Suggestions of “acting lessons” devoid of all truth

Suggestions of “acting lessons” devoid of all truth


Suggestions of “acting lessons”
devoid of all truth

Anneliese Burgess, Media Manager, Pistorius Family

21 April 2014

We have noted the media reporting on a blog entry by the former South African columnist, Jani Allan, in which she alleges Oscar Pistorius took “acting lessons” in preparation for his trial.

We have not thought it necessary to comment on the content of this blog entry, but following numerous media enquiries over the past few days, we are unfortunately forced to state the following for the record:

• Ms Allen has never met Oscar Pistorius and any knowledge she professes to have of our client can only be described as fictitious.
• Her suggestion that Mr Pistorius “took acting lessons” is totally devoid of any truth.
• We deny in the strongest terms the contents of her letter in as far it relates to our client and further deny that our client has undergone any “acting lessons” or any form of emotional coaching.
• This type of comment makes a mockery of the enormous human tragedy involving the Steenkamp family and our client and his family.

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Anneliese Burgess
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  1. Ross Duquette
    Ross DuquetteApr 22, 2014

    I’m relieved that the family has publicly denied this outrageous lie. There should be consequences for anyone making such false accusations. There are many many people who believe you Oscar! Don’t get caught up in the social media comments. Focus on the love and support you’re receiving. There are a great many prayers being said for you and your family. Embrace that and let it help you get through this terribly difficult time. You’ve had great strength in the past. Keep that strength to get you through this. We believe you Oscar!

  2. sune calitz
    sune calitzApr 27, 2014

    I believed with out even thinking twice that what the media is saying about oscar is always a lie.. im following the court case everyday. I believe in my hole heart that he is telling the truth. I have prayed so much for him and the families. He will always be my hero because of his kindness. I look up to you for keeping your head high through all the bad stuff people are saying and the stories the media twist and turn to fit their newspapers and magazines. I promised myself ill never buy another huisgenoot again. If only we all can support each other the world will be such a good place.

    Not if but When you are back on the track again I’ll make sure I’ll be the first to buy a ticket to come and support u

    Much love
    So much love

  3. Suzette Hamilton
    Suzette HamiltonApr 28, 2014

    I have read the lovely comments from all your fans from all over the world. When this tragedy happened I knew nothing about you. I don’t know why I am writing this probably because in my last 22 years of being a paralegal. I have never felt so strongly that you Oscar are truly innocent and it breaks my heart and I cry for you. I am so sorry that people can be so cruel. I wish I could take your pain away. Until then…..please stay strong and know how many people love you and believe in you. We love you Oscar!!!!!!

  4. Heather
    HeatherMay 03, 2014

    Of course it’s not true. This is a greedy and self serving attempt by this woman to profit at the expense of the suffering of others. And, just how nasty and cynical a mind do you have to have, to prefer to believe that a man would put on such a ‘show’ for the court rather than believe that he would genuinely experience an intense and heart rending response to having to relive such terrible memories. Oscar, it breaks my heart to see you being treated in this way, day after day. Take courage from knowing that you are believed, you are loved and you are supported. There are a great many people who are metaphorically standing by you as you journey through this ordeal and we intend to be there every step of the way. Much love dear boy x

  5. Karen Connor
    Karen ConnorAug 23, 2014

    Dear Oscar,
    never mind what people say about you; never mind what they try and make up to destroy a reputation or defile a good name. I have had it done to me by someone who called herself my friend; I see now that she never truly was. Don’t allow it to take your peace away; let them say it. Those who know and love you will know the truth of the statement and falsehoods never win out. I am praying for you daily and asking the Lord to strengthen you as you wait out these next few weeks until the verdict is delivered. I ask that justice be done; but if it is not, then be at peace as you know the truth and so does God. He will give you the grace to face whatever will come your way.
    May God bless you,

    In Christ Jesus,
    Karen xx

  6. Abigail
    AbigailOct 31, 2014

    Jani Allen is supposedly a born again Christian who apparently has learned nothing court behaviour in the Eugene Terre blanche days. These carnal Christians are a dime a dozen; they cannot exist without the limelight of their heydays; days that are long, long gone. My advice to Ms Allen would be to stick to your waitressing job and to stop telling lies. Your lies found you out over your court case so if you really and truly want to get to Heaven become born again and do what the bible tells you to do.

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