaan n emosionele aand vir julle as familie wees, maar ten minste is julle bymekaar. Hoop jy gaan n goeie nag rus he!

  74. Marcia
    MarciaFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, eu e meu filho de 14 anos acreditamos em vc. Lementamos esta tragédia, mas o que vale é a consciencia. Continue sendo este exemplo de superação para todas as crianças e jovens amputados.
    Fique com Deus e fé!!!!

  75. Mel
    MelFeb 22, 2013

    Hey dude, fantastic news, see told you I was holding your hand through this, and will continue to do so.

    You have a loving family who I am sure I hugging you tight tonight.

    Not only do you have your family you have us lot, who you don’t even know supporting you every step of the way.

    I tell you I ran round my office screaming when I heard the news.

    Thinking of you every day, be strong Mr P.


  76. Jane
    JaneFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar, I’m so relieved that you can go home with your family and friends today who have been amazing throughout. I can only imagine what you are going through and I hope you can rest, grieve and find some peace for yourself. Stay strong, take care, big hugs, my thoughts, love and support are with you, your family and also Reeva’s family x

  77. Tina
    TinaFeb 22, 2013

    Ons is saam met jou en jou familie bly vir die feit dat jy vanaand in ‘n beskermende omgewing is! Ek het ook ‘n jong seun en weet hoe ek sou voel as my kind in jou skoene moes staan! Daar is duisende mense aan jou kant en wat soos ons glo dat dit net ‘n verskriklike tragedie was en ongelooflike slegte sameloop van omstandighede! Moet jou nie steur aan enige negatiewe kritiek nie! Jy is steeds ons held en ons het steeds ongelooflike bewondering vir jou as atleet, mens en jong man. Ons glo, bid en hoop dat jou ster weer sal skyn, Moet asseblief nie moed verloor nie! Die vinnigste manier om deur Hel te kom is om aan te hou stap! Ons gedagtes is met julle almal, asook Reeva se familie. Stay strong, you have always been and are still a winner and a great person!

  78. Jo
    JoFeb 22, 2013

    I wept at the sadness of what happened that night now I weep tears of joy that you are released back to your family and friends . Justice will be done and your name will be cleared. My thoughts are will you and your loved ones and of course Reeva. With the love of everyone you will get through this :)

  79. Diane
    DianeFeb 22, 2013

    I feel at peace knowing you are home with your loving family.
    Stay safe Oscar, you are loved!!

  80. Mary Reed
    Mary ReedFeb 22, 2013

    Glad Bail was Given….may you and your Family also Reeva`s Family find the strength to get through this Tragic Ordeal.Mary UK

  81. Lisa
    LisaFeb 22, 2013

    I am so worried about you Oscar!….. Try to get some sleep, good food and recovery…. sport will clear your mind and fresh air caresses your soul! *hugging you *

  82. Barbara
    BarbaraFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar once again you have touched the lives of so, so many people around the world and we weep with you! Let your faith guide you forward. Let your amazing family wrap their arms around you and hold you close. I am so happy you are home. We love you Oscar and you will have our support in your time of need. Stay safe!
    From an Australian South African.

  83. Tinus Joubert / Auckland New Zealand
    Tinus Joubert / Auckland New ZealandFeb 22, 2013

    With the clock ticking just after 03:24am, Saturday morning here in Auckland, a huge relief came over us, eyes wide opened and focused on the media! BAIL HAS BEEN GRANTED!!
    It is one of those memories where, one can go and said, i know exactly what i was doing that day and time when this happened.

    OSCAR, Aimee, DAD and Charl – May the time ahead be of peace, comfort, strenght and mourning be the strenght that pull you guys ahead!

    From thousands and thousands of kilometers away …. all the best.
    Regards from Auckland NEW ZEALAND!

  84. Maria
    MariaFeb 22, 2013

    This is Maria from Sweden ! I’m so Happy to see that u now can be home with your family. I hope u can find some peace in your heart. Much love to u Oscar , and your family !! // Maria

  85. Annette
    AnnetteFeb 22, 2013

    Watter tragiese gebeure is dit nie. Dis so jammer dat ons in hierdie land van ons sover moet gaan om onsself te verdedig. Dis vir my soooo hartseer wat hier gebeur het en al is die beslissing wat, lewens het verander vir ewig. Hoe Oscar en sy familie hierdeur gaan kom is net genade van God. Mag Reeva se familie ook berusting vind en vergifnis gee waar dit toekom.
    Ten spyte van alles, vertrou net en al is ek nie beroemd of weet ek nie hoe dit voel om deur die media gejaag te word nie, wil ek net se daar is baie wat saam met jou voel, Oscar. Hou vas aan dit wat jy glo, ten spyte van die wereld. Baie baie sterkte.

  86. Millie
    MillieFeb 22, 2013

    I am so happy that Oscar has been released on bail, and can now be with his family at such a painful and difficult time. It is wonderful to see his family providing him with the love and support he so badly needs. This tragedy has really touched me in a profound way, and I feel deeply for everyone involved. I also feel an immense pull to cherish and love my own partner even more. I hope that with time Oscar can find peace and calm inside himself. My thoughts are with him.

  87. Emma UK
    Emma UKFeb 22, 2013

    I have been following the bail hearing over the past few day’s and im so pleased you have been bailed! So many people believe in you Oscar not just in SA but all over the world, so many here in the UK have been
    Rooting for you, take care and stay strong, from what i can see you have a very caring family to look after you.

  88. Daniela
    DanielaFeb 22, 2013

    I think of the bad experiences, we must try to rescue the positive…
    And you can see the amount of love, from all over the world which demonstrates to Oscar.

    Have led to many people to believe that miracles are possible.
    Do not lose faith.

    And, as I wrote in twiter.:

    I will continue praying for you.
    Only God can make all things new. Isaiah 1: 18 and Isaiah 40:31. :)

    And I’m very grateful to God, because in some way you are free … and I hope so forever.

    A big hug, from so far.


    Mulchén, Chile.

  89. Viktoria
    ViktoriaFeb 22, 2013

    It has been so intense week to follow this case and thanks god Oscar is now with his family! God bless you Oscar! People around the world are supporting you, praying for you and thinking of you all the time – Im from Nordic country, supporters are everywhere. Be strong Oscar, we all believe in you!

  90. Lucreatia Govender
    Lucreatia GovenderFeb 22, 2013

    Wish you well praise God hallelujah , been praying for you all the time and when I heard the news I was so tearful, God will make a way oscar and he will continue to direct your path , When you cry out to god ,he does answer prayer ,I prayed for you each day and night and I will continue to intercede for you Oscar and Your Legal Team .I remember listening to the audio live and while it was going on ..was praying ,When the news broke about your bail I was in tears ..tears of joy …continue to stand strong Oscar I believe you are innocent Oscar , Jeremiah 29 verse 11 (Amplified Bible ) it Says Oscar Leonard Carl PistoriusFor I know the thoughts and plans that I Have for you Says the Lord ..thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. God bless you and your Family oscar !!

  91. Lynne Busson
    Lynne BussonFeb 22, 2013

    I am so relieved for you. I was late to work as I was waiting for that very long summation to end! As many I am sure, I cried with relief when it was announced you had bail. I know though too, that it is small comfort, given the loss of Reeva. I am thinking of both of your families and of you Oscar. A terrible time, but I am glad you are back with your loving family tonight. Lynne, England

  92. Sally
    SallyFeb 22, 2013

    So glad you have been granted bail. I pray for you to stay strong and positive. Hope you get to spend time with your dogs – animals give unconditional love. My thoughts are with you and your wonderful family.

  93. Rebecca K
    Rebecca KFeb 22, 2013

    You are an incredible athlete that I will never stop supporting! I was delighted that you got bail. My thoughts are with everyone affected.
    God bless

  94. Nikki
    NikkiFeb 22, 2013

    Thank goodness some common sense in what is a dreadful time for both families. You have a lot of support around the world. Stay strong.

  95. Mon
    MonFeb 22, 2013

    I’m glad after knowing that your are released under bail condition today, Oscar. Don’t be depressed and please keep yourself active. I appreciate your father, uncle, brother and sister for their notable support in such bitter circumstance.

  96. jean zeelie
    jean zeelieFeb 22, 2013

    Keep faith!! God knows the truth, wish people will stop interfering and talk such ugly stuff about someone’s life! Remember people we are not to judge! Your in my prayers oscar and family, as well as reeva’s family! Stay strong both family’s!

  97. Nicole
    NicoleFeb 22, 2013

    So pleased that the judge had sense and made the right judgement. What a terrible accident that you will have to live with, that alone will be beyond hard.
    I can not understand why the SA polices version is still even being aired with the amount of flaws in the initial investigation.
    Your version of what happened is not only believable but if people were honest I’m sure would have reacted as you did with pure instinct to protect your loved one and yourself.

    I wish you luck in clearing your name.

  98. Nicky
    NickyFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar
    We were all so relieved that bail was granted today. You can now have time to mourn in private with the support of your family. My heart breaks for you and Reeva’s family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. You are an inspiration to so many, remember that. Thank you to the family for the updates on the page, it’s nice to get the true facts. May God carry you all through this difficult time.
    Nicky x

  99. Sue Laubscher
    Sue LaubscherFeb 22, 2013

    I am praying for you Oscar…please give God the glory….He loves you….Romans 8:28.

  100. dolly
    dollyFeb 22, 2013

    to oscar please pull yourself together in life will go through difficult times but you must be strong it will not just happen over night,,do not mind the negative comments just keep in mind that GOD loves u so much.

  101. Belita Muller Brand
    Belita Muller BrandFeb 22, 2013

    Ek is dankbaar jy is vanaand tussen jou mense!
    Ek glo steeds in jou integriteit & eerlikheid.
    Ek benei jou courage vanaf laas Vrydag oggend tot vanmiddag-jou composure het baie energie en wildskrag gevat & YOU DID IT!!!
    Ek hoop jy “rus” vanaand en gun dit vir jouself!
    Sterkte aan jou familie ook!
    Pas jou op, kyk mooi na jouself, want jy moet en jy mag!

    B :)

  102. Yvonne
    YvonneFeb 22, 2013

    No-one can possibly understand fully what happened, in spite of the media spin.
    However, whatever the point of view, it’s undoubtedly a tragedy for everyone involved.
    My thoughts are with both Reeva’s family, and with you and your family too.
    My hope is that the truth will prevail and justice will be done for you and Reeva.

  103. Christine King
    Christine KingFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar I am delighted that you are able to be with your family again. I’ve been watching the events of the last week unfold with a very heart but never doubting your innocence. I wish you, your family & the Steenkamp family much strength, courage and love today and always. May the light within you, guide your way on. Huge Fan always ChrissieK

  104. Jay
    JayFeb 22, 2013

    This was the right decision today. Everyone I know is behind you Oscar, and we hope justice will prevail and the world will see what happened in this awful tragedy.

    You must stay strong, however difficult it appears, as we all are there for you. God bless, always in our thoughts.

  105. Rowena
    RowenaFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar…After hearing the news the tears would not stop..Its been a very emotional rollercoaster ride.My heart broke watching you in court & wish i could of just given u a huge hug..I am so thrilled and excited at hearing the wonderful news..My thoughts and prayers go out to Reeva`s fam! I will keep you in my prayers and am happy God answered my prayers today! I believe in you and you inspire me…Stay strong and keep your chin up..Take it easy,rest,stay strong but remember God is with u every step of your journey and is with u every minute of the day and night…Do not give up ..I am behind u…You will always be my no 1 …

  106. Carly
    CarlyFeb 22, 2013


    I am thinking of you, Reeva and your families.

    Stay strong, remember who you are and what you have achieved it your life.

    Winston Churchill once said “if you are going through hell, keep going!” And you have to! An inspiration to sooo many! Don’t forget that


  107. Liezl
    LiezlFeb 22, 2013

    Stay strong, Oscar. The road ahead may be a trying one, but have faith in God and know that He will protect you. He knows your heart. I pray that God will guide you, your loved ones, and Reeva’s family and that He will bring healing. Today proves that He is looking after you.

    People from all over the world have come together in support of you…know that you are loved and respected for the incredible person that you are.

  108. L P
    L PFeb 22, 2013

    Stay strong Oscar, I am so pleased you got bail today, allowing you time with your family and loved ones and just as important time to grieve. In my thoughts, hang in there , need you back on the track where you belong

  109. Josee Carrington
    Josee CarringtonFeb 22, 2013

    Tough times ahead but glad Oscar can deal with his grief and regret of the accident with family rather than in a jail. Thoughts are with both families affected by this tragedy.

  110. Theresa T
    Theresa TFeb 22, 2013

    We have kept you in our prayers every night, and you deserve bail.
    Hold your head up high
    Love and treasure your family who have been by your side day in and day out
    You are an outstanding person
    May God Bless you and your family , and guide you all through these trying times

  111. velma
    velmaFeb 22, 2013

    Ek loof die Here God Almagtig vanaand dat jy vry is!Alle eer aan Hom.Weet asb dat ons gaan voortgaan om te bid vir jou en Reeva se familie.Hou vas aan Jesus en Hy sal alles uitsorteer.
    Kyk net wat het gebeur,die hele wereld bid en die Here hoor.Werklik die gebed van n gelowige het n kragtige uitwerking!
    Sterkte en mag jy rus vind by Hom.

    Baie liefde in Jesus

  112. Nerys S
    Nerys SFeb 22, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    I was shocked and saddened by the events of last week and have been appalled by the media circus you have found yourself in since that time. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must have been to perceive an intruder threat when you were in such a vulnerable position, then attempt to deal with it only to have it quickly unfold in such a nightmarish way.

    My heart goes out to the Steenkamp family for their deep loss, but also to you and your family for suffering the loss of Reeva too. I’ve had no doubt that events unfolded exactly as you have described and that you have had no time to grieve or fully process what has happened.

    I’m glad you are now back in the embrace of your family who, despite your having loyal friends and fans the world over, will surely always be your closest and best friends and allies. Knowing that you are loved can go a long way to healing wounds and easing pain.

    Throughout this last week I have thought several times about the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling and how it could have been written for you in your current circumstances.


    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too:
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim,
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same:.
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
    And never breathe a word about your loss:
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much:
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    I hope you find inspiration in Kipling’s words to his son (as many have).

    Love and luck to you and yours

    Nerys xx

  113. Nicky
    NickyFeb 22, 2013

    Oscar, i have never met you and probably never will, but I am so incredibly pleased that you have been released on bail, I have had no doubt since the moment the terrible news was announced that this was all just a terrible and tragic accident. Whilst everyones thoughts are with Reevas family and friends at this terrible time, it is clear to see that you are a very distraught and harrowed young man following the events of that night and I sincerely hope that the media circus that this bail hearing has been played out in front of ensures that a full and fair trial is received when the time comes. I am not a sports person but to see you on the track and in interviews shows what a truly genuine and inspirational person you are to many millions of people around the world. I hope that you can now rest and look at rebuilding yourself so that you can properly come to terms with the tragic events with your incredibly loyal and loving friends and family around you. You have the support of many people around the world, most of which you have never, and will never meet but who believe in you without doubt. Keep strong and remind yourself always what you have achieved and how you acheived it to be the person you are today and how you need that strength again to be that person tomorrow. Xx

  114. Brandie
    BrandieFeb 22, 2013

    I’m so relieved to know that Oscar doesn’t have to spend another night alone for now. Grateful he is with his family, getting the support, love and touch he so deserves during this difficult time. I pray that he pulls through this tough chapter and gets his life back on the right track. We don’t know what was going through his mind that night, but we know that goodness prevails and all will be healed.

  115. Ces
    CesFeb 22, 2013

    Like many others, I don’t know you nor have heard your name before this tragic accident. The fact that the news broke out on Valentines Day and your obvious high profile image puts the weight on it, I started following the news as it unfolds.

    It is tragedy it itself that due to circumstances, you are not only facing the court but the whole world. May your case be heard with no “biased leanings” and may justice prevail. I pray for the soul of Reeva Steenkamp.

  116. tobias kolesnyk
    tobias kolesnykFeb 23, 2013

    dear oscar,

    The strange thing about the future is probably the idea that you will call our time once the good old days.


  117. KDK
    KDKFeb 23, 2013


    My thoughts are with you, your family and Miss Steenkamp family.

    This is just the beginning of a long road ahead.

    Stay Strong.

    Security Consultant UK.

  118. Lynette W
    Lynette WFeb 23, 2013

    Stay strong Oscar, I am so glad the judge made the right choice today and let you go home to your family. We are all thinking of you, and we will all support you through this very sad time. My thoughts are with both families x

  119. Ana Chaparro
    Ana ChaparroFeb 23, 2013

    Very pleased with the bail hearing today. Oscar you need to know you have a lot of people on your side, praying everything will have a good outcome. You are a very strong man, you have overcome so much, don’t give up now. Stay strong and remember you are not alone on this. I love you!!

  120. Michelle
    MichelleFeb 23, 2013

    You became a hero to many people around the world for a reason. In addition to your accomplishments, it is quite apparent that you are a good person at heart and have spent years giving back to others. During this difficult time in your life, remember that no one can take that away from you. To hell with the critics who are quickly judging and trying to kick you when you are down. Stay strong, true to yourself and know that there are so many of us all over the world who very much admire and believe in you.

    Virginia, USA

  121. I V A N A
    I V A N AFeb 23, 2013

    Good night!
    I am a great admirer of his dedication to the sport. You are my biggest benchmark in terms of overcoming. What happened, only God and you know. I know how hard it is to live with a physical disability and vulnerability that it brings. Only those who live with a disability, know what I mean.
    Raise your head and proceed with your life. Train, give the best of themselves!!

    God protect you, ALWAYS!
    It’ll be okay,
    BELIEVE in you.
    A kiss from southern Brazil.

  122. Kerrie-Ann Nicholls
    Kerrie-Ann NichollsFeb 23, 2013

    I am so pleased that you can finally grieve in private. My deepest condolences to you, Reeva’s family and all those affected by this terrible accident. I doubt you will ever get over this, but somehow, time does help. Take care and know that there are so many people who are supporting you.

  123. Beth
    BethFeb 23, 2013

    Dear Oscar, The Pistorius Family, and Support Team,

    I just wanted to write and offer my support to you all. I cannot imagine how horrific life must be at this time for you all dealing with not only the devastating loss of Reeva, but the insensitive and incredulous accusations being thrown at Oscar.

    I am a British citizen living in New York and from the moment I heard about the tragedy, have been fixated to the case, fully believing in Oscar’s innocence.

    Oscar, I cannot even fathom how you have the strength to face the grief you must be going through, but then for it to be compounded with this shambles of an investigation? My heart is with you. I can only conclude that you were in some way built to handle this adversity and you will come out of it stronger. Take peace in the knowledge that the people who are close to you are the ones who know what really happened, including Reeva. Justice will take it’s course but I believe you will prevail and I pray for you to have the strength, constitution and faith to endure this storm.

    I prayed that you would be granted bail, and will be praying for you until this matter is resolved.

    Sending all my strength and love,

  124. Neville Page
    Neville PageFeb 23, 2013

    Hey Buddy,

    We’ve been waiting up late last night and early morning to listen to the live feed via YouTube. Man, I jumped around in our living room when Nair granted you bail. So happy for you, your family and legal team supporting you through this insanely tough time. Mate, I believe your version of what occurred, as the truth. We are praying for you, constantly mate, all the way from Australia! Chin up champion!

    • Gargar Siyad
      Gargar SiyadFeb 23, 2013

      Hi My Name is Gargar Siyad living Phoenix Arizona.

      Since this tragedy happened i surely can say that i didn’t sleep well and i was always thinking about Oscar and believed him that its was tragic accident that happened and i was disturb how so many people were destroying an icon and inspirational person all of sudden with there judgement. i felt bad that you lost someone that was dear to you live and hope Allah is going to give you strength and Allah knows that your are sincerer and your are telling the truth

      for the last 4 days i was up praying and knowing how your case were doing and this morning because when your side was afternoon, Arizona time was early morning i was awake just the know your how your bail was doing although i knew it that there no doubt your were getting bail because you were telling the truth. I was so Happy and thanked to Allah that you get bail. after that i slept really well. Oscar Might Allah give u strength and make you strong person Aamin . Stay well

  125. Brenda Palmer
    Brenda PalmerFeb 23, 2013

    Each and every morning this past week when I woke up I’d pick up my IPAD and immediately check for news. Today the news was good and I’m happy that tonight you have surrounded yourself with your family and the people who care about you most. You look so heartbroken and devastated. I’m hoping in this next while you can come to terms with what has transpired and help yourself heal. You have a lot of supporters and people who stand behind your innocence. I realize Reeva is gone, but she’s looking down and forgiving you. You are an amazing human being Oscar who has done wonderful things for your country and people with disabilities. You need to think about these wonderful things you have done when you are feeling low…please don’t let this tragedy take away your spirit. Good night from Canada, the world is standing behind you handsome.

  126. Annatji
    AnnatjiFeb 23, 2013

    Oscar, in my heart I believe that those shots fired where never intended for Reeva.
    I pray that you and Reeva’s family may mourn in peace the loss of someone who was loved so dearly.

    Stay strong and ask God to guide you through this and that the evidance will tell the true story of what happened.

    Thinking of you, your family and the Steenkamp’s

  127. Renet
    RenetFeb 23, 2013

    Oscar, I am so grateful knowing you woke up this morning in a warm bed surrounded by your loved ones. I prayed for you all through yesterday so that bail would be granted and it happened. I believe in your innocence and trust that God will carry you through this whole tragic ordeal. Now you can at least grieve for your beloved Reeva and deal with your emotions in a known environment. There are people all around the world who are praying for you, that will carry you through. Be strong! God bless, I will keep you in my prayers!

  128. Brenda
    BrendaFeb 23, 2013

    Oscar I have been following the bail process for the past 4 days here in California. I went to sleep at 2:30 AM and woke just I’m time for Nair to address the court and I was overjoyed at the news and yet I was not surprised as that was what I expected. God Bless you at this difficult time. You have overcome a lot in your life and this will be no exception. Let in all the LOVE from your family and everyone else.
    You are in my prayers

  129. Roelof
    RoelofFeb 23, 2013

    Ek het nog altyd media-bohaai oor sogenaamde aangeleenthede vermy, maar hierdie keer het ek dit gevolg- woord vir woord, raam vir raam. Hoekom? Ek werk my lewe lank al in Onderwys vir mense met uitdagings (die wereld noem dit gestremd. Jy het help daardie beeld van “gestremdheid” verander na “normaal”. Is en was steeds trots op jou en by my skool,”Alta du Toit vir Verstandelik Erg Gestremde Leerders” in Kuilsrivier het my klas se kinders tydens die Paralimpiese Spele in Londen die gang se muur versier met hulle helde – jy was prominent! Beskou hierdie as jou GROOTSTE uitdaging – jou lewe lank STAAN JY OP! Doen dit net WEER?! Groetnis van al JOU mense!

  130. Claudette van Vuuren
    Claudette van VuurenFeb 23, 2013

    So bly vir jou Oscar. My hart bloei vir jou. Sterkte, daar is soveel mense wat agter jou staan!

  131. LK
    LKFeb 23, 2013

    I was overjoyed to hear the news that Oscar was released on bail and grateful that our prayers have been answered. I hope Oscar can now find time to grief. I pray that God will give you strength over the next few months and that you will come out even stronger out of this terrible experience.

  132. Amanda
    AmandaFeb 23, 2013

    I write to offer my support to you and your family at this extremely difficult time. I am a stranger but have admired your courage and success and the beauty and strength of your running. I was very pleased that you have been granted bail and can take the first steps to deal with this tragedy in private and surrounded by the love and support of your family, and can prepare for what comes next. It is part of the human condition to make mistakes and we all make them. This is a first step on a long and hard road that will require the courage and strength and compassion that you have demonstrated in abundance in other facets of your life. What defines us in life is how we respond in adversity. I have enormous admiration for the grace and love your family have shown – let your family wrap their love around you.

    I live in Australia and have been very disappointed with the reporting of this incident here – that our press have jumped on the trial by media bandwagon rather than objective reporting of the facts. I sincerely hope that the South African justice system will ensure an objective and fair hearing and I firmly believe that the truth will prevail.

    My condolences also go to the Steenkamp family.

    Stay strong Oscar and know there are many people who believe in you.

  133. Chanel
    ChanelFeb 23, 2013

    I only knew the day when the story broke and since then together with my aunt we stayed fasting and praying and bringing the situation before God in prayer. Many said that he will not get bail, but we stood on the promises of God’s Word that “He will never leave us nor forsake us” – my aunt daily put a fleece before God, and we knew deep within our spirit that God will come through for even in your darkest hour Oscar, God showed up. I’m reminded when Job was struck the Bible says that Job’s friends told him to curse God and die – through the Book of Job you will read what Job had to endure the loss of his daughters, his personal belongings etc, but it is in Job 42 vs 10 onward that God restored Job’s fortunes.

    We stood and I am sure there were many around the world interceding, we reminded God of the time when Peter of Bible times were arrested and the women interceded day and night for his release, that is the Scripture that we continuously brought before God.

    Isaiah 54:16 says “I’ve created the blacksmith to blow hot on the coals” in this situation you have been tested more than others you will become a testimony, in this mess that no human mind can understand you will become the message. Many have now fallen on the wayside, and in time you will understand. Do not lose hope and faith in God Oscar, stand strong in the valley of weeping that you are in, weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. I cannot say how long your night of weeping will be but one thing for certain joy will come. We serve a loving and forgiving God. To the Pistorius family this is a tough road that you all are on, and I would like to extend condolences to you all.

    In closing Oscar you have been an inspiration to me, I stood in awe at how you turned your disability into an ability that can only come from God, the world built a pedestal to place you on, the minute the news broke the same world that built the pedestal stood and kicked it out from under your feet. Now it is time for God to build a pedestal for you, for then your feet will be planted on the solid rock which is Christ Jesus, no matter the storm no matter the trial, He still remains God through it all.


    With much love, prayer and support.


  134. Imogene
    ImogeneFeb 23, 2013

    Ai, Oscar jy is in my gedagtes van more tot aand. Ek wens ek kan jou ‘n stywe drukkie gee en se dat alles ok gaan wees, dit is soms al wat mens nodig het. Ek het op die volgende afgekom en het dadelik gevoel om dit te deel met jou, hoop dit laat jou in ‘n mate rustigheid kry, maar ek weet dis makliker gese as gedaan.
    Liewe Jesus se Briefie aan Jou:
    Toe ek op jou besluit het, was daar soveel vrede, kalmte en liefde in My hart. Ek het geweet hoe jy gaan lyk, hoe jou tem gaan klink en hoe jou gelimlag ander mense se harte gaan verander – selfs toe jy nog net ‘n gedagte was. Ek het jou begin vorm in jou ma se skoot. Jou vingerafdrukke lyntjie vir lyntjie getrek en geweet hierdie patroontjie op jou vingertjies sal Ek nooit weer sal herhaal nie. Jy is nie ‘n fout nie, want Ek maak nie foute nie. Ek maak mense na My beeld. Toe die tyd reg was het ek jou volmaakte lyfie in jou moeder se arms neergele. Ek het in jou ogies gekyk, gestaar en geweet Ek het ‘n besonderse mensie gemaak. Nog nooit het Ek daarna my oe van jou afgehaal nie. Ek het jou gesien opgroei. In die dag bewonder Ek jou en in die aande sit Ek langs jou bed en kyk hoe jy aan die slaap raak. Soms het die trane oor jou wange gerol oor gebroke verhoudings, verkeerde besluite en soms sommer net omdat jy soos ‘n milukking gevoel het. Daar was dae wat jy seergekry het, dae wat mense jou nie verstaan het nie, dae wat jy moedeloos was. Dae wat pyn jou wou vernietig het. Ek het saam met jou gehuil. My hande gehou en jou kosbare trane opgevang. Ek ken seer, Ek ken pyn. Daar was self ‘n tyd wat mense My nie verstaan het nie, My verneder het, My verwerp het en aan ‘n kruis vasgespyker het, daarom weet Ek hoe jy voel. Daar was dae wat jy deurmekaar gevoel het en gewonder het wat, waar en hoekom. Ek wil vandag vir jou se, nie een van die foute wat jy gemaak het, het My onkant gevang nie. Ek was nie verbaas nie. Ek weet alles. Ek verstaan alles. Ek sien alles. Ek kyk nie na jou met oe wat oordeel nie. Ek kyk na jou met oe van liefde en Ek luister na jou met My hart, omdat Ek ‘n God is wat uit liefde bestaan. Soms het mense al ‘n verkeerde prentjie van My vir jou geskilder. Ek wil jou nie straf nie. Ek ken jou beter as enige iemand anders. Ek is lief vir jou, jou Vader.

  135. mirela
    mirelaFeb 23, 2013

    Che Dio ti aiuti a trovare la forza di andare avanti. Tutto quello che farai sarà per la tua Reeva che hai tanto amato…

  136. Liz
    LizFeb 23, 2013

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Oscar and Reeva’s family.

    We cannot find answers to every event in our lives or why we sometimes must endure terrible tragedy’s as you are now doing.
    There will be many hard days ahead, you will face grief, harsh judgement and despair. Such a weight on one man’s shoulders is too much to bear.
    Thanks God we have been instructed not to rely on flesh for our strength, not to depend on the approval of others.
    I believe God is calling you to be near him and to remain in him so that in doing so you will enable him to work his mighty power through you. – God can only make himself strong through those who are loyal to him.
    When we make grave error’s that cause pain in others, it is easy to despise oneself, but this is what God says:

    1 corinthians 6v16-20
    “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were brought at a price. Therefore honour God with your body.”

    You were bought at a price. Whether you feel it or not, you are precious beyond words to the Almighty and your life is essential for his glorious works. Now is the time to let God take the wheel in your life to achieve only what his divine power can be capable of.

    God bless you brother

  137. Rowena
    RowenaFeb 23, 2013

    Oscar….I may only be 12 years old but am so happy to hear the wonderful news..Being a South African makes me even more proud of u…U r my hero and i look up to you with pride and joy..My hero in green and gold always encouraging others to do their best…I have a disability but not in the same way as u , mine is about learning….I am proud of u and just to let u know my mom thinks u r pretty awesome too…Just between you and me i agree with her…I have a picture of u above my bed so when things seem tough i look up and see your smile and that gives me the confidence to never give up…U have my heart in more ways than u can imagine and u showed me that having a disability makes no difference at all…You are my gentle giant in green and gold…I support you and believe in you and please “never give up”…I have prayed so hard for you since my mom broke the news to me and i cried when i heard but i know deep in my heart this was a tragic accident and nothing more….To see u in motion without the use of feet is so magical..U r my superhero someone like superman..I am oscar crazy…I am one of your young no 1 fans and will always stand by u…I wish my dream would come true that i can meet u in person one day or even get a letter from u but for the moment i will keep u in my heart ….The world supports I support you and remember silently I give u a huge hug and tell u how proud i am of u…Please tell your family to give u a huge hug from me…I have to end now because my tears r rolling down my cheeks and i am not sure what else to say except that i love u and support u..xx

  138. Wayde
    WaydeFeb 23, 2013

    Oh I am so sorry but i am the one that wrote the letter above from the 12 year old but by accident i put my moms name in so instead my name is Wayde as u can see …sorry about this..

  139. Jo Avril
    Jo AvrilFeb 23, 2013

    Dear Oscar

    May God help you find peace in your heart, l pray that the Steenkamp Family finds healing, comfort , and peace in their hearts too.

    You are loved by many and me as well.

    My prayers are with Reeva, Reeva’s Family and yours as well Oscar.

    Jo x

  140. Kate
    KateFeb 23, 2013

    Oscar, I believe that you are innocent!!! You are very marvellous man. Good luck! Your fan :)

  141. denis bransk
    denis branskFeb 23, 2013

    Well, only God and of course Reeve know what really happened …. I do not judge anyone because everyone will be judged on their final judgment …

  142. Zoe Beech
    Zoe BeechFeb 23, 2013

    I am so glad Oscar is back with his family, free to grieve. I have been hoping for this outcome since that terrible day. Listening online to the final verdict was torture, so I dread to think what the family went through.
    I hope sylah and enzo are glad to have Oscar home x x x thoughts and prayers Zoe x x x

  143. Charles Hall USA
    Charles Hall USAFeb 24, 2013

    Dear Oscar,my heart is broken open with the pain you must be feeling from the terriable accident with Reeva.None of us can imagine the shock you are still feeling with her lose beside her family and close friends. I want to let you I believe you and God will sustain you threw this ordeal. Oscar please lean on HIM PHILIPPIANS 4:13 FOR I CAN DO ALL THINGS THREW CHRIST WHOM STRENGHTENS ME.OSCAR GOD IS IN THE BUSINESS OF MIRACLES ,SURRENDER YOUR HEART AND GIVE IT ALL TO HIM. PRAYING FOR YOUAND REEVA’S FAMILY TOO.

  144. Michèle Larkin
    Michèle LarkinFeb 24, 2013

    Dear Oscar,

    We love and admire you. We know you were so anxious to protect Reeva. You did what you thought was best.
    Fate played a horrible on you both. Please don’t lose heart. You are still the best. Accidents can happen to anyone. It’s just like winning the lottery in reverse.
    We feel so sorry and don’t want to lose you as well. Please , please take heart, millions of people think of you and wish you well at this minute.
    Big, big hugs and tears. Get well soon, look after yourself XXXXXXX


  145. Gurdeep
    GurdeepFeb 24, 2013

    I have set Up have Support Page for Oscar on twitter I need as many people to support him as they can please OP Support Page @OP37079442
    from Gurdeep

  146. Miss K Gallagher
    Miss K GallagherFeb 25, 2013

    I never normally feel the need to comment in public but there is something about the incident that I can’t stop thinking about. And again for some reason I believe Oscar despite not being a fan before. My thoughts are with him, his family and of course Reeva’s family too. I cannot even imagine how it feels to be anyone closely involved in this situation. I expect for those that are sleeping that the first few hazy seconds when they wake are the only peace they have at the moment. Be strong. X

  147. alssasda asdam
    alssasda asdamMar 03, 2013

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